people: jared padalecki


I really, really appreciated Jared’s thoughtful answer to this question (SDCC 2017) (for @semirahrose, who I know feels the same)

here’s what I have left from the con: (all 2 inch round pins)

jared - 20
jensen - 13
misha 2.0 - 7 (most requested still even it’s the 3rd yr bringing this pin, which makes me glad cuz misha love)
castiel - 35

hmm looks like I need to get more j2m pins for you guys

I’ll get paid sometime next month and then add about 2 weeks to get more pins (plus the mark s. and the destiel ones too) so I think I’ll be able to start mailing them out in september

if you guys want to request pins now, just send me an IM telling me which pins you want and I’ll put you guys on a list or you guys can wait until september when I have all the pins ready, whichever is easier ❤️

I can put up to 3 pins per envelope/stamp so if you want more than 3, you’ll get 2 envelopes

a reminder, these pins are free always and forever (I’ll pay for the stamp too and able to mail these outside the US - I’ve mailed the misha pins all over the world) and I don’t want anything back although some people at the con did give me money as a donation even if they didn’t have to but yeah, you guys don’t have to do/give me anything back ❤️

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©rmaltzLove it when the last appointment of a loooong day at Comic Com makes it worth the wait!! #Repost @entertainmentweekly ・・・
The #Supernatural cast likes to move it! 😄 🎥: @matthiasclamer #EWComicCon #ComicCon #SDCC #SPNFamily

The biggest superhero at #comiccon this year was photographer @matthiasclamer - He shot 76 different casts over 3 days for @entertainmentweekly. He should of worn a cape everyday, like he did when he photographed the Supernatural guys at the end of day 2 📷: @matthiasclamer @ewphotodeptrmaltz·