To be honest i really don’t understand why people like me, like i’m…a bad..friend. I’m really pathetic and i do apperciate the people who support me and stuff but..
I’m going to be honest!
I don’t DESERVE any of the friends i have, you’re all amazing people but yet you like me, why? I mean…i’m not important i find other people EVEN people who don’t like me i care more about them than i care about myself

The anonymous is right i am worthless so…i just want to let the people who like me and support me know that i do appreciate it alot and i love you for that but, why? Why give pathetic old me any care and love? My mom made it pretty clear that i shouldn’t exist including the anonymous…
Sorry for being here, and being a waste of time

I deleted the majority of my family off fb the other day because one cousin tried to publicly gaslight me on a post. It wasn’t the first time he did it either, but I ignored his comments on other posts. This time he made a point to be a huge asshole. Wtf is wrong with people? Why am I personally related to so many fucking hateful was bigots?

Instead of calling him out, I just blocked him. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, I can’t really get myself worked up and drag folks like I want to. I have to prioritize my health.

I deleted all the family who became silent after my transition or who aren’t supportive. Tbh, I’m considering blocking all family, so I don’t have to worry about their cis-het feelings. I can’t risk that happening again because I know it’s triggering to other trans folks who see it too. Some of my family is “trying,” but it’s not enough if they’re just being quiet spectators while a mutual relative is being abusive.

I’m just tired, man. Like there’s so much angry and negativity in the world, and the one safe place I had for the last few years, the place where I found strength to get out of a really bad situation in my life, is gone. Poof.

Maybe I’m being over-dramatic, God knows I am so often, but this one took a lot from me. 

Look. Felix (Pewdiepie) made a mistake, he thought his little “joke” was comedy, but as someone who’s been studying comedy for the past four fucking years, racism is not comedy. If you’re gonna target a group of people for the sake of a joke, you make damn sure they deserve it. Jewish people do not deserve it. Saying “death to” a group of people who have had the fucking shit kicked out of them for centuries is not fucking funny. It’s sad and, quite honestly, lazy. What pisses me off is that instead of 100% owning up to it, he’s trying to write it off as a “joke gone wrong.” Buddy. Admit you fucked up big time. Admit the joke was not funny and that it wasn’t humor. It was not comedy. By calling it comedy, you offend people who pour their heart and soul into making the masses laugh and feel good. 

And then, major Youtubers backed him up, saying he’s “just being himself.” People like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, all people who in the past have supported love and acceptance. People who I’ve looked up to for years. Hell, I’d go as far to say Mark was an idol of mine. However, they all backed up someone who is too much of a coward and too into himself to admit he made a mistake. 

As someone who really admired these people, I’m hurt as hell. 

As someone who’s studied communications and public relations for the last four years, I’m pissed off as fuck. You wanna support him? Fine. But don’t try to step back from repercussions of doing so. You went into this mess, you STAY in. Pewdiepie landed himself in hot water and by supporting him just being his wacky ol’ self, you jumped right in too. I understand standing up for a friend, but if my friend went and pulled some shit like that? You bet your ass I’m calling them out. To pull from Harry Potter books, if Neville Longbottom can stand up to his friends, so can you.

To conclude, jokes about killing minorities isn’t comedy. If you try to use them for comedy, you’re lazy and you’re pretty pathetic. Pewdiepie is a grown adult, and needs to be held accountable for his actions.       

Happy 2015 Everyone!

I know most people did their 2014 reviews yesterday, but I wanted to thank all of you for your support this past year. 2014 was a fairly quiet year for me, but in a good way. I worked harder in 2014 than I ever have before, in part because I finally know who I am a little bit more in terms of art, my career, my life, goals, and priorities. I feel like 2014 was a year of “becoming” – that I’m not quite there yet, but I made some serious strides in getting closer to who it is I’m meant to be.

A lot of that was made possible by all of your faith in me. All the likes, the reblogs, the sweet messages – they all inspire me to keep pushing myself to get better, to work even harder, and to continue to learn.

I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I really feel somewhere deep in my bones that 2015 will be a good year for me (fingers crossed). But either way, thank you for making my 2014 a productive and happy one.

Love you guys!

You said your biggest fear was letting the people you care about down and I realized how lucky I am to have never worried about that. Because the people who care about me most are proud of me no matter how horribly I fail, and they always have been. Because I’ve made some mistakes and I’ve hated myself but they haven’t left my corner yet so I think they’re there to stay. And there’s nothing in the world that’s better than knowing some people are always there to stay. No matter what, you have people who are unconditionally proud of you when you don’t deserve it, rooting for you when you’re not rooting for yourself, and telling you it’s okay when you’re sure it’s not. That’s more than enough and more than any of us deserve.
For all the disappointed 707 route players’.

