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since you just made a post about this, tell me what to do then. I haven't opened this persons messages in nearly a week because they have made me made. I know I need to not ignore people, but what do I do now that I am already a week in? Give me a suggestion please

I said that because I’ve spoken to ppl who have had their read receipt on and sometimes when I reply I won’t hear back but they’re out doing things on social media, it just makes me feel n seem like they’re going that extra mile just to avoid me.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t care if someone doesn’t reply or not because I understand life can get busy n also I don’t like when I get shitted on for not replying cuz I get easily distracted but i could of told u something important n u decided not to open the message cuz u didn’t want me to know you read it that just shows what kind of character you are n how irrelevant I may be to u n because of this I tend to just focus on me and not worry abt replying to ppl sometimes.

Chances are after that I’ll lose interest n won’t bother trying to talk to you unless u put effort to talk to me

If I forget to reply to someone for a whole week I probably won’t even try to reply cuz I feel like it’s pointless n too late.

I think it’s funny tho that everybody in a way does that, ppl won’t double text ppl even if we want to talk to someone so in a way we just isolate ourselves from each other cuz we think the other person isn’t even interested.

Knowing this I tend to lose interest fast and only really contact ppl I’m doing business with or I’ve known for a while who I feel comfortable enough I can hit up out of the blue n we will start of where we left off n catch up.

Our generation is full of egotistic assholes who don’t like putting their pride aside even if it might mean losing contact with someone we actually want in our lives.

So if u actually care abt the person u mad at put your pride aside n make contact one way or another in the best way you know how to approach them.

PHEW… I’m back in my blog. To my surprise, I got an email today from some nice people at Nickelodeon putting me in touch with connections they have at Tumblr and voilà—they let me get back in and change the associated email address. 

I know MANY of you are still locked out of your blogs and do not have such a “corporate connection” solution at your disposal. I asked the powers that be at Tumblr to please find some sort of workaround to allow people to regain access. I sincerely hope it ends up working out somehow for everyone affected. 

Thanks to everyone who helped to boost the signal and who followed me over to my replacement blog. I’ll keep that thing as a backup in case any other shenanigans happen. And thanks to the MANY people who have followed this blog over the last 4+ years and who made it a thing worth fretting over losing.

And yes, I am going for that Avatar Wan look.

F is for friends who do stuff together…

U is for you and me…

N is for anywhere and anytime at all…

Down here in the—



Wolverine The Musical - Hugh Jackman

Who am I?
Am I a superhero with some claws
or just an actor searching for applause?
Wolverine has all the fans
but what about me, Hugh Jackman?

Who am I?
I played the wolfman, yes it’s quite the task
and X-Men: Days of Future Past
I’m at the gym doing weight each day
You have got to look buff these days

Must I lie?
I cannot eat these ice-cream anymore
I need a body people can adore
I gave up junk food and I know
I made that bargain long ago..

And all my snacks and crisp, they’re gone!
And now this Wolverine can go on..
Who am I?
Who am I?

I’m Wolverine.

Stop Reposting Artworks without Permission

Please DO NOT like/reblog REPOSTS of works done by Pixiv/Japanese/Korean/ANY OTHER artist/s that is NOT THE OP if they DID NOT ALLOW IT.

I usually check the original poster if I like a content they posted– to check if they are the ones who made it (because I would like to follow/to like/to message too). 

This is especially true if the work uses Japanese/Korean language. Because they are the usual victims of such inconsiderate actions as reposting and art theft (in KnB). That is not to say that English speaking artists do not experience such rude behavior as well.

You can use reverse-image source engines such as SAUCENAO to look for the original posters. However, some Pixiv artists may have reposted their own arts into Tumblr. Pixiv artists who come to Tumblr usually just have a “log” of their work (no reblogs whatsoever). Some Pixiv artists may keep a blog using the Tumblr platform, and you can see that their use of the language in their art and writing is consistent (note that some might use English at some point). I am just talking about the Pixiv–>Tumblr KnB artists I know not the whole populace of artists on Tumblr. 

