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Warning: smut
The sound of a key in the lock and the front door opening and closing makes you look up from your book, closing it and setting it down on the coffee table. You stand to greet your boyfriend, but something in his eyes when he appears in the doorway of the living room makes you stop in your tracks. His jaw his set, his pillowy lips fixed in a straight line, his eyes ablaze.
He takes off his jacket and throws it carelessly on a nearby chair before stepping forward and grabbing you by the waist. He raises a hand to your face and cups your cheek, pulling your face closer to his and angling your chin. You feel his warm breath against your face, his lips centimetres from yours.
“I want you. I want you right now.”
Without waiting for your reply, Kyuhyun presses his lips onto yours, kissing you passionately. You fight to keep up with the kiss; Kyuhyun’s tongue is already flicking at the swell of your bottom lip, persuading you to part your lips so he can search out your own tongue. You can’t fight the small moan that erupts out of your mouth when his tongue touches yours. He pulls you closer to him, pressing you against his warm body, and your hands roam his chest, fingering the tie around his neck, undoing the tight knot before throwing it over his shoulder and working on the buttons on his shirt. He tugs at the hem of your sweater, breaking the kiss to pull it over your head before attaching his lips to your neck, nipping your skin. You tilt your head, offering more of your flesh to him, and caress the v of skin the open shirt buttons reveal. You feel Kyuhyun shudder against you at your touch, sinking his teeth into your neck that little bit harder, making you gasp before he soothes the mark with his tongue.
His shirt quickly joins your sweater on the floor and you bite back another moan as you feel his long fingers unbuttoning your jeans before pushing them down your legs, persuading you to kick them off the rest of the way yourself. He leads you over to the sofa, sitting and pulling you on top of him. You straddle his thighs and his lips slide down to your collarbone as his fingers unclip your bra before casting it to one side, moving his head lower and taking a nipple into his mouth. You tilt your head back and close your eyes at the sensation, gasping when his hands grab your ass firmly. Your lips meet again and he thrusts his tongue into your mouth, his lips pressing so hard it could bruise, leaving you breathless. You unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants, making sure to rub your knuckles against his ever-growing bulge, making him groan. He bucks his hips upwards into yours, griding his clothed cock against you.
“God, Kyuhyun,” you breathe, grinding down onto his erection, feeling it rub right against where you need it, the sensation sending shivers up the entire length of your spine. Kyuhyun wraps a strong arm around your waist and holds you still while he grinds hard up against you, his eyes fluttering shut and a deep moan falling out from between his kiss-swollen lips, losing himself in the moment.
He snaps out of his reverie and throws you onto the sofa on your back, tugging your panties down before spreading your legs and blowing a breath of cool air against you. You shudder. He smirks at your reaction before diving in, lapping at your clit, moaning at the taste of you. You arch your back and delve your hand into his hair, tugging on it lightly. You murmur a curse when you feel his tongue probe you, his hands on your thighs, holding your legs open.
As swiftly as his tongue started to pleasure you, it stopped and he pulls away, his tongue darting out to collect the stray wetness on his lips. Too full of lust to be bothered about taking his pants off, he frees his erection from his boxers and slams into you all the way, filling you up. The moan that comes out of your mouth is broken and desperate as your skin prickles and your head swims. Propping his body up with two hands by your head, Kyuhyun withdraws, moving his hips away from you, before snapping them toward you, surging into you again. He has no time to start off slow - after a couple of teasing thrusts, he builds up a fast and rough pace, his hand on your thigh, squeezing it tightly. You run your hands down his slightly damp back, digging your fingernails in, making him hiss a little. He buries his head in the crook of your neck and bites at your skin, making the hickey he gave you earlier turn more and more red.
“Jesus, baby, yes,” he growls breathlessly against your neck before sitting upright on his knees and pulling the back of your thighs flush against his. He fucks you harder, surging into you with such force that the top of your head nearly crashes into the armrest of the sofa every time he plunges into you. His large hands hold your hips as he speeds up, his breaths turning into pants as his hair starts to dampen at his temples. You buck your hips up to meet him thrust for thrust, sending him against that spot inside you that makes you cry out and jerk against the sofa.
“Right there, Kyuhyun. Don’t stop. Please, baby, harder,” you beg, your fingers playing with your own nipples. Kyuhyun watches your hands as he continues to thrust into you, eyes heavy-lidded and his mouth open. Every thrust had you crying out and convulsing, the feeling in the pit of your stomach growing every shuddering breath you take until it all becomes too much and you let go, closing your eyes as your orgasm surges through your whole body, making your back arch almost in half as your hips buck wildly into Kyuhyun’s, a mixture of pleasured cries and Kyuhyun’s name tumbling out of your mouth. Watching you come undone, coupled with the fierce clenching of your inner walls around his pulsating cock, triggers Kyuhyun’s own euphoria and he tosses his head back, baring his neck and gasping for breath, as his thrusts turn erratic and out of time, filling you up with a erotic grunt and a call of your name.
Kyuhyun’s body spasms and jerks as he pants for breath, his eyes meeting yours. He throws you a small, tired smile before leaning forward, resting his head on your shoulder. You stroke his hair as he reaches for your free hand and entwines his fingers with yours.

