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Idk if you realize how amazing of a person you are like you just have people submit photos of themselves that make them feel good and you promote the fact that they look good and you make them feel good about themselves and you're just a really good person I don't know why are you like this why are you so nice and kind and loving towards people I don't know if you know them or not but you know what I mean I hope

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Just an explanation for why some people might be voting for Neeley since some have wondered why:

1. Neeley is the most likely to be voted out rather than J/J. Many would like to see Jason go but he has too many fans. If LNJ fans wanted to save their people they’d put up a BS so it makes sense strategically both ways.

2. Neeley is gunning for Alex. If you are an Alex fan, you want her out.

3. Neeley has become pettier the more she hangs out with Jason and K. She used to be super nice.

4. She keeps calling the divide and the other side “disgusting” which makes the game less fun.

5. Justin might actually vote for her.

Notice none of this is race related.

ohhh! wait wait! i forgot to tell you guys about my dream! i had an actual and nice radiohead dream (finally…) Basically, they announced the amsp tour 2017 and they were playing in my rooftop… it was a nice summer afternoon and some of you were in the dream??? i remember seeing jo’s big ginger hair in the crowd ????? and my street was full of people and people were watching them from other rooftops too, everything was so warm and yellow and i cried when my alarm woke me up to go to school !!!!!!!! 

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Omg I don't know what happened to you but I really, really hope you feel better soon ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ a lot of people is giving you love (the love you TOTALLY deserve), it melts my heart to see you're so loved 😍 please have a nice day my beautiful Hana 💕

My beautiful Paula 💗💗💗 Idk why but I expected you to drop by my message box sometime soon 😂😂😂 too bad that it happened in this kind of context 😓 I’m feeling better now thanks to everyone’s support and love 💗💗💗 I still don’t know if I deserve all of this love but i will never take it for granted 🙈🙈❤❤❤ my fortunekookie Fam are the best ppl out there 💕💕💕I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I HOPE YOU’RE TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF OR ELSE I’M STOPPING BY SPAIN TO MAKE SURE YOU SLEEP ON TIME AND EAT THREE MEALS A DAY 😇 ( here’s jeon cena for you *Q* )

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Can I ask what are some of your reasons for hating it? Bc I think a lot of people share your feelings whether they want to admit it or not

well first of all, there are some things i absolutely despise about tumblr but there are other things that make me appreciate it.
i hate it when i get msgs from creepy men on here that run porn blogs and send me dick pics,
i hate it when people steal my content,
i hate it when i cant write something without people immediately jumping into extreme conclusions, 
i hate the fact that it started getting popular in my country which caused absolutely cancerous behavior,
i hate it that you cant make a joke without someone sending you hate instead of simply agreeing to disagree,
i hate that im expected to be nice to everyone on here or else i get hate (like, have you ever considered the reasons why im mean sometimes? maybe i have a shitty day or something in my life happened that caused that behavior)
i hate that it’s so american centered, like i dont care about the US elections, just dont start IIIWW (no one mentioned how the government tried to COMPLETELY BAN abortion in Poland but i see Trump and Hilary all over my dash)
the list goes on. 

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I really like the feeling of swallowing things whole? Like I tend to not chew noodles or other soft foods and just swallow them. People think it's weird but it feels so nice??? Chewing soft things really irritates me for some reason?

I used to be like that when I was a kid! Idk why I got over it but I totally agree with you it feels nice to swallow soft foods whole sometimes

Jaehee is the real princess of Mystic Messenger! ❤

I’m so glad I did her route at the same time as Zen’s, now I hardly get bothered by her being so uptight. She’s a little bit annoying in Zen’s route so, I understand why people just decide to skip her. I mean, if I did Zen’s route first I might not have tried Jaehee’s route at all.

I really wish people would stop skipping Jaehee’s route though, I’m pretty sure everyone liked her a lot before they found out she was a girl. And seriously, Jaehee’s so nice and sweet. Everything in Jaehee’s route is so easily relatable and makes perfect sense. It may not be romance, but it’s about LIFE and HAPPINESS! FORTITUDE and POSITIVITY (if you’re not going after bad ending). Add in this little bonus: SHE WILL NEVER MAKE YOU CRINGE EVER!

And also, just a trivia: JUMIN IS SUCH A BIG JERK! Seriously, Juju… you were supposed to be my favorite! You disappoint me…xD

To every player who’s never touched her route yet, DO HER RIGHT NOW! lol 

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*kicks door down* I heard someone was insecure about their writing. Buckle up pal, it's story time. About a week before I created my blog I was started reading xmen fics. I saw a story called "A Pretty Good Bad Idea" and I saw it had one or two parts. I started reading it because I love Peter and I was like "Why not?". I read it and I loved it. I started looking at all your work and I completely fell in love. You write so eloquently and you are honestly one of the writers I look up to (1/?)