This is not accurate/reliable but you can at times tell if an artwork is done by ONE person (OP) because there are consistencies – for most English speaking artists, they have an ART TAG. Reposters usually repost from multiple artists throughout their blog (some are blatantly obvious that they are from different artists– some may not be though :|).

I also DO NOT WANT TO ENCOURAGE the repost of works even WITH CREDIT. Some artists may allow that, but some may not. SOME MAY EVEN HAVE THEIR OWN TUMBLR ACCOUNTS that we may not be informed about (or are PLANNING TO GET A TUMBLR)! So please, WRITTEN PERMISSION IS VERY IMPORTANT. There are TEMPLATES you can search around for if you don’t know how to speak the language the artist is using. I always admire people who delete a repost if the artist got himself/herself a Tumblr account.

Also, note that frequent offender blogs that repost from MULTIPLE ARTISTS usually have their Asks DISABLED. 

We may not be able to report these blogs because we are not the original artists, and we may not be able to contact them but please, STOP ITS CIRCULATION BEFORE ANOTHER ARTIST DELETES HIS/HER TUMBLR/PIXIV/BLOG because of these.

I have Elena’s daylight ring. And on my last day, one of my good friends who works in the props department gave me the Elena diary as a goodbye gift—but it wasn’t empty. It was filled with pictures of the last six years and every person in the cast had a page in the book, almost like a yearbook. For me, the memories are what count, and that was the greatest gift that I could’ve gotten—my diary from the show that has made me who I am today, filled with all the people that are most important to me.

I know a lot of people have lost respect for Alex Turner lately, but I honestly couldn’t have more respect for him now. 
My neighbour, a good friend of mine, who absolutely adored the Arctic Monkeys and was actually the one who finally made me appreciate their music after years of other people telling me to listen to them, passed away entirely too young after a lifelong battle with heart disease towards the end of last year. 
His whole family was at the show in Sydney last night and his story apparently made it to Alex, who dedicated R U Mine?, the last song of the set, to him. It was so incredibly unexpected and I sobbed the whole way through the song. Words can’t even explain how much it meant to everyone there who had known him.
I wish there was some way I could thank Alex, but instead I just wanted everyone to know what a genuinely awesome thing he did last night. 

The lapping waves.

Hi everyone! The following is a store related PSA, feel free to remove this particular section on reblogs.

I’d like to confirm that all preorders of my book, Still Turns, have been shipped. The final batch was shipped out on September the 15th. There were 5 batches of shipments in total beginning from August the 18th. All those who ordered should have received a shipping notification email from Storenvy*. (Also thank you again to everyone who has sent me messages/tweets/emails about their books arriving!)

Please note that I am no longer accepting store related enquiries made through Tumblr asks, as the system here makes administrative tasks like keeping records difficult.

That said, Storenvy has apparently been having issues with processing messages/emails. I have confirmed with three people that their messages to me via the store’s contact form have not gotten through (I tested it myself too – nothing came through). I always try reply to store related issues within 48 hours, so if you have contacted me and have not received a response then it is highly likely I never saw your message in the first place. If that is the case, please contact me directly via email. Thank you!

* If you didn’t receive an email due to Storenvy’s email issues, then your order was still sent out. If you’d like to check which day your order was sent on, drop me a line with your order number and I’ll confirm for you.

Things we know

1. The stormtrooper that died in Finn’s arms was important to him, enough so that his death made him rebel against the entire First Order.
2. Finn, Mr has no name and no idea how the outside world works, knows enough about having a ‘cute boyfriend’ to ask Rey if she has one.
3. Finn probably didn’t meet many people who were not stormtroopers or First Order officers.
Am I out of line in assuming that the stormtrooper who got shot and smeared blood on Finn’s helmet was Finn’s cute boyfriend

April 1st. I am officially 3 years purge free!!!!!!!

The day I chose recovery.

