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Everybody has a technical glitch now and then. Tonight at the North Sea Jazz Festival, Hozier’s Bohemian Guitars Motor Oil (the one we call Murphy) went mute at the beginning of To Be Alone. The song was stopped, Murt fixed the glitch and Hozier re-started the song. Some would be thrown off their game. Instead, Hozier dug deep and delivered one of the best performances of this song we’ve seen. Enjoy.

music will bind us together. your eagerness to let your voice out and stand beside me as we sing as one in an open hallway. the way you tap your fingers in my desk and create a rhythm so we could hum our favorite song and start an anthem. my thirst to the lyrics i so wanted to utter on tune to respond to your beat. music will always be there to relive our forgotten dreams that we chose to temporarily left behind. and your voice will always be my favorite timbre in my world full of silence but marked with falling leaves; etched with autumn feels.
—  9:56 AM