Imagine being Damon and Stefan’s younger sister but you’re sired to Kol // requested // not my gifs

“(Y/N)! Great to see you.” Damon exclaimed as he pulled you off your feet and spun you around. In a fit of giggles you kissed his cheek and greeted him.

You spotted your other brother Stefan in the corner, charging at him you screamed, “Stefan I missed you!” he laughed and wrapped his arms around you kissing your forehead.

The three of you took a seat on the old couched by the fire place, you looked around taking in your old home and all the memories you had left in it. “So what brings you back to Mystic Falls?” Stefan asked with an eyebrow raised. Oh how you had missed your brothers eyebrows.

Your smile staggered slightly before you regained your composure and looked hi in the eye with a cheery smile, “No reason, just missed my brothers.”

Damon looked at you suspiciously, “You haven’t missed us in almost 50 years (Y/N)… forgive me if I find this hard to believe.”

You laughed nervously and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “I just missed you guys alright?” you stood up and grabbed your bags noticing the suspicious glance that your brothers shared before returning their eyes on you. 

“I’m really tied, I’ll see you guys in the morning.” you smiled once more before taking off into your old bedroom. 

The room was covered in dust, it hadn’t been touched since the last time you were here. Since your brothers had been killed, well, not really killed. You had never trusted Katherine, even though your brothers were blind to her tricks, you were not. The day that they had died had been the second hardest day of your life. Right after the day that you had watched your dead brother Stefan kill your shared father.

You had never really gotten over that, the heartbreak of your brothers death had been enough to drive you mad, but watching them both become the very thing you had been taught to hate all your life. You thought you would never get over it. But you were wrong.

Many years later you had grown up, into a woman. You knew your two brothers were out there somewhere, and you made it your mission t find them, and kill them. They were no longer your family, they were monsters. Your family was dead because of vampires, you hated them.

It had been somewhere in the great city of London England that you met the love of your life, Kol Mikealson. He spoiled you, not that it mattered, but he took care of you, and he understood you. Until the accident of course, You remember the men barging into your home, guns in hand, screaming and throwing things. You clung to your love, squeezing your eyes tight. One of the men grabbed you and slammed the barrel of the gun against your head, you looked at Kol. Only, he wasn’t there. You watched the man you loves face contort, blue veins pushed against the skin under his gorgeous eyes as they turned red. He charged across the room, ripping the hearts from the mens chests one by one. 

You should have scared, terrified. But somehow, you saw a beauty in it. You loved this man, and he loved you as well. 

It was early spring one evening  when you asked him to turn you. He had given you a small amount of his blood that day when you had kicked your finger with a kitchen knife while cooking. He would often do that, feed you his blood. It made him feel better, like he was keeping you safe. When you had approached the question at first, he had scoffed at the idea. 

“I could never do that to you love, I… I love you too much to put you through this”

But you wanted to spend the rest of eternity with this man. If he wouldn’t do it, you would find a way.

The next morning you stood in the kitchen of the home you shared with Kol. Knife pressed again your stomach, you were ready to plunge it into your gut when you looked up to see Kol staring at you. A mix of shock, hurt, and anger brewed in his dark eyes.

“(Y/N)… I swear to god, stop this bloody madness.” He pleaded with you. You shook your head, tears streaming down your face.

“I love you Kol….” You whispered as you slammed the kitchen knife into you. Before you could fall Kol was by your side, holding your body close to his. You could faintly see tears rolling down his soft cheeks, placing a hand on the side of his face you whispered a sincere apology to him.

You woke a few hours later as a vampire, a very hungry vampire. Kol had been so angry at first, barely spoke to you. But you could tell that he would forgive you. He taught you how to feed, compel, everything there was to know about being a vampire. You often went out on blood binges, your relationship with Kol had only become stronger since you turned. This man was your everything, you loved him with all your heart. You left England many years later, hearring of your older brothers reputation, you had to knock some sense into him. Kol had told you to go, he wouldn’t follow but that he he wouldn’t be happy keeping you there and away from your family, and that was the last time you had seen him. You missed him just as much as you loved him.

You were started out of your thoughts by a tap on your balcony door, you peered around to see a figure standing on the other side of the glass door. You immediately recognized the shape of the body, Kol.

You bolted to the door, throwing it open and throwing your arms around his neck before pressing a kiss to his lips. The kiss was intense, passionate, longing. You had ached for decades for this very moment, to be held in his arms again.

“Kol…” you whispered lovingly as you looked up at him.

He frowned, “I… we need to talk (Y/N)…”

You were shocked, you hadn’t seen Kol in years, this was all very strange. You sat on your bed and he took a st beside you and stared at his hands, eyebrows furrowed in frustration.

“(Y/N), I’ve been keeping a secret from you…” he looked at you, you frowned and held his hand.

“Kol, its alright. I love you and we’re together again, there is nothing that could ruin this.”

“(Y/N) you’re sired to me.” He winced at his own words.

At that point the door burst open and Damon barged in followed by Stefan, but you paid no mind. You stared at Kol, dropping his hand. Everything was suddenly so clear…

Part 2 in the process 


The Killers -The Bucket (Kings of Leon cover) at Firefly 2015


Imagine meeting Kol at the Mikaelson ball after being friends with Klaus and Rebekah // requested // not my gifs

You had known Klaus and Rebekah almost your entire life as a vampire, they had grown very close friends to you. Klaus was always looking out fo you and they both protected you as well as you to them.

Tonight was the famous Mikaelson ball, the two had insisted you come and meet their family. You had heard rumors of the siblings, rumors that honestly made you quite nervous about going. You fought through the nerves with a little self esteem boost from Klaus as he took you arm in a link with his and walked you out the door.

When you arrived Klaus and Rebekah, who had joined you in the car, disappeared from your side almost instantly. With a sigh you looked around for people that you knew, Elena and Damon were in the corner as well as Stefan, all of them looking rather flustered. You noticed some other people you recognized, when suddenly you met the eyes of a gorgeous strangers across the room, he smirked wickedly at you. A shiver ran down your spine as you blushed furiously, you saw him place his drink gracefully and stalk towards you. 

He quietly took a spot standing to your right before staring down at you, “And what is such a divine woman like you doing here all alone.” he winked at you.

You giggled softly, “I actually came with Klaus and Rebekah Mikaelson but they appear to have left me.”

His smirk only grew, “Ah… so you’re the lovely (Y/N) I keep hearing about.”

You looked at him confused as he grabbed two new drinks from a waiter passing by, “I’m Kol.” he announced and your jaw dropped. Damn these kids were gifted in the looks department.


“How could you love me, (y/n)? How?!” he exclaimed, finally releasing all the built up pondering of how someone like you could love someone like him.

“Kol, what the hell are you talking about?” you inquired. “Is this what’s been bothering you?”

“Yes,” he breathed. “I mean, I’m a monster in everyone’s eyes. How could your view part from theirs? My family never even loved me!”

“Kol, you’re not a monster. Sometimes I just think you want people to think that just because you don’t want to get hurt. But I promise you, I love you. I always will, no matter how much to try to convince me not to.”