people: craig ferguson

CRAIG FERGUSON: How closely does Ted’s room in Brooklyn resemble your childhood bedroom?

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Ted’s room looks nothing like mine did. I grew up in Manhattan, not Brooklyn (less space), with a brother and sister (less space still)—so I always shared a room. Didn’t go in for posters. Though for a while, we used to rip the advertising off buses back when they were cardboard—the advertising, not the buses. I remember I had a Peter Max ad on my wall that I’d pulled off a bus on Fourteenth Street. Psychedelic. The ‘70s city equivalent of big game hunting. I might’ve had a Minnesota Vikings poster too. I liked purple.

CRAIG FERGUSON: Like Ted, you studied literature at an Ivy League university. Are English majors kinder, smarter, and generally better than other people? Are poets (especially Hart Crane and John Berryman) superior to fiction writers? Is Jerry Garcia superior to everyone?

DAVID DUCHOVNY: Yes. Yes. Yessssssss.

…a snippet, David Duchovny interview by good friend Craig Ferguson, Bucky F*cking Dent, 2017 (paperback)