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The Outs: Chanukah Special

I am so obsessed with “The Outs” and most importantly Tommy Heleringer. There are so many GIFs of just moments of the show on Tumblr but not the dialogue. This one moment in the web series was really good.

Especially the last GIF. If you replace “being gay” with anything from being a woman, man, fat, ugly, tall, short, black, brown etc, it’s a pretty damn strong quote…

As I was talking to someone on Tumblr about “The Outs”, he likes this show more than “Hunting Season” because that show was just “softcore gay porn with some dialogue”. I’ve only seen GIFs and clips of the show and I agree.

Something about “The Outs” makes it relateable, connectable, and just really good darn writing and execution. This show should really be more popular than it already is… Here’s the links to the episode where this GIF is from and the full 7 episode season of “The Outs”. I wish they end up making more episodes for this show.

The Outs Chanukah Special: (x)

The Outs series: (x)