gif request meme: anon asked: the originals + favorite kol mikaelson

“Oh, you’re angry, are you? Well, join the party. I’ve been here 1,000 years! I’m not the bad guy in this chapter of our family’s story. I’m the wronged! I’m the dead! But never mourned. And whilst you got everything you wanted, I got a family that didn’t care if I lived or if I died.


The Killers -The Bucket (Kings of Leon cover) at Firefly 2015


For anon who requested more Kol imagines ( You got a bonus, 2 other Mikaelsons :P )

the only possible positive thing that came from Kol’s death was that he didn’t die the way Finn wanted him to.

It was not lonely.
The whole time he had Davina with him trying anything she could to save him and holding his hand when he died smiling. Kol finally had his family in death, the family he was desperate for. Rebekah held him as he died and vowed to bring him back, refusing to return to her beloved body until she did. Elijah and Klaus stayed with him the whole way too and shed their tears for their baby brother.

It was not meaningless.
Four people were with him when he died, each of them not wanting to let him go and cried for him. He died knowing he was loved by his brothers and sister and that there was someone who fought to save him until the very end.

For the first time Kol Mikaelson did not fear death.
Kol said so himself to Davina, he wasn’t scared. In the end he got everything he ever wanted. Kol was able to die happy and with a smile on his face.