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For a Black Royal Family that’s far from cliche.

For a Father, who is present, even when his presence is missing. Whose wisdom, integrity and cunning are guiding principles.

For a Mother, whose love and strength binds the family and community together.

For a Daughter, who is a stunning combination of the best of both, and yet, uniquely her own person.

Together they represent the tragic past, restless present and hopeful future of the Maroon People.

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No but Chrom being super extra nervous on the day Robin goes into labor, he's freaking out 10 times more than her, and she has to TELL HIM to calm down and breath! "Chrom you seriously need to calm down. You're like 2 seconds from fainting."

Omg I can see that totally happening

and somewhere, hidden in the palace, there is a Lucina who is like “dad pls”


The Royal Lao Family: A Story of the Last King, the Family Betrayal, and the Fall of a Kingdom.

Laos was once three kingdoms in the late 1800’s. In the north, the Kingdom of Luang Prabang, in the center the Kingdom of Vientiane and in the south, the Kingdom of Champasak.

The Last King:
His Royal Majesty Savang Vatthana was born in Luang Prabang in 1907. In his early years, he was sent to study in France for over 10 years, returned back to Laos and became a buddhist monk for a short time. Around 1930’s, he married Queen Khamphoui and had 5 children, with the eldest son as Crown Prince Vong Savang. (Crown Prince, because he will become king when his father passed away).

The Three Prince:
In 1959, Savang Vatthana became king after his fathers death. During this time, was a turmoil of the Cold War, between the West and the Soviet Union & China. King Savang Vatthana had an idea and decided to send three princes to study three forms of politics: Monarchy, Democracy and Communism.

The Crown Prince was sent to study Monarchy, his cousin was sent to study Democracy in France and his half-brother was to study Communism in the Soviet Union.

When they all grew up and came back to Laos, instead of having a combination of all three government, they contended for the throne as three different factions: The Royalist, the Neutralist and the Communist.

The Royalist were pro-West and backed by the Royal Family. The Neutralist were very democratic, and remained neutral. The Communist were backed and supplied by the Communist Vietnamese. The Neutralist would eventually side with the Royalist with American and Thai militia aid, which would ensue the “Secret War” between Laos and North Vietnam.

The Betrayal:
With the fall of Saigon in April 30th 1975 and the unification of Vietnam, Vietnam now declared a full secret war on Laos and Cambodia. Laos would fall in August 23rd 1975 and the king would abdicate his throne in December 2nd. Many of the Royal Family, including the King, Queen and the Crown Prince were arrested and sent to reeducation camp. Their deaths were unknown, but were said to have died between 1977-1984.

The Half-Brother who sided with the Communist became the first President of the newly established country of Laos.

The Kingdom-in-Exile:

(Regent of the Royal Family Prince Sauryavong Savang in the middle left, Pretender to the Throne Prince Soulivong in the middle right)

However, the Crown Prince’s son survived and escaped with his younger brother from the camp and arrived to France in 1981 as refugees. Soulivong Savang is now the pretender to the throne, with his uncle, Sauryavong Savang, the youngest son of King Savang Vatthana as the regent of the Royal Lao Government-in-Exile.

These two, Prince Sauryavong Savang, youngest son of the King, and Prince Soulivong Savang, grandson of the king and son of the Crown Prince, are the two most key important figures in the 21st century Royal Lao Family and Lao Social-Politics.