So this might have been blindingly obvious to everyone else years ago but I was watching Pitch Perfect for the millionth time and because of my new-found love of Anna Kendrick, I was laser focused on Beca in this scene and look at how disinterested she is.                                                                                The Bellas mean nothing to her, it’s a way to appease her father and bide her time until she can finally get to  L.A and start really doing what she loves, producing music, because music is Beca Mitchell’s life. She literally doesn’t give a shit and she’s totally taking pleasure from their failure (tiny perfect asshole that she is <3), and I’d be willing to bet that she knows all of the choreography by heart too.

So what changes?


Yeah that’s right Aca-bitches 


Now tbh, from Beca this is probably a mixture of concern and basically questioning Chloe’s sanity, but then


And there it is. The turning point.

After this, Beca becomes a whole lot more invested and interested in the Bellas. she starts questioning  Aubrey’s decisions, and making changes to the songs; She swallows her pride and apologises to Aubrey, despite the possibility that she’ll have to sacrifice her individuality

It becomes important to her, after she finally, finally understands that Chloe might just love music as much as she does. And because music is the one thing Beca Mitchell understands more than anything in the world, her connection with Chloe (and by extension, the Bellas) solidifies.

Whether or not you ship Bechloe, there’s no way to deny that they have a strong mutual respect, admiration and understanding of each other that only grows.

I have four captions with this picture:

1. When Kendrick/Snow posts a Sendrick photo but you have nodes

2. When you’re reading a BeChloe fan fiction and then they kiss but you have nodes

3. When Kendrick/Snow is asked about BeChloe/Sendrick in an interview but you have nodes

4. Snow being cute af


THE FEELS! Eerrmmm to quote Anna Kendrick ‘Naked Brittany Snow, YES PLEASE!’ Anna