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“2017 has been a unique year so far. Luca Guadagnino’s masterpiece “Call Me By Your Name” stunned even the most optimistic Guadagnino fans when it premiered out of competition at Sundance in January. Frankly, this writer didn’t think the gay-themed coming of age drama could earn a Best Picture nomination until “Moonlight” won Best Picture a month later. Two years ago you couldn’t imagine “Call Me By Your Name” earning a nod no matter how many critics anointed it the “best film of the year.” Now? It has a legit shot to take the crown.”  Gregory Ellwood for The Playlist.   


I’m not crazy about taking my shirt off for a movie. Right now, that’s the thing: You have a young, handsome actor, take his shirt off, put him in front of the camera. It sets up this pressure to stay camera ready all the time. I don’t want to think about myself that much. The guys who do it are like, ‘Oh, it’s been two hours, I have to eat yams. My glycemic index is dropping.’ It can very easily turn people into narcissists. It just seems silly.