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The aliens told Dave that they didn’t know enough about Earthlings to know how he should act when stepping off their ship after having been taken aboard and vanishing from the face of the planet several years earlier, and that maybe he should think about what to do to help the aliens make a good first impression for their first official contact with Earth society. When they saw what he did, Pqqq'hrrbaiph slapped his forehead-analogue and said, “Just like that plaque we found on that probe! Why didn’t WE think of that?" Dave looked back and asked the aliens why small animals seemed to like him more now. Kmmn'phkhh'ryt did something best described as shrugging.


Tv taught me that canines can make baked goods.

things ghost!ramsay would probably do out of boredom in winterfell after his death:

-move the battle’s corpses and body parts in random places in the castle like under people’s beds or under the blankets,inside the bathtubs or even hanging from the ceilings

-make kitchen cutlery float causing heart attacks to servants and cooks (when he doesnt pin them to wooden doors by the clothes with said knives)

-make heavy armor and battle items fall down the stairs during the nights for the sake of waking the whole castle up and causing insomnia and exhaustion in people

-put animal’s severed heads in front of people’s chambers every morning

-throw doors and windows open during snowstorms so that everyone can enjoy the wonders of winter

-hide food and various supplies until they rot so he can enjoy watching people starve during the winter

-cut an inch of jon’s hair each night until he goes completely crazy because he absolutely can’t think of any reason for his hair to get shorter every day

anonymous asked:

Omg my friend has a cow skin rug... Like I can understand how people disassociate leather with cows cause you can't really picture leather on a cow but this rug had cow hairs intact like wtfff. I asked her if it was real and she was all like you don't wanna know. What is wrong with people??

Aw man it’s so bad 

At Westfield Bondi Junction they have cow skin chairs too. Next to leather ones as well which is so ironic. Like I get it the leather isn’t looking so real but the fact that they are both dead cow disturbs me so much. 

But especially with the cow skin looking stuff like that is just so gross 

Or how people have dead animal heads hung on their walls 

Or like polar bear rugs 

I literally want to vomit 

How is ANY of that appealing honestly ugh 

People are strange 

But they won’t watch a dog being bashed by it’s owner because THAT IS INHUMANE 

Contradiction alert 

A staunch supporter of the democratic process, Jeffrey gets very upset when he hears that people haven’t voted yet. 

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