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❝dan stevens gif hunt…

       #10. final unfinished part,, under the cut you’ll find gifs of DAN STEVENS from the guest.  all gifs were made by me, please like or reblog if using,, by doing so you may also alter these gifs in any way you’d like just credit me by liking or rebloging this post.

note: it will be finished and updated  later when i find an alternate and hq source to the film. if anyone has a link please direct me to it!!


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Okay but can we talk about how Dan Stevens is wearing a cooling vest, 40 lb muscle suit, is covered in gray lycra and marker dots and is physically LIFTING UP EMMA WATSON AND SPINS HER AROUND while he is on 10 inch metal stilts ALL WHILE KEEPING THE WALTZ CHOREOGRAPHY SPOT ON. AND. HE CAN SING. REALLY WELL. (via evermore) I can’t deal with how much of a god this guy is. Disney, you did good with casting Dan Stevens.