The day I put myself first.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me along the way. The people who followed me from the beginning, and the people who didn’t know me then but support me now! I have made so many friends on this website and I just love you guys so much

thank you for always believing in me

Bad Days Build Better Days


Ever since I posted about my sister abusing me and trying to find my way out I have had nothing but the kindest messages. I’ve always known the power of the internet but to experience it personally insane. I want to thank every single person anonymous and public for messaging me. If feels good knowing that their are people who care about you without having to know you. Right now I can say I am safe for the night in a cheap hotel. But unfortunately I have limited resources. At first I was ashamed and embarrassed when I made a paypal account because I was always proud of myself for barely scraping by without help. Which is ironic because I happily support people who crowdfund. But it was suggested to me by a few people and looking at reality of my situation asking for help is why I’m alive right now. It’s neither shameful or embarrassing. I don’t care if you give me 5 cents. Everything counts. I need to find somewhere to move in by this weekend; and I’d dearly appreciate it if I had some help. Again thank you guys so much for the love and support.

I'm Sort of Pissed Because I'm Finding Myself Worried About an Episode I Shouldn't Be Worried About

I’ve talked about not talking about the Musical Episode until I don’t feel a fiery rage towards the CW and how they’ve been acting recently, but that was for talking about the episode and what I would want from the episode. This is an important worry I have about the episode that I am genuinely horrified about.

I never thought I would have to be worried about the Musical Episode. Never in a million years. I always thought it would be one of the best episodes ever.

But I’m terrified.

Do you know why?

Jared Padalecki said this to this question in an interview (x):

What can you tell me about the 200th episode that’s coming up this season? That’s a huge milestone to hit!
Yeah, it’s awesome. The episode will be very meta. It’s a pure shout-out and thank you to the fans. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I’ve heard it’s almost similar to our "The Real Ghostbusters” episode. We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives. It’s certainly a direct shout-out to the fans and a thank you for their years of commitment to us. They are the reason we’re here. I can’t wait to read it!“

And do you know what I’m scared as hell about?

The writers making fun of ships. Whether it’s Winchest, Sabriel, Destiel, Megstiel, Adamandriel, whatever the hell you love, I am scared that they’re going to throw in ships as a funny, haha, let’s poke at this sort of thing.

Which isn’t cool. Which isn’t kind. Which isn’t nice. That’s messing with people’s feelings, and I’m terrified they don’t understand they’re fans enough to know that this would be a really bad thing to do.

They say that they’re making it as a "love letter to the fans”, but are they just saying that because they’re trying to save their butts after the #AskSupernatural Fiasco?

And after that #AskSupernatural Fiasco, after that Ann Marie news, can I REALLY trust the writers to KNOW what the fans would want? Because so far, they haven’t been great. They’ve been covering bad news by glossing over it with news we’d love, and that is what truly terrifies me. That and their reaction to #AskSupernatural. I’ve lost a lot of faith in the network, the writers, the higher ups in general.

With loss of faith, comes not being able to trust these people with the things I love about the show. Will it really be a “love letter to the fans”? Or do they just think it will be?

Thanks for freaking me out like this and making me lose my faith in you, CW.

Please Help Me!!

I am doing an activism project about Asexuality and Aromantic Awareness - it also has info about Gray-Asexuality and Demisexuality- for my Women’s Studies class in college, and have made a survey that I need people to fill out and leave feedback on. It will only take less than 10 minutes and I REALLY need as many people as possible to answer it.

You can be any sexuality or gender identity- not only people who are ace/aro can answer the questions.. 

PLEASE if everyone who sees this does the survey I would be so grateful to all of you.. I need as many people as possible by Wednesday March 11th, which is when I will be presenting this information and other info to the class.

Here’s the link to the survey:

And PLEASE REBLOG THIS so as many people as possible can fill it out!



