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do you rec any blogs to follow?

Oh, shit – tons! I follow so much quality, man. Lemme see if I can give you a sneak peek at who you should check out. (Forgive me for forgetting people though. I love you all, but my memory slips sometimes, and I don’t want to clog dashes.)

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what are some of your favorite blogs/mutuals?

THIS IS SO HARD AND IM GOING TO GET SOME ANGRY TEXTS BC MY MEMORY IS TRASH BUT THESE ARE JUST THE FIRST PEOPLE I THOUGHT OF rimmingfic harrywisher spidermanlouis louserz louispdf supernovaharry fireable viplourry harryspeachbum peachesharry yslboner larriez officialdarbus salt4 daddyzainmalik platonicallyhomo thekalehoe dauntlouis vibeystyles and so much more but these were just at the top of my head and you should go follow them bc i love all of them v v muuuch xx

Sometimes I really want to do one of those HEY GO LOOK AT THESE ARTISTS RIGHT NOW posts but I’m always terrified I might forget someone or not mention them purely because I don’t know them that well or they don’t draw much currently.


Ken (because their art is fantastic and they are great. I doubt any of you aren’t following them)

Pen (reallyreally cute art with precious styles like her paper cutout ones)

Marshall  (apparently he’s well known within homestuck peeps but yeah his art’s great and I like his style a lot too)

Sey (has really awesome lookin characters, is fantastic at outfit design, and has very clean art aaaa) 

 Adria (her characters are all REALLY REALLY CUTE and I adore their designs)


My drawing of #Petewentz FOB.
Working on Patrick next 👍


I have actually this quequed for my bandomart blog! Nice work. Can’t wait for the Patrick drawing.

*EDIT: I just wanted to make sure you knew that this drawing was a submission. It’s not me. It’s by this lovely lady here (you should also totally check out her blog. She’s got a lot of amazing drawings like this of other people). You should also check out her drawing of Patrick. It’s really good!

(Graphic that has nothing to do with my blog just because im obsessed with both actors and this movie will kill me, @armie hammer pls marry me thank you)

Okay so I recently hit 0.5k followers which is pretty amazing thanks to all of you! Below are about 150 blogs that light up my dash every day. Awesome content, amazing people! You should check all of them out!

mutuals // if youre on this list youre a fav <3


aarontaylorjohnson ; aarontaylorjonhson ; acklesjensen ; amyskhaleesi ; antigravityx ; armiehammersaromanticmagneto ; arrythequeen ; arweenn ; avegnrs ; avennger ; baerton ; bansheegrahamtao ; barnescap ; bavton ; bchkybarnes ; bcttombucky ; blaakwidow ; blondeseb ; blumenbuschbrucebanncr ; buckyi ; bvckyjbarnes ; bxvkybarnes ; casteile ; castielnovak ; charliegradbury ; charlserik ; chessandmagnets ; chiltons ; chnisevans ; chrispratts ; chrliecox ; clinatashacilntasha ; clintbarhton ; clintbxrtns ; clintnbarton ; cptnbarncs ; cuddleswithcas ; domcas ; dramagneto ; drchiltonsdick ; drlectertho ; e-a-d-e ; empressmcbride ; endingthemes ; eriklhensher ; ericlensherr ; eternalwinchesters ; falcqn ; fallingbucky ; felciadays ; flyingwithcas ; francisdollarhydes ; fructosee ; furiosaimperatora


galentines ; grahamewill ; hannibal-eattherude ; harleyhquinn ; harleyqiuinn ; emmastoue ; henrycavilledits ; hopestiel ; hotstuffdean ; hughdancysexual ; hughxjackman ; iblamehannibal ; in-cap-we-trust ; jamesbcrnes ; jamesmcavcy ; jamexmcavoy ; jell-o-shot ; jorhnmurphy ; justonehiddles ; kathrinebishops ; kingmadds ; kitpryde ; kittiecas ; lecterwilliam ; leeeeeeeeeegooooooooolaaaaaaaaas ; lehnsherres ; loshka ; lucifeur ; ludcat ; magzneto ; masterburqlar ; mcavoey ; mcavoys ; mcrvels ; michaelfassbendermikkelsenmads ; murdockmatthew ; myrandar ; nctasha ; nxtaliedormer ; ohcaptainmycaptain1918 ; ohyesmarvel ; patrcolvs ; peggiecartre ; petarparker ; peterjqsonquill ; pnkbucky prattandscott ; punkxsteve ; quicksilvcrr ; quicky-silver ; rcgxrs ; rcmanov ; ronanczernys


sammysext ; samuletsam ; samwilson ; samwllson ; scaredbarnes ; scarletvison ; scarletvisioh ; scottlanq ; scottsmmers ; sebastianstanns ; sebastrianstan ; sebstiansstan ; seraphimsammy ; sokovia ; soldiercaptain ; sparksflycastiel ; starkactual ; steverogiers ; sympathyforthecannibal ; taintedean ; teenysteve ; the-winnowing-wind ; theglade-escape ; theonwinchester ; thraanduils ; tonystarkks ; tonystnrk ; toomhardy ; weartherude ; uhhuhhanni ; willliamgraham ; willgrahams-design ; wingtorntrenchcoat ; wintersoldiar ; worthyavenger ; wxtersoldier ; xavierstea ; xaviahr

