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I expect by the time he's in the League, Batman basically has to keep his mask on just so nobody figures out how young he is. Like, forget the Bruce Wayne angle, 'holy shit you were twenty two' is the most uncomfortable chat I can imagine right now.

by the time he’s twenty-six he looks like he’s in his thirties just from stress (everyone assumes it is his hard-drinking party lifestyle) (it is not his hard-drinking party lifestyle)

mostly he has to keep it on because he’s not one of those superheroes that’s like

he is a LITERAL CELEBRITY he is on MAGAZINES every time he agrees to go on colbert it goes viral HE CAN NEVER LET HIS GUARD DOWN no one can ever know

(you would think ollie would have similar problems but people who find out are like “oh right that whole missing for five years thing, yeah, this makes sense i guess” so it doesn’t really have the same HOLY SHIT factor)

I'm so glad Ram confided in his father...

…because so often in the Whoniverse, we see companions or individuals who get themselves tangled up in the reality of aliens try to live “the secret life.” They try to hide that part of their life from the people that love them most, probably because they’re worried how their loved ones will react.

But people who find themselves dealing with the Doctor’s world NEED that support network more than everything. And I’m incredibly proud of Ram for pushing past what were probably uncomfortable insecurities for him to admit the truth of what was going on to his father. I get the feeling these young men and women won’t be able to always fight all the aliens alone…

…and I dearly hope everyone surrounds themselves with family and outside friends who can support them and help when the time is right. :)


Thank you to the lovely Shannon for this beautiful video that I know is going to help a lot of young kids and people who are currently finding their own voices <3

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Here's a thought: After the events of Apollo Justice, Phoenix starts inviting extra people to various 'family' holidays like Thanksgiving . Besides, Apollo is basically family. Klavier doesn't have anywhere else to go. Sure, Ema's invited too. The only issue is that it's being held at Edgeworth's place, so Edgeworth keeps opening the door and finding people who are decidedly not Wright and 'Phoenix why is a confused Klavier Gavin outside my door with a tupperware full of mashed potatoes'


Awkward family holidays starting by accident are everything to me. Apollo doesn’t know about going to his boss’s place for the holidays, but he doesn’t have any other plans. Asks if he can bring a plus one and Clay tags along too. Then he realizes it’s at Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth’s place and oh no he did not dress up nice enough for this oh no.

Klavier doesn’t know if he should go, thinks Phoenix is still angry with him, but Phoenix doesn’t hold a grudge against him at all. Klavier can’t cook very well but pours his heart and soul into a dish of mashed potatoes. Which he then messes up royally. And stops at the Whole Foods on the way there to get some storebought ones in stead.

Ema brings her own wine and drinks all of it. She’s surprisingly chummy after glass #4.

And Maya and Pearl and Franziska are all there too because why not

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Since everyone and their mother is complaining about about how people shouldn't be attracted to older men, my first crush was Johnny Depp when I was 5 and then Jared was my second so people need to back the fuck off and let people love who they love. I find grown men have most of their shit together and are just gorgeous like Jared, Tom, Sebby, Chris and a few others like Joel Kinnaman, Will Smith, Benedict cumberbatch. Love is love is love is love. *Mic drop

The drama surrounding this topic is mostly because people like to shit on others’ dreams and ruin everything by linking it to “daddy issues” so they feel bad about themselves. 

Even if someone has daddy issues and that’s the reason they’re attracted to older men, why is that bad? 

I mean… look at Loki, he has daddy issues and he’s doing just fine.

Ok, that was a joke. But honestly, people need to mind their own business, and those being bullied about “daddy issues” should just fucking embrace it and stop giving a fuck.

I agree, older men are more likely to have their shit together, so excuse us ladies, for wanting quality in a relationship. 


if you tag, comment, or reblog my posts with serophobic remarks, you are publicly directing your serophobia at me and i will address my issues with you publicly. this system makes it easier for me to keep track of situations since they are readily available on my blog and also allows hiv+ users to block the potentially harmful people who find themselves here. if you have a problem with that method you probably aren’t interested in combatting serophobia js.

honestly i swear to fucking g-d. what do i have to do

do i really have to tag everything ‘dont reblog’?? pretty sure that wouldnt stop these people who find posts in the search so like. should i censor every potential buzzword in every personal post i make so they dont show in searches???? holy shit

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mom i saw that you love andy samberg and literally i have the weirdest crush on him and will watch anything he makes and i dont find a lot of people who like him as much as i do so bless 🙌🏽

so much andy samberg talk tn love it!! yeah i really love him, the lonely island and their/his stuff on snl was a big part of my life growing up so he def has a special place in my ❤️

so homestuck updated

hey guys!
so homestuck is updating via snapchat and i’ve made it my mission to keep track of those updates on @scupd8archive so they can not be scattered all over the place for people who can’t access snapchat or simply want to find a panel!
it’s not over, guys.

