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10 yrs ago we were crossing our fingers for 1 of those #TonyAwards 🤞 Congrats to nominees 🙌U R beautiful enjoy this great day😘♥️✨🗽🎭#BabyLOLO

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Omg @lolomusic this makes me cry!!!! I remember like it was yesterday!!! Love you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤

Omg babies! Me, Jon and @lolomusic at the Tony Awards 10 years ago for Spring Awakwning! ❤️

We still look the same right @zachbraff ? 😱

My handsome date! @michaelarden ❤️ #SpringAwakening @TheTonyAwards ✨


One of my favorite photos ever. #SpringAwakening @TheTonyAwards

Mama Who Bore Me
Spring Awakening
Mama Who Bore Me

Krysta Rodriguez (Wendla), Jonathan Groff (Melchior), John Gallagher, Jr. (Moritz), Skylar Astin (Georg), Lilli Cooper (Martha), Gideon Glick (Ernst), Gerard Canonico (Otto), Francis Marcanti-Anthony (Adult Women), Lauren Pritchard (Ilse), Phoebe Strole (Anna), Stephen Spinella (Adult Men), Jonathan B. Wright (Hanschen), Remy Zaken (Thea)


#LouderTogether - Version 1: Directed by Brittany Snow.

No matter how happy I am that there’s a PP3, there will always be a part of me inside that is sad about the boys not being back.

Say what you want about Jesse, Bumper, Benji and The Trebles, but to me they will always be apart of the Pitch Perfect franchise and what helped make it what it has became today. 

Also, I was honestly hoping that PP3 would finally be the movie where the Bellas and Trebles joined to create one big acapella group.