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Okay so everyone talks about Marvin’s character development, which I will not deny is one of the most dynamic and realistic character arcs of any fictional character I’ve heard of.

Still, no one talks about Trina’s development. In act one and part of act two, she lets her anger at Marvin take over life. It blinds her to Mendel’s love. Also, Jason to her is just a symbol of her failed marriage. By Holding to the Ground, she lets her bitterness go. She allows Mendel to love her and sees Jason for who he is: her extremely intelligent and mature son. She chooses to be friends with Marvin and care for Whizzer. Trina is one of the strongest female characters ever, but what makes her strong is that we as the audience are able to see her struggles to achieve that strength. Idk I just love Trina.


Stephanie J. Block Speaks On Broadway Show “Falsettos”


Stephanie J. Block did that

rereading the heralds of valdemar series

  • canon gay characters
  • canon lesbian characters
  • canon polyamorous lesbian soulmates
  • canon asexual characters
  • cannon aromantic asexual characters
  • canon gender neutral characters
  • a diverse cast in spite of being set in a medieval fantasy world
  • sexually liberated characters
  • characters who choose celibacy and like it that way
  • handicapped characters
  • all written by an author who listens to her readers and canonnizes fanon if its coherent with her universe