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I am passionate about the theater career of James McAvoy and here is the list of his roles updated! If you have more information or corrections, please tell me!


College’s drama productions at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (1997-1998) :
- Portia Coughlan - James as Fintan Goolan
- The Cherry Orchard
- Orestes in The Oresteian Trilogy - James as Orestes
- Measure For Measure - James as Claudio
- The Beaux Stratagem

Romeo & Juliet – Perth Theatre Compagny at the Royal Lyceum Theatre (Edinburgh 1997)- appaerence

West Side Story – Courtyard Theatre (Hereford 1998) director Jonathan Stone- James as Riff

Romeo & Juliet – Courtyard Theatre (Hereford 1998) director Jonathan Stone – James as Romeo

The Tempest – Brunton Theatre (Musselburgh 1999) director Mhari Gilbert– James as Ferdinand

Lovers – Royal Lyceum Theatre (Edimburgh 1999) by Brian Friel - director Kenny Ireland –James as Joe

Beauty and the Beast – Adam Smith Theatre (Kirkcaldy 1999) director Jonathan Stone – James as Bobby Buckfast

The Reel of the Hanged Man – Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh 2000)- by Jeanne-Mance Delisle – James as Gerald

Privates on Parade – Donmar warhouse Theatre (London 2001) – by Peter Nichols –director Michael Grandage – James as Steven Flowers

Out in the Open – Hampstead Theatre (London 2001) – by Jonathan Harvey –director Kathy Burke- James as Iggy

Breathings Corpses – Jerwood Theater Upstairs (London 2005) – by Laura Wade – director Anna Makmin – James as Ben

Three days of rain – Apollo Theatre (London 2009) – by Richard Greenberg – James as Walker /Ned

Macbeth – Trafalgar Studios Theatre (London 2013) – director Jamie Lloyd - James as MacBeth

The Rulling Class – Trafalgar Theatre (London 2014) - director Jamie Lloyd - James as the Earl of Gurney

The Children’s Monologues /The monologue of the coin jar– Royal Court Theatre (London 2015) – director Danny Boyle

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