I’ve been reading quite a few rants of Mystic Messenger players, who claimed to be disappointed and pissed off at character 707′s route. I have to admit, reading them made me more pissed off and disappointed in the people who played this otome game. And I am here to rant, just like those players but for a different purpose; to slap some comprehending into their hearts and minds.

First off, Saeyoung wasn’t meant to be a simple and uncomplicated character. He’s supposed to be the key to the whole story, which some dear players think that is “not true at all” and “bullshit”. He is a person who has more issues than the rest of RFA members. He has family problems, mental and emotional problems and a problematic life in general. Most players didn’t like that he pulled and pushed MC away but of course he would do that since he was indecisive. Like every other person, Seven wanted to have a love life and a person who could finally understand and accept him for who he was without keeping secrets and lying on a daily basis. Then again, he didn’t want to pull that special other into this big mess that could affect her and/or him too. After all, we don’t want our loved ones to get hurt emotionally or physically, right? But Seven didn’t and did understand that the games he was playing unconsciously, could hurt MC.

Saeyoung is mentally rich. He is a very smart guy who, with a snap of the fingers, can see the world with different points of view. He is bipolar. One second being happy and the other second being the most hurt human being in the world. He hides himself in a comfortable facade, making people believe he likes playing around with them and making jokes 24/7 while in reality he feels depressed and lonely. He lives a life different from normal people, in every aspect. And he doesn’t have any happiness or happy memories. But once he finds out that MC is the door to his happiness, he gets scared. Scared of leaving his comfort zone and scared of ruining such a beautiful gift.

I have yet to finish the whole game. When I started Seven’s route, I restarted just a couple of days before the party date because I wanted to play Jumin’s route first on the Deep Story. I do know what has happened to Rika and that V dies. I also know that they forgave her and most people are mad about that. BUT! If a person who seems to be the one who has changed your life for good (and for bad too in Seven’s case) turns out to be the one who you actually liked for a long period of time and suffers from severe mental problems, wouldn’t you forgive them too? I bet you would. No matter what, you would. Even if a tiny little bit, it still counts as a yes. She is, absolutely, a snake who doesn’t deserve any good in this world after what she has done… but it was V’s fault as well for being blinded by love. Like literally…

Anyway, I have yet to finish the game and more to add to my point of view but that’s all I want to say for now. Defender of Justice 707 is a game character I will always, I emphasize, always remember in my mind and heart as someone who represents me as a human being.

Nobody is the same and Saeyoung isn’t supposed to be the same as everyone.

Excuse my typos, thank you.


❝It’s not so much about receiving this award as it is having this opportunity to stand before you and say thank you. Not only to the people who have loved and supported me along the way, you have no idea…you have no idea how much your support means. But to the doubters and naysayers and everyone who gave me hell and said I could not, that I would not or I must not – your resistance made me stronger, made me push harder, made me the fighter that I am today. It made me the woman that I am today. So thank you.❞ ╼ Madonna


Its already your 23th birthday. Time passes so fast, isn’t it? Oh well, where should I even star?
I feel like we dont deserve you, we amrys and I. Everything about you is just too much. You are too kind, too soft, genuine, hardworking, talented, beautiful…Just too good for this world :’-) You are the person I look ap to. Someone who followed his dreams no matter what would other people say or think. Someone who worked his ass out to be where he is now and prove everyone who didn’t believe in him wrong. I am proud. You made me want to become a better person, I am so greatful to you. I actually learned so much about life, love, care and friendship from you. And I am not even kidding! I am still very young and its really important for me to have my idol. I am happy coz my idol is you and none else.
I love everything about you, your personality, rapping, dancing, singing, your voice, you laugh, your smile, those cute little dimples and that cute shape of your mouth when you are in a bad mood…ughh the list could go on and on…
I want you to be happy in life, really happy, healthy, to find someone who will be your other half. I want all your dreams to become true. I honsetly want you to have all happiness from this world coz you truly deserve it.
Thank you once again, for all your hardwork, music, amazing performances, for taking care of other mambers and for always being a mood maker.
You are really our golden hyung❤
We all love you Hoseok! Be happy! Happy birthday! 사랑해~!💗
. this turned out to be a long ass message. I am not even sure if people would read this. I just needed to say it and get it out of my chest. I could write so much more but it would never end then lol😂

hello all!!  2016 has been one hell of a ride and i’m so glad its ending, but in this year ive made soo many more mutuals and ive lost quite a few; thank you to those who have been following me for years, you know who you are. i have also made many more friends, and my closest friends, with whom the conversations and memories made i will always cherish. thank you to all my mutuals, old and new, for following/continuing to follow me and for putting up with my extraness, and thank you to my friends for being there for me and accepting my dramatiqueness.

