people: deano

Amid the flurry of excitement over the Padababy announcement from Live with Kelly this morning, has anyone posted video of the clip of 12.05 that aired during the show?

I only ask for S12 Pie Masterpost reasons, because hey, sure, I can wait until Friday to update the Pie Masterpost, but that whole 10 second clip basically revolved around an untouched freaking pie.

Dean brings the pie from That Effing Table over to the kitchen counter while discussing the case of the spontaneously combusting people that Sam was looking into. He drops the pie box onto the counter between them, and then lifts the lid so we can all get a view of that gorgeous pie, and then he drops the lid so the box is still partially open, and then proceeds to ignore the pie for the rest of the clip, even though it’s sitting there in plain sight.

Dean sees a pie, acknowledges a pie, and then doesn’t even try to eat the pie. Just hangs out in the kitchen with the pie while casually chatting with Sam about what might be causing people to burst into flames.

I have an interest in the the subtext of this scene.

Hey, we're face to face with all our fears
Learned our lessons through the tears.