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given that we didn't get a skam eurovision update because of the hiatus (boo!), please could you tell us about even and isak watching eurovision? (because i'm sure that they must have!)

  • for sure Isak was planning on a nice quiet night in, definitely not watching Eurovision and definitely carefully trying to make out with Even because his nose hurts and kissing isn’t the easiest thing to do right now. it’s just that Even looks so cute tucking Isak in on the couch, making him pancakes and yelling possible solutions to painful noses that he’s read on the internet from the kitchen that Isak just can’t resist. there’s too much ow, ouch, not there and not enough tongue but Isak’s satisfied with it still.
  • except then the boys arrive, strolling into the living room like they were invited, catching Isak still lying underneath a blanket on the couch, looking and feeling sorry for himself and just in the middle of telling Even just how much his nose hurts in the saddest voice he can muster red handed. 
  • Jonas raises his eyebrows in what Isak thinks is a very judgmental manner and he quickly throws back the blanket, mumbles a cool, it’s not so bad, really while trying to casually push the plate with one heart-shaped pancake left on it still underneath the couch with his feet. the boys graciously pretend to not see him do it.
  • Magnus has eleven pride flags painted on his face. Isak decides not to ask. there’s also a European union flag on his forehead. Isak decides not to tell him Norway isn’t even in the European union. he keeps yelling about Isak having to enjoy Eurovision now that he lives together with a dude. Isak decides to tell him to stop.
  • as a matter of fact, he’s close to kicking them all out when Mahdi tells him they’ve brought both Eurovision snacks and Eurovision alcohol and presses a beer in Isak’s hand. Isak scoots over to make some room then. 
  • Mahdi actually turns out to be an avid Eurovision watcher and he’s just in the process of explaining them the complicated voting system using differently colored candy when there’s a knock on the door. Isak would open it himself but, you know, he is very hurt and very sad and getting up from the couch is asking too much of him right now and so Even sighs and gets up to answer whoever’s there. Isak swears he can hear Jonas mumble the softest whipped as fuck but he can’t be sure.
  • it’s Eskild who walks in then. Eskild, who Isak remembers promised him he wouldn’t spontaneously come over this particular weekend. he’s wearing a lot of feathers and barely even acknowledges Isak before he starts handing out score cards that he’s apparently typed up himself. Isak is especially appalled by the would we do them? (this includes any people wearing an animal head!!!!) category but decides he can deal with rating the song and outfit and use of violin. 
  • they all end up in a big pile in the living room, Isak cosy between Even and Mahdi, who seem to have taken it upon themselves to make sure Isak doesn’t have to go more than five minutes without being asked if his nose hurts a lot and if he needs anything. Magnus mostly just yells at him to remember to fill in his score card. 
  • and Isak isn’t so into it at first, finds there to be a lot of glitter and a lot of dramatic pauses but he still finds himself yelling at the screen about douze points and traitors and fake saxophones when the clock hits twelve. Even kisses him on the cheek then, tells him, you’re a sexophone, and everything’s great really, even with a painful nose.
Ghost Simz Headcanons:

So @mostlyhorrorlover and I have been coming up with headcanons for Little Simz and what she’d be like as a member

-Del and Simz are siblings and to her Russel is another brother figure
-She was 3-4 years old when Del was killed and wasn’t told he died until Russ did when she was 5-6 because she was too young to comprehend what happened
-Most of her knowledge on what Del looks like comes from photographs
-When Del died Russel took her in for a while until a close relative was found. Even after that, she continued to visit Kong Studios until it was burned down.

-She was killed in the Dead Body video, but instead of it taking place in an open field it happened in the Spirit House
-She’s a lot more powerful than Del due to the fact she was killed while she was angry, while Del was taken by surprise.
-The flash of light at the end of the Saturnz Barz video is her possessing Russel
-Every time she enters a room, a burst of cold wind follows
-She can summon the undead like Del and they look like people with animal skulls for heads
-At first, when the band hadn’t noticed she had possessed Russ, she messed around with 2-d and Murdoc, hiding their stuff, tripping them, etc. but Murdoc was usually the brunt of her pranks.
-She leaves love notes on Noodle’s door, and at first Noodle was extremely confused, thinking the boys were playing another prank on her and she told them to cut it out.

-It takes a lot to get her angry, so when she does the situation is hellish
-When she gets angry her bullet wound starts dripping and the angrier she gets the more it gushes
-The “blood” is glowy white ectoplasm
-Her eyes turn black and her nails grow in length and become sharper
-It takes a lot out of her when she goes into that state, so she ends up retreating into Russ’s body for a few days. Because she feels weak, he becomes sick.
-When she becomes angry, Noodle is the best at calming her down, followed by Russel, then 2-d. Murdoc sometimes can calm her down, but more often than not he ends up making the situation worse.

Most Importantly:
-Noodle and Simz are girlfriends 

unfaggy replied to your post: stop making me acknowledge bojack horseman i…

i haven’t watched it but isnt it a furry show

its like every tumblr post with 30k+ notes about being valid if you’re depressed/had a shitty ex but whipped up into a script and condescended to you by people with animal heads, the direct byproduct of which being everyone on my facebook timeline goes “man that last episode of bojack really hit hard, i’m crying in my office right now” at varying times for the next 6 months

Yo, I was putting people with animal heads in Victorian garb back when you were colouring with crayons, kids

I think this was from like 2006 or something. Taurus, from a New Year’s astrology thing in the National Post.

Ugh, don’t make me regret putting this up here, Tumblr


Tonight, on People With Animal Heads …

The aliens told Dave that they didn’t know enough about Earthlings to know how he should act when stepping off their ship after having been taken aboard and vanishing from the face of the planet several years earlier, and that maybe he should think about what to do to help the aliens make a good first impression for their first official contact with Earth society. When they saw what he did, Pqqq'hrrbaiph slapped his forehead-analogue and said, “Just like that plaque we found on that probe! Why didn’t WE think of that?" Dave looked back and asked the aliens why small animals seemed to like him more now. Kmmn'phkhh'ryt did something best described as shrugging.


Tv taught me that canines can make baked goods.