people: patti lupone

I find it very appropriate that Christine Ebersole gets a chorus exclaiming  “She’s coming, she’s coming, she’s coming” before she joins in her first number (with “She’s heeeeere!” at that) whereas LuPone gets a foghorn, followed by a heavily accented line of dialogue before she goes into HER first number.


#tbt to Patti LuPone on the balcony of the Richard Rogers (no, really) (& get some of that #rent4ham, too!) [x x x]


Lin_Manuel: A year ago today, we got Patti LuPone to sing on 46th street and I still haven’t recovered. #Ham4Ham

I recommend that you watch the BTS video for this from Ms LuPone’s webseries:

Around 15 minutes of concentrated charm and two people utterly delighted by each other.

Y'all I just got around to watching Patti’s Show People interview
And she was talking about how she hates big designers cuz they don’t give a crap about theatre people and so she’s having the costume designer of War Paint, Catherine Zuber, design her Tony’s dress to “support the actual theatre community” and TBH I’m so hype for that Look.
And honesty, I know we make fun of her for being a Diva and the cell phone thing but honestly she’s such a class act and respectful to the theatre community, her fans, and her co-stars, everyone, and we don’t give her enough credit for that