Tonight, on People With Animal Heads …

The aliens told Dave that they didn’t know enough about Earthlings to know how he should act when stepping off their ship after having been taken aboard and vanishing from the face of the planet several years earlier, and that maybe he should think about what to do to help the aliens make a good first impression for their first official contact with Earth society. When they saw what he did, Pqqq'hrrbaiph slapped his forehead-analogue and said, “Just like that plaque we found on that probe! Why didn’t WE think of that?" Dave looked back and asked the aliens why small animals seemed to like him more now. Kmmn'phkhh'ryt did something best described as shrugging.



COMMISSIONS CLOSED (i will reblog/edit this post when they are open again)

(click images to see the size of it i.e. bust, half body, and full body)


I WILL draw

  • Any fandom
  • smoking
  • gore/violence
  • kissing/ cuddling/ shipping
  • real people (with references)
  • OCs/fan characters (with references)
  • Object heads
  • Animal Hybrids/furries
  • perspective drawing (link to google images)
  • Most things I’m fine with! If they’re not listed just ask!!

I will NOT draw

  • nsfw things
  • complex backgrounds
  • anything that would make me morally uncomfortable (vague so feel free to ask if you think it may fall under this category)

Again I’m fine drawing most things so if you’re worried just send me a message!! Also please attach references or links to references with your requests (even if it’s just to show the color palette you want them in). If I do not know the character I may ask about their personality or character quirks so that I understand how to draw them.

PLEASE do not completely change your request as I am working on it. If you wish to see progress images I can send them to you as I work on the commission (the farther along I am the less likely it is I’ll be able to adjust it).

Colored Bust: $13-16 (add character +$5)
Colored Half Body: $20-23 (add character +$8)
Colored Full: $27-30 (add character +$13)

(price varies within the range depending on how difficult/complex the commission is. The price MAY go above the range if the commission is extremely complex.)

All commissions will be payed for through Paypal


(basically says not to send money as a gift because of an update in paypals policy which could mean getting a $25,000 fine which is BAD) 

Depending on my personal schedule, the type of commission, and the intricacy of it I could take anywhere from 2 days to 3 or even 4 weeks. If I think a commission will take any longer than a couple weeks I will let you know. And if it takes longer than planned I will inform you and discuss the details.

If you would like to commission me or have any questions about commissions just shoot me an ask or email me at!! You can see more of my art in my art tag!


Tv taught me that canines can make baked goods.