I honestly didn’t want to say anything but things are getting ridiculous
We have been waiting 2 years for this comeback and now sungmin isn’t going to be a part of it??? Honestly why do these so called “fans” have to ruin things for us
Sungmin never did anything wrong!! Is getting married a crime? No it isn’t! Okay sure he could have told us better beforehand but even if he did he would have gotten hate! He had no way of winning cause of these “fans” who believe that just cause hes an idol he isn’t allowed to have happiness and live his life with the person he loves! Just cause hes an idol doesn’t mean that hes not a normal being and that his whole existance is to ‘serve’ us!
Whats even more ridiculous is how that your blaming the members for not supporting sungmin! Even if it is label sj, it is all controlled be sm, you should all know that by now!! I’m sure the members tried to convince him not to take decisions, but honestly can you blame sungmin, you were all going to boycott the concert, you hate on his wife etc, so all cause he wanted his brothers comeback to do well he opted out of it! Imagine how hard of a decision must have been for sungmin and the members!
Honestly Sungmin and the other members have done so much for us that we could never even repay them even if we tried! Tbh we aren’t even trying, cause look what we are doing, we are not allowing sungmin to have a happy married life, were not allowing him to participate in the comeback or the concert! All we are doing is ripping the group apart!!! This upsets me so much cause what sort of fans are we do being doing all this?? When did elf become so toxic?? I’m honestly so dissapointed in our fandom! But then again those who are doing this are not elf… they don’t deserve to be called that cause elf stands for everlasting friends and we were supposed to support them for a life time, not turn our backs on them…….

Either way i will always be an elf and support super junior till the end! I will always support the members and try to keep the group together! I will try and make this comeback successful by promoting and streaming the hell out it! The boys have been working so hard for this comeback and for them we should make it as good as possible!

2017/02/25 KYUHYUN in taipei cry😢😢wait for you two years,take care of yourself

Actually all taiwanese fans were crying badly today…even Kyu cried many times today too…everyone will miss him dearly for the next 2yrs😭During mini red lantern fans support,after kyu saw it he start to cry &look away,he cant continue to sing Endless Love & fans help him sing😭During mini red lantern fans support,after kyu saw it he start to cry &look away,he cant continue to sing Endless Love & fans help him sing😭


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That super hot Korean guy with short hair hugs the other guy just like Liam hugs zayn!

oh siwon and kyuhyun my 2 favorite  member from super junior 

that by the way are the cutest thing together

the hugs

kiss or whisper? or both?


damn you, paper




giving food

holding hands

looking at the other

i can’t they’re so adorable