people: bebe neuwirth


No one got under [Frasier]’s skin like Lilith did. Lilith was as smart as he was; Lilith saw his every trick, his every move. So it was one of those great duos, where one character gets under the other character’s skin, and makes that character explode. (…) Frasier was - in his own, smart way - he was an everyman, a guy who’s very easily frustrated and thrown off his game. And Lilith was the perfect foil for that.

Something I love about Nadine and Mike B is their age difference and the fact that it never factored into the thing they have going on. Kevin Rahm is 13 years younger than Bebe Neuwirth, so I’m guessing that that’s roughly what their characters’ age difference is supposed to be on the show, but it’s never mentioned. I always hate that double standard where it’s ok for a man to date a woman who is more than a few years younger than him, but when the roles are switched it’s considered to be “weird” by society in general.