people: ben platt

i think one of the main reasons I really just love DEH is because of how authentic it is. Nowadays, almost every musical is based off of something else like a movie or a book, which isn’t bad, but DEH is and always will be an amazing broadway show. It didn’t have any expectations to live up to or any preconceived plot to follow. It’s just always been Dear Evan Hansen: A New Musical. And that’s what it always will be.

When they hand you the AUX Cord and you blast straight up 🔥🔥
⚠️ LOUD ⚠️


im crying


I can’t breathe holy shit

the year is 2084. ben platt has won his fiftieth tony for starting as his own original character in the fourth falsettos revival. hamilton is now the longest running show on broadway. lin manuel miranda has written eight more musicals and starred in six of them. denee benton and andrew rannells are no longer robbed and they lounge amongst their twelve tony awards. nic rouleau is still somehow in the book of mormon as elder price on broadway.

person: has a broken arm

me: so how’d you break your arm?

person: oh, i just tripped.

me: you fell out of a tree?

person: um no i-

me: well that is just the saddest fucking thing i’ve ever heard omg

person: what?

me: uhh… no one’s signed your cast

person: yes they have what are you talking ab-

me: well i’ll sign it

person: okay but-

me: do you have a sharpie?

person: no

me: writes name

person: why the fuck did you write “connor”