everyone knows how sappy i can get and i couldn’t make this without mentioning the people who i talk to on a daily basis and who have had an impact on my life:

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I get that the safety pin thing gives itself easily to performative allyship. I get that. But like I mean it serves as a quick way to feel some relief when I’m surrounded by hundreds of Schrodinger’s Bigots every damn day.

I mean just personally, I am currently living in a red state and feeling like everyone I smile at and greet and make small talk with probably supported two men who would see me dead. And seeing a stupid fucking safety pin is a breath of fresh air knowing that at least THIS ONE PERSON doesn’t support white supremacy and pericisheterosexism! THIS ONE PERSON has made a small and subtle effort to show me that I don’t have to be scared of them.

But lol I guess it’s just white people looking for ally cookies and who cares about the actual real benefits of telling terrified and suicidal people that there are people in their vicinity that don’t think their dehumanization is acceptable

wow look at this edit i did in five minutes 

Wow… as I’m making this post I can’t believe i made it to 2.5K followers!!!! My angels I just want to tell you all thank you so much for sticking by me and giving me unconditional love!!! I never thought I would meet so many wonderful and kind people who love me for who I am. I can truly say that you all are truly my angels and I cherish each and everyone of you. I hit another milestone so you know what that means…….that’s right another FOLLOW FOREVER!!!! Let’s get  started shall we?

bold: mutuals (sorry if i left some people out)

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Hey guys!

Today I reached 1k followers and I am honestly so happy, I still can’t believe so many people are interested in what I post enough to follow me!! Thank you all so much for putting up with me, liking and reblogging my posts, sending me messages, tagging me in things… everything means a lot to me! (≧∇≦*)
In the few months that I’ve been here I’ve found a lot of amazing blogs and made even more amazing friends who have been nothing but kind and supportive and I’m really thankful to them ♥

Sending lots of love to all these people who always brighten up my dash!!

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Once again, I have to thank ALL OF YOU for allowing me to have such a wonderful Tumblr experience!! I love you all ♥

2016 IS ENDING !!!

It’s finally the end of 2016!! It’s been a very rough one for all of us, but I’ve made so many new friends and have made enough happy memories to battle the bad ones! This is gonna start with the people who have impacted me the most and then after that its everyone who I can’t live without seeing on my dash~

FOR KPOP BLOGS (i am also @kissmybt-ass and will also be making another separate ff for more recognition ayyy~)

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DanaiGurira: Last one! 12 Things I must give thanks for as I say goodbye to 2016:
10. My wonderful alma mater Macalester College for giving me an honorary doctorate. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was a thing till I saw my parents’ reaction. I’m getting used to my Mom calling me Doc D!
11. And in that vein, my parents, who are some of the most lovable, smart, caring, hard working, supportive people I could ever come to know. I am thankful to have been reared by them. You made me give a darn and for that I am thankful.
12. My community, my ‘village’; so many close and true friends, confidants, mentors both spiritual and professional and family, who saw me through this year with support and celebration, encouraging me and reminding me of the blessing as I advanced through arguably the most demanding year of my life. I only hope and pray I am close to being that quality of person in your lives.
Happy New Year everyone!!

I would like to take a second to thank everyone in the Lazytown fandom

I started watching Lazytown because of a meme I found a while back. I loved the villian, the hero, the children, basically everything about it. I made this blog thinking I could just put out stupid head cannons and random thoughts and the few people in the fandom would like it. But I never expected to be surrounded with love and support. Like, for example, I now confidently dance and sing to Lazytown songs because I know others are doing the same thing. I promote my love for the show because no matter who makes fun of me for it, I still have all of you. Even aside from Lazytown stuff, the friends I’ve made through this goofy kids show are absolutely amazing and supportive. I just can’t express how thankful I am to see so much positivity and talent and enthusiasm come from this!! Seriously, everybody who is in the Lazytown fandom seem so kind and genuine. Plus, we all have our sport dad and our meme dad to guide us. If you don’t think that’s a beautiful and amazing thing to come from a simple childrens show about exercising and being healthy, well I don’t know what to tell you.

