people: johnny tuturro


ideal graceland s4:

  • charlie is the only one of them still working in law enforcement. she does her job and does it well. she is happy and thriving. she works on a team with all women, and starts dating one of them, and it’s good and pure. she has sauce night with all her coworker ladies and they all appreciate her
  • johnny went to see the southern cross with lucia. they live in a cute little house there and love each other very much. lucia still feels guilty sometimes about carlito going to prison, but johnny tells her none of it was her fault.
  • jakes and courtney are rich as hell and very happy together. he uses some of the money to set up a little auto repair garage, more as a hobby. jakes hasn’t had any alcohol for a while, and he’s feeling good. sometimes he sends charlie postcards, but doesn’t sign them.
  • mike has an apartment and a dog (from the pound). he goes to group therapy for people recovering from addiction. he talks about how he thought he deserved to die, and somebody finally tells him he didn’t deserve anything that happened to him, especially the things paige did to him. he visits charlie sometimes.
  • paige is serving time for conspiracy to commit murder, domestic violence, assaulting/conspiracy to kill a federal agent, and all the other shit she did. she tries to take mike down with her, telling them about lina’s death, but nobody believes her. she’s stripped of her medal of honor and badge. she’s not doing well in prison
  • briggs chills and stops lying to people all the damn time