people: chris new


(Glen) Look, straight people like us as long as we conform, we behave by their little rules. Imagine your friends, if you suddenly started getting all really political about being a fag or you got suddenly like camp and swishy or talked about rimming all the time.

(Russell) Yeah, but that’s not what I’m like, is it? That’s not who I am.

(Glen)  Well, trust me they like it, as long as we don’t shove it down their throats.

(Russell) OK, well, why should I just shove it down their throats?

(Glen) Because they shove it down our throats all the time, being straight… Straight story lines on television, everywhere, in books, on billboards,…


Am I the only one who was annoyed with Ms. Morello while watching this show? I was watching an episode today and she said “There’s nothing worse than racial stereotypes,” but doesn’t EVER realize she uses those stereotypes on Chris (the only black kid in his school) ALL THE TIME. I just wanted to slap her so hard. 😂


screencaps from “Star Trek: Beyond”

I spent some time cropping these and adjusting their color saturation, but I don’t claim them to be “mine” or even “my edits” since I’m sure other people can do it much more expertly. So if you wanna download them or even repost them, feel free. Enjoy the beauty of Bones and Jim Kirk! <3