Anybody please feel free to message me if you need to talk, need support, have questions, wanna rp, chat about lazytown or are just looking for somebody to vent to. I am always jere ♡


Song Hye KyoI am reminded of all the staff who worked hard…I was able to receive this award because of all the fans here and abroad. I will continue to work hard to win the hearts of drama viewers everywhere.

Song Joong Ki: I am glad to receive an award on the same stage with Asia’s Prince, Lee Kwang Soo, who has been with me since we were rookies. I am just a young actor who still lacks in acting ability and have much to learn. I believe I am loved because of all the efforts of all the actors before me, and if I go back even further, it’s because of our ancestors. I am filming ‘Warship’ which is about Koreans who were forced into labor on Hashima Island, and I became very serious about thinking about this…I am here because all the people who made sacrifices. I will work hard to advance the pop culture from where I am.

I noticed a person was snooping around my home. I went to follow them and ended up chasing them well into town. By the time I had caught up to them, I was instantly accosted by a group of people in red cloaks who were going on and on about things being unseen. Absolutely scatterbrained bunch. 

His face was fairly covered but I could have sworn that I saw F in the group. I called his name as the group decided to leave my presence. The person who I thought looked like F turned his head but his expression looked more like he was reacting to the sound I made rather than hearing someone say his name.

It is bad enough that sometimes I swear I can hear him talking to me while I am in the silence of my home, but now I am placing his face onto complete strangers.

Imagine Sansa figuring out your crush....

Originally posted by theongreyjuy

“Ahhh I see.” Sansa smiled as she looked upon her brother Jon, Lord Commander of Black Castle. 

“See what?” He asked as his head turned towards her, and away from where it was previously looking. 

“You fancy her, don’t you?” She smiled again, as his face reddened.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” He snapped, whipping his head back towards your direction, however not lifting his head, in fear that he will be caught staring at your beauty.

“You know, I don’t think ill of you for it.” Sansa whispered, “I am sure she likes you too.” 

“Sansa, I doubt that Lady [Y/N] Bolton fancies me. Beside look at the horrible things her brother….”

“Lady Bolton was one of the only people to ever show me kindness, she was the one who mended after my wounds, who made sure I was well, and would snap at her bastard brother every day she had to listen to my screams of agony. She helped me get the signal in the window, and she helped me run away. Lady Bolton is a kind soul Jon Snow, and you would be lucky to have her.” Sansa whispered harshly at her brother, before excusing herself from the table, and storming away. 

Jon noticed too that out of the corner of his eye, you were also excusing yourself from the table, and then he watched as you quickly walked after her. Moments passed before Jon rose from his own seat, his feet carried him towards Sansa door, which had a soft glow spilling into the dark hallway. As he reached to door, he noticed the small crack created by the door being ajar, his head and upper body leaning against the wall as he heard your voice seep into the hall.

“So will you tell me what is wrong, or must I force it out of you with promises of a new gown?”

“I promise you [Y/N], nothing is….”

“Sansa Stark, Don’t you dare lie.” You breathed out, Jon heard someone, probably Sansa, get up and take steps away from wherever she was seated. 

“Do you love him?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh please, I am not blind to the fact that you stare at Jon. So tell me, do you love him? Because I am sure he is in love with you.”

“Sansa. I…”

“Don’t lie.” Jon could hear her smile, probably happy that she has figured this out. 

He could only imagine the way you looked at her in response, and then after several seconds of silence he heard, “Do you think he knows? I mean he seems to be reserved when I am around, and like he dislikes being in my presence.”

“That is just him, he is normally quite reserved.”

“Then why does he glare at me? I mean before you left the feast he was, as though he was disgusted by the fact I was even around?”

“Oh sweetie.” Sansa cooed, “that was him staring at you, he doesn’t quite know how to approach women, I doubt he ever has." 

This caused Jon to smile, an audible chuckle leaving his rare smile at the thought of how wrong that very statement was. And then he heard the sound of the door. 

"Jon Snow, did father never teach you how to proper ease drop?” Sansa asked as she ripped open the door and looked at the shocked face of Jon Snow, over her shoulder he could see you blushing on the bed. 

“Well are you going to say anything, or just gander?” She asked as Jon’s attention went from you to the red head before him, and then he was gone. 

“Well that didn’t go as I hoped.” Sansa said as she turned back to you, as you cradled your head in your hands

Part 2