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rereading the heralds of valdemar series

  • canon gay characters
  • canon lesbian characters
  • canon polyamorous lesbian soulmates
  • canon asexual characters
  • cannon aromantic asexual characters
  • canon gender neutral characters
  • a diverse cast in spite of being set in a medieval fantasy world
  • sexually liberated characters
  • characters who choose celibacy and like it that way
  • handicapped characters
  • all written by an author who listens to her readers and canonnizes fanon if its coherent with her universe



Stephanie J Block - “Get out and stay out" 

people I would like to see as Daisy & Violet in the upcoming Broadway revival of Side Show if it is re-cast

  • Bernadette Peters & Mandy Patinkin
  • Patti LuPone & Mandy Patinkin
  • Stephanie J Block & her baby
  • Marin Mazzie & Jason Danieley
  • Laura Benanti plays both roles
  • Sherie Rene Scott & Betsy Wolfe and Lindsay Mendez
  • Two YouTube videos of Alice Ripley
  • Jefferson Mays
  • James Corden
  • All of the Matildas
  • A giant stack of money

Devon and I are compiling evidence for a scientific theory that for now we’re going to call the

The More You Belt, The More You Melt theory

because seriously, we’re pretty sure that every time a person belts, *their face melts a little bit. For now I present the articles in question:

External image

SJB - this woman pops out f’s in Get Out and Stay Out like it was as common as writting a grocery list and look at that slight jaw unhinging action

External image

Marin Mazzie - literally always looks like she will eat the microphone, and the microphone would like it. The microphone would consider this an honorable way to die, as though travelling to Valhalla.

External image

Lindsay Mendez - Queen of high school land indeed. I’m honestly shocked that her belt hasn’t caused an earthquake.

(for face melt comparison between regular belter and casual belter:

External image

External image

Donna Vivino - Shut Up, I know all of you have listened to her Fiyero riff at least 20 million times and then attempted it in the shower at least double that, but it will never work quite right because your jaw doesn’t unhinge the way hers does.

Idina Menzel - 90% positive that if I Urban Dictionary’d “Face Melt,” the result would just be Idina’s name written over and over ala The Shining.  

Morgan James - Her twitter attitude towards Sondheim In The Park’s Into the Woods: disgusting. Her belting a G: completely revolting because I think a little of her face dripped off her skull.

External image

Patina Miller - I do not recognize you sometimes because there is a huge cloud of fierce caused by sound waves that are literally changing your bone structure and I love you for it.

External image

Patti Lupone - You’ve all seen her mouth do that thing. Seriously, you just flinched thinking about it. How does it do that? Her face melted in the goddamn middle of a song.

And finally,

Jennifer Holliday - If you weren’t expecting this, shame on you. This is the greatest moment of face melting to have ever taken place in this world. and brings me to the asterisk from before:

*Sometimes the belt so strong, your own face melts a little too. This is Second-Hand Melt.

you know a place tumblr is too accepting when otherkin people start floating around and wanting acceptance like that’s a thing. ok yes i do not have a problem with that cis stuff, identifying with a different gender role, ok.

but i’m sorry, otherkin? no.. like you are not an animal in a person’s body just please stop while you’re ahead. you don’t have wings sprouting from your back or a tail popping out of your ass.

you are not a faerie
you are not a wolf
you are not a kitty cat
you don’t have wings or a tail

you are a human being