(2/?) I’m not saying that to be nice, I’m saying it because I honestly love your writing. You are so talented Alex! You helped inspire me (as well as Karley, Holly, Caitlin and Lena) to create my blog and start writing again. I lowkey have not written in years because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. But looking at your fics I was like “Maybe if I Start writing again and put my work out there, I’ll grow and become better. I could totally be like Alex one day!” You are amazing Alex, honestly (3/3) So whenever you feel insecure just remember that your fics inspire others to start writing and get better at it. You are talented, honestly. I love your fics so much, and I love the person behind them even more.

I woke up to this and now I’m emotional. Thank you so much, Cas I really needed to hear something like this, and I’m so glad I inspired you to start writing against 💗

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I'm sorry that this is happening, I don't know why someone would have the need to hate on y'all. It's kinda irritating that somebody would try to tear down such nice people.💖 (also my blog is Stranger-Fandoms, I was not able to send this to you through my side blog so I sent a anon)

And it backfired on them so badly!!! Honestly, I love everyone on here so much. A few hateful people can just chill out together and be bitter.

Everyone else is 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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We haven't done a lot of interacting. (Outside of the MS event and talking about Gappys two left nuts) But you're really nice and I like your spirit!!

Wow, thanks? I really don’t get really comfortable with interacting fast, first i try to tell the people that i appreciate her blog and like, like every post and ask daily, then i chat with them a bit.. get their skype and then.. i interact and be like ‘m8 i luv u’, and then i activate my true personality, thats why i really not talk to you so much, but i’m always up to an interacting that I don’t need to start!! , i really laughed with the gappy stuff, but i seriously like your way of the things, i think we can be good friends, thank you for the compliments, but i’m not really that biggg person, i’m just an sinner trashgirl, that is too embarassed to talk to people of anon. You probably has like 400k of asks of mine, but in anon (i really appreciate! !)


I don’t usually think about romanceable party members and NPCs in my video games too hard or deeply, but the sheer amount of heart/valentine/love imagery surrounding Nick Valentine, combined with the fact that he’s one of the few F4 companions kept solidly off limits, and combined with all his little flirty asides and hints and so on, has me feeling so salty you could cook a nicely seasoned steak on me! So here, have a vent comic.

I Only Go Shopping at Night

By reddit user resistance1984

The cashier swipes my items across the scanner as I stare at the floor. I find it easiest to get through my anxiety by avoiding eye contact with other people. That’s why I only go shopping at night: fewer people to avoid.

“Did you find everything okay?” she asks casually.

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“you hate cis people just for being cis so i can hate trans people just for being trans!”


listen real nice and close

i don’t hate cis people just because they’re cis; that’s not how this shit works. i don’t even hate cis people, not in the way you’re thinking.

when i say “i hate cis people” i’m not saying i want cis people to die–you know, like how when cis people say they hate us they mean they want us to die. 

what i’m saying is i hate the transphobic shit i have to put up with every day. i hate hearing the kids at my school make jokes about how they want to “kill all tr**nnies, i hate that my own family talks about how disgusting i am, i hate that there are people who actively campaign against my basic human rights, i hate that there are people killing my trans siblings every damn day, and i hate that when it comes down to it, cis people just don’t care about us.

there is a fundamental difference between a cis person saying “i hate trans people” and a trans person saying “i hate cis people” and if you can’t understand that, you should really go outside into that “real world” you’re so fond of.

I hope Kingdom Hearts goes back to secret movies being super-vague because Another Side, Another Story and the Gathering still have such amazingly mysterious vibes to them and I dig it so much

(3/7) “I can’t tell you why this happened to my son. He was so healthy. He was at the top of his class. He was a great athlete. I used to watch him play sports and think: ‘I can’t believe this is my son!’ And he was so nice to the other children. Other parents would send us letters and gifts because Avi was so kind. He’s just so good. But they all are. You look around this place, and you don’t see any serial killers. These are all good people. These are not the people screaming at their kids in Target. One day during chemo, when his hair started to fall out, Avi turned to me and said: ‘I think I know why this is happening. I made fun of somebody at school one time.’ And that just broke my heart. I can’t describe what it felt like to watch him suffer. It was torture. I used to lay with him in bed at night and wish so bad that it could be me instead. I’d do anything to switch places with him. One night when he was really hurting, he told me: ‘You can’t understand what I’m going through, Dad.’ And I told him, ‘Trust me Avi. I can.’”