Follow List #2

Taylor, since you followed me earlier this week (OMGZZZZZ) I decided to help people who haven’t experienced the surreal feeling of you following them. I’m going to be helping 1,000 people whom you should go check out taylorswift. This list contains 50 more people who love you.
rosalieswiftie. droppedourbags gardenfullofthorns heartful-swift taniaxo wantmetogo thisloveispizza butterfliessturnedtodust all-too-swiftie chloelaura13 netalliegranger (whose blog I stalked) tayloralisonswift-partofmylife butterfliessturnedtodust nightwithuslikeadream we-all-went-mad-in-wonderland welcometo-myfanpage taybaeswiftie bbakersgonnabake flashbacksandechoes whisperswiftly loveloveloveamy cherrylipscrystalskies theswiftieofoz delightswift karaatdisney lovetswift4ever heyitscydney (very wonderful blog and owner) loft89tips13 tihmsaidso taybaeswiftie ohclassicswift selewifty redswiftandrosyswift zswiftly enchantedtomeetyoutay thenewromanticsfoundwonderland dance-to-this-forevermore yoyohyswift stylessings swifts-violinist tswizzle-fan13 flashbackstartsswiftie thewaywewalked swiftupdude wxldestdreamsx 22jumpswift blindoptimism1313 slaying-since-1989
There ya go Tay!!
I’m going to be putting 50 blogs on each list from now on! 💜💜 These blogs would love it if you reblogged and tagged Taylor!! Thanks!!

South By Southwest has opened its Panel Picker process to input from the public, even if you can’t attend next March, and there are two ways to support panels that you think are awesome. You can login to the sxswofficial website and upvote a session on its info page, or you can comment via Disqus on that session’s info page.

Fyeahcopyright’s heidi8 has proposals on fair use re transformative works and fandom in the Edu and Interactive sessions, and there’s other panels by terrific people from tumblr staff, and dailydot, teachers, lawyers, communicators and people who know a massive amount about something interesting - and you should check those out, too! If there’s any other sessions we should add to our rec list, drop us an Ask or reblog this with a link, and we’ll add it in.

Sessions you can check out (and hopefully upvote/comment on) include:
Fanworks Meetup organized by heidi8

Copyright Issues with Betsy Rosenblatt of transformativeworks‘ Legal Committee

Fair Use in classrooms with ebonyteach, heidi8 and Betsy Rosenblatt

Privacy in the Classroom 

Fandoms, online content & teenagers with continuants of staff

Hacking Bureaucracy

Distributed Content & News

YouTubers, Book Deals & Innovation with dailydot‘s raevottaportfolio

Marketing to Fandom  with with dailydot‘s bookshopwattpad‘s Ashleigh Gardner, laureninspace from Forbes and Otaku Journalist, and editor Helen Popkin from Forbes

Tag twenty followers you want to know better

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Name: RJ
Nick-name: Kirii 
Birthday: September 2
Star sign: Virgo
Gender: NB
Height: 5′7″
Sexual orientation: Asexual
Favorite color: Purple
Time right now: 9:23am
Average hours of sleep: 8-9
Last thing I googled: “melancholy solo piano pieces”
Number of blankets I sleep under: Just one. I sleep on top of five.
Favorite fictional character: Kitiara uth Matar and Nico di Angelo at the moment.
Favorite famous people: Zayn Malik, Simone Simons, and for historical famous people, Empress Theodora.
Crushes: None at the moment.
Favorite books: The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead, The Dragonlance series by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.
Favorite bands: Epica, Nightwish, Kamelot
Dream trip: Basically anywhere with ancient history in the Mediterranean, but mostly I want to go to Greece, Italy, and Turkey.
Dream job: Teacher
Currently wearing: Black shirt with a white Avengers sigil, blue star-patterned pajama pants, my usual rings and leather band.

Urm. As for tagging, let’s see.

an-yagami, phobnos, nortyourself, impalas-companion, william-di-angelo

thefault-inour-nico, thepipermcqueen, adriyelchan, cheerfulsolace, teenagebianca

donewithyoubye, treycain03, daiki-daisuki, tappertip, viva-la-plutofuckyou

anothenobody, steviejonesblog, yousavvyrealgood, lordyaoicoffeemusic, daktra-night

Hey everyone! I’ve recently hit 2k, which is very exciting, so to celebrate my goal and, of course, the release of “BADLANDS”, (purchase on itunes) I’ve decided to make a follow forever! These are the people that make my dash exciting every day, and you should all check them out! I love you!

First of all, #se7enteenblacksquad. I haven’t known you guys for long, but all of your blogs are incredible, and I hope we can be amazing Halsey trash friends for a long while!

frangashleybarnsbuckhalslayshauntinghvlseyinyourhooodqueenlysmoakhowescameronlxvelxkewxr joshduunrevamppedhvlseystreetstormshalseysardxthiens

Second, the chat that is nobly named “petter smells like ass”, you guys are kind of incredible and a little bit insane but that’s okay bc at least it’s never boring. Love u I hope I didn’t forget anyone.