Asexual and Pregnant and That's Okay!
I want to share this letter someone sent me about their concerns about the implications of my pregnancy in light of my public asexuality, as well as my reply and their subsequent response, just in case there is anyone else out there who might have similar concerns or questions.  I am always open to LGBTQIA-related discussions, and am proud to represent my place in humanity’s spectrum! 

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Dear Taylor Swift - A Thank You Video From Me

Thank you from 14 year old me dancing in her bedroom to Fearless and feeling like she could conquer the world.
Thank you from 16 year old me reciting Better Than Revenge every day at lunch and dancing to Story of Us in her room because those songs made her feel so powerful.
Thank you from 17 year old me who cried the first time she heard Begin Again because she knew exactly how it felt to constantly have people going in and out of her life.
Thank you from 18 year old me who finally saw you perform live at the Red Tour and will never forget seeing you in person for the first time because it taught her what a real performance was meant to be.
And thank you from 19 year old me who’s seemingly most painful year also became one of her most exciting because along with 1989 having such a huge impact, you now know who I am.

Thank you for your smile, your laugh, your craziness, your music, your talent, your sass, your compassion, your perseverance, your kindness, your passion for life, your love towards your friends and for the people that are now in my life because of you. I cannot thank you enough for bringing these people into my life, I will never be able to explain to you how grateful I am to have them. They are my sisters, brothers, best friends and more importantly they are like family to me, you included. I always struggled to fit in and was constantly picked on because of it. I’ve been excluded since I was 10 years old and now I feel as though I am where I am meant to be. Thank you for being by my side for the past 6 years Taylor, I don’t know what is to come, but I know you’ll be there with me. I love you so much.


Here’s to 2015…

Going through my archives to do a summary for the year 2014, I have noticed just how little street photography I managed to shoot over the last 12 months…

I am not going to complain about this too much though since this was the result of the commercial side of my photography business being really busy this year- what was once a dream of being a professional photographer has turned into a full-blown reality for me and I feel totally blessed!

Nevertheless, I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to find the time to shoot much, much more street. So watch this space in 2015 :)

Thanks for everyone who’s stopped by my tumblr blog this year and massive thank you to the tens of thousands of people who are currently following me, every single like, reblog, mention and contact is genuinely appreciated. It absolutely blows my mind to think that it would take a total of 551 (!!) new London routemaster buses to accommodate you all if we were to have a day out together in London at some point.

Good luck, happiness, health and above all creativity to you all in the New Year. Bring on 2015…

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please read this

changing the text of a tumblr post for the sake of a callout post takes 3 fucking seconds and you dont even need photoshop. 

here’s a post i made an hour ago

now all i have to do is right click on the text, press inspect element, type in something awful and offensive, and i have a valid callout post. for example:

i dont hold this opinion, and anyone who’s known me a while knows that, but now i have a legitimate looking screenshot i could use to convince others i do.

im not saying all callouts are fake, but i am saying there are some horrid people on this site who would absolutely fake a callout post on people they don’t like. callout culture is real, and i want you all to stay sharp.

when Seventeen won their 1st ever music shows. I cried, seeing how hard S.coups, Hoshi, and Woozi worked so hard to lead the boys, it really made me proud. from 17project when S.coups felt that he failed at leading the boys by not helping them to not feel nervous for their first stage, Hoshi who felt that people wouldn’t like his choreography, Woozi who felt pressure for the success of their future bcoz of a song. well they’ve succeed and I am so proud of them. I hope that a weight have been lifted off their shoulders.

     “I got run over by a truck on my way back from the laundry one day. When I was in the nursing home after I lost my leg, I was feeling sorry for myself, because I always really liked to walk when I had two legs. But then I saw a person with a feeding tube in his throat, and someone else who had lost both legs. I saw people who couldn’t hear, people who couldn’t see, people who had to bang on the table because they couldn’t speak. I saw things that made me realize how lucky I am to be alive, because I almost died twice, and I was in medical coma for three weeks. I still have one leg. I still have my face, even though it’s not a pretty one. I still have my body, even though it’s not the greatest body. I am still alive.”

Pittsfield, MA