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So I was looking through Rainbow’s goodreads questions and…

… am I missing something? Has she mentioned this screenplay before? Or is this the other big secret announcement that she hasn’t told us about yet? 

Yall know malecs my shit but let magnus have relationships with other characters outside of alec

Just to clear things up

- When black people say stop taking our braids, we’re not talking about french braids. We are talking about BOX BRAIDS, CORNROWS, ETC.

- When black people say “Black Lives Matter” we are not saying “ONLY black lives matter” we are saying “black lives matter TOO” so get out of that mentality.

-Nigga should not be in your vocabulary

-it costs exactly $0.00 to not tell black person what they should find offensive or not

-black pride is not hate.

- Racism is institutionalized and embedded into a society. Racism is more than calling people names and getting your feelings hurt. This is a constant oppression of a race.

- “Slavery was one hundred years ago” And?? It still happened. Do not act as if this did not happen.

Penelope Bunce and hydrangeas. 

‘“I don’t know,” Penelope said when I asked her how magic feels for her. “I suppose it feels like a well inside me. So deep that i can’t see or even imagine the bottom. But instead of sending down buckets, I just think about drawing it up. And then it’s there for me - as much as I need, as long as I stay focused”’ - Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

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Simon // Penelope // Agatha // Baz


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→ Shadowhunters + Most Heartbreaking Scene

↳ Simon finds out he’s a vampire. (1x08)
“I’m repulsive.”

can you believe there are actual people out there who actually have a social life and friends and do not spend their entire day in bed crying over their otps like ??? wow ??? how ?? astonishing ?? i can’t relate