Damian had never wanted siblings. He had been trained to trade everything for the world. Family tied one down. They prevented them from being great. He had been raised to desire one thing: success. Everything else was failure.

Everything in Damian’s life had lead him to the point of greatness. Nothing in his life had trained him for family.

Nothing had prepared him for the open love presented by Dick Grayson. He was not supposed to desire the comfort of his oldest brother, whose arms were safety themselves. Who instead of using force used soft words and perseverance to win Damian’s respect. Who was everything opposite of what Damian had been trained and yet everything Damian wanted to become.

He should not look forward to the moments of comradeship found with the next oldest. The bonding of two gentle souls raised by pain. His similarities with Jason Todd should not have gone beyond dying once. He should not feel as if they’d both fought past some great evil to find themselves. Should not take comfort that they each found it hard to trust the love of their father but could trust in one another.

His sister should have been a tool to harden his skills, not one that softened him toward the world. Cassandra Cain’s training and strength should have been something to push Damian beyond his limits. And her strength was an inspiration. Her prowess in battle inspired respect. But it was her dedication to herself, her morals and values that kept that respect. She taught in her actions. And in her rejection of her birthright, Damian found strength.

Most of all he should not look forward to quiet moments of partnership between his brother closest in age to him. He should not find his mouth tugging into a smile when instead of taking out the competition he found himself in league with Tim Drake, working to help one of his other siblings find balance in their lives. He never should have found himself plotting ways to force the young boy to rest. To eat. To care for himself since the world seemed intent on doing the opposite. He should never have found comfort in the way they both worked so hard to fit into the family they’d found.

Damian knew now that everything in his life had prepared him for greatness but greatness of a different kind than his mother sought. All of it had trained him to care for his family.

Damian had never wanted siblings, but now that he has them he would give up the world for them. They made him great. It was their success he wanted to see. Anything else would be failure.

i don’t know about the rest of the world, but it’s starting to get fairly summer where I am (yes there is a point where it kind of stops in California).
yes I have been good and was swtor-arting
and for some reason this was like the peak of it.

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten - The princess of Orange visits the studio of Bartholomeus van der Helst - 1850-70

The Princess of Orange, Maria Henriëtta Stuart, the widow of Prince William II, visits the studio of Bartholomeus van der Helst. In the background, the ‘Schutters’ meal of 1648 (SK-C-2). The princess has a fan in her hand, she is accompanied by two gentlemen and a woman.

Hendrik Jacobus Scholten (1824 in Amsterdam – 1907 in Heemstede), was a 19th-century painter from the Netherlands.