Next, my amazing mutuals. I’m sorry for those that I didn’t include, you still are all gorgeous, and I’m incredibly thankful that every single one of you actually chose to follow me - even though 2k might not be a lot to some, it actually blows my mind that 2 thousand people want to follow my trash blog which is literally nothing but 1d and Halsey thirst. So thank you!


bitchaz froglarents hickeystyles horanuds donckasters cherrypoplou haurens angrylesbian bangtomlinsn cinnamonrollouis fuckablestyles adoredick hayslaay herculou girlalmihgty haroldsdimps harryndlou buttplugau bravesweetcheeks australianharold daddieslarry ashton-irwin eatlouisout goodbyemodest bowllickerlouis aberharry haapydaays hzlou countingstyles cloudszouis harlotbabyharry goldbootsoldvans frogsons gallifaerie aimhlarrie froggieandhedgie flowerpotharry har-and-lou booblouis blue-tomlinson harryslays flopsyharry amortentialarryharoldless harxlds eighteened fightmeloueh harrielewie hipsterpls freelarry adidasfic haztrash arthoehrry allthatniall hazstyzles harrehleh harrytomlinsun hazums halseyboob chopsueylou hvrricane halseyjrhalseytbhharoldliam





non-mutuals but u still awesome



I was tagged in the 20 beautiful people challenge by stardust-in-technicolour so I’ll tag these awesome and amazing people for it:

emmathewastelandguardian team-nice-dynamitee thisistheworstblogeverofalltime teamniceblueeyes bravearcher totallynotafangirloranything jeremeydooley maroonone ordinarygiver hailthemadkingryan achievement-tooths galactiicactus perrbearr star-guider captainleviyoubamf

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I asked some people for blog recs and everyone pretty much said the same people so...What are some underrated quality mutuals of yours I should follow? Or just some in general you havent mentioned before ?

hey there!!!!! :^) and here are some people you should definitely check out! (i’d add more but this list was getting way too long rip)

17hry pastelsharry gaybeanies arcticdad azurehaz blacklaceharry booloundons communistjustinbieber daddymtv darktoadette dragmedowwn flirtypals floraest oopsitsmutual grandpagrumps harryftdads harrysnipplesvevo harrywisher iworkedinabakery iusedtobeabaker kalekink larriez liampains louispdf louseh memeharry mommyeleanor parmaharold pinkiezayn salt4 theshadytimeline

uddsunset’s follow bias thing!

I have 115-ish followers so I guess I should get on this :D

Cuties: My bestest friends on here!

adhdsmokescreen || fancyfae || mistwolfkid || rebornquartz || cracked-pearl​ || heterophobicperidot || demiboykarkatvantas​ || askthehoverboarder || lostwizardrorek || necrocrypt || numberoneassistant || nicoleprincessoftroy || rainefire || shatteredgem || theprinceofthebluerose || dpdisabelle || princette-bambi

Awesome Peeps: People who you should check out cuz they are awesome!

asktheneverfairies​ ||  carlosdevilsmom​ ||  m0thman0fficial​  ||  bosmeriassassin​ ||  frappuccinio​ || kin-fused​ || mirrormystic​ || jahmocha​ ||  blackacequeen || demigirlpearl​ || smolchangeling​ || outcastedalchemist​ ||  irkendib || borderline–amethyst || terra-kat

Promo Time!: Some of my fav blogs that I follow!

positive-pokekin || poke-kin || thatsthat24 || pmd-headcanons

I probably forgot some people, but y’all are all awesome!! Thanks for being a part of Tumblr!

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Can you tell me your favorite blogs?

ahhh there are so many great blogs i follow 😭 here’s just a few of my favorites sORRY IF I FORGOT ANYBODY YOUR BLOG IS STILL GREAT AF
faceyblur trash-selkie i-am-in-love-with-bands -brokenbones- clairvoyant-wallflower hemidemisemiquaver c-attus punklupln harerarchy tbhburgur drunkeenllama lit-ium introvert-loser se-magritter and so so so many others you should check out the people i often reblog!!
also follow my irl friends because they’re great madworldinmyhead regardelanune verticalbardashslash and unlitenbe

I was tagged by the fabulous tdoogies (thank you~ I appreciate it ❤️)

I tag: satansasiangrandchild, kimbapkidding, pop2105, woozyfromwoozi, taesstory, xeroandbjootv, taohunmania, and pixiekais ❤️

Of course, you don’t have to do it, but have fun if you decide you will :-))

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So me, bas1ngse, and some other friends do this podcast, talk about any & everything really. But has a cool nerdy feel at times. Basically if you like music, people, life, movies, provoking thoughts and nerd shit you should really check us out. We have a website we’re working on: and you can find us on iTunes. Listen, and give us some helpful feedback & let us know if you like it. But for now follow us on and you can find us on iTunes. Listen, and give us some helpful feedback & let us know if you like it. But for now follow us on