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I have autism and I am on disability but I'm barely affording my rent and bills. I would like to make more money. I am extremely shy, beyond shy, severely shy. I have been through c/b therapy only. Is there a place for me in this world.

Yes. Finding a place in the world is often harder for us, though, and made harder if we live in areas where there’s less available support.

You need to carefully explore your options regarding medical support, social support, benefits, housing, employment, etc. You might also need to think about the present vs the future (so in some respects you might feel you’re ‘going backwards’ (for example, people who live independently can find it very hard to then move back in with their parents), but remember that you’re doing what’s best for you in the now, and that you can then start to think about ways of achieving what you want to achieve. 

Medical support:
You could ask for more therapy and/or you could consider medication.

Social support/benefits:
You could look into whether you are entitled to any more benefits or support (as sometimes people aren’t receiving everything they are actually entitled to).

Do you have/should you have/can you get a social worker or support worker of some kind to support you in seeking the things you need?

Do you have any friends or family who would be willing to support you with your endeavours (whether that’s visiting a doctor, applying for benefits or formal social support, or something to do with employment).

Would there be any more suitable housing options? Cheaper housing elsewhere, or would supported accommodation be cheaper and more suitable? 

Would it be better to move in with family or friends until you are able to earn more money? 

What kind of space do you have/need? Could you downsize? Could you rent out a room (to someone familiar if a stranger would be too difficult to cope with) as a sleeping space or work space or storage space? 

Some people might be self-employed, or might use their skills to earn money (selling their own art, for example, or offering online tutoring via skype). You could consider whether there is anything that you could do from home that would enable you to earn some extra money. 

If you are able to do something that would mean you can work from home, perhaps some friends or family members could support you with anything that does pose a problem (being present if you need to deliver or have someone collect items, for example).

You could also look into organisations that support disabled people in employment, as having their support might make it easier to navigate the difficulties you face. An employer would already be aware that you need support and would already be willing to accommodate you, you’d have support for things like travelling and training etc.

You could look into jobs that require less interaction, or a form of interaction you would find easier (for example, if phone calls are easier than face-to-face, or if it’s easier to email or IM with customers).

Perhaps working in an area that allows you to use or talk about a special interest would help improve your confidence and make you less shy.

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Does enjoying SU episodes like Sworn to the Sword and On the Run (where the main characters undergo intense trauma / have their flaws laid bare) make me a bad person?

Not not really, I think there’s a huge difference between enjoying it because you like seeing people in pain (Sadism) and enjoying it because it provokes your sense of empathy (Compassion) 

People naturally want to empathize with others, but moreso, we want others to empathize with us too, to understand how we feel, we want to share our experiences, our feelings etc with others, but this can be hard because oftentimes you can’t really understand something unless you also have that experience

so we naturally seek out experiences and things that we empathize with in order to find like company, people who are “like us”

that’s the whole idea behind “Misery loves Company” and the entire idea of Tragedy as a genre of art, and the idea of using fiction and art as a coping mechanism or an exercise in empathy

We don’t want to see others in bad situations because we want them to feel bad or have bad things happen to them, its just a baser instinct and understanding of the fact that people don’t really truly understand somethings unless they experience it themselves, and when you need others to understand you, when you need to share, find like company, people who might understand you, you naturally seek out those who have your experiences/traits/ideals etc

on a personal note, I can’t tell you how much fanfiction I’ve read when I was younger where the theme was “character has experienced child abuse of some kind”. Did I read that because I hated those characters? nope. Did I read them because I was processing that I was being abused but couldn’t yet internalize that idea? You Betcha

Hey guys, we need your help. My suitemates is writting a paper and needs information about people who watch anime and those who know them.

Feel free to either comment your answers bellow or message them to me either through text or facebook. The more people answer the better, thanks guys!

There ate two sections, please answer the one that fits you.

For people who like anime:

1. Do you talk to people about anime?
2. Is it easy to find people who also like it?
3. What was your transition from not knowing about it to now? What stages did you go through? Weeb to chill? Did you ever stop watching?
4. Have you ever felt shame about liking anime? Why or why not?
5. Has anyone ever bullied you about liking anime?
6. How expressive are you about it? T-shirts, posters, buttons, etc?
7. Who do you usually talk about it with? Parents, friends, partners, etc?
8. Do you or have you ever felt subconscious about liking anime?

For non-anime liking people or those who know people that like anime:

1. How often do they talk to you about it?
2. What’s your relationship with them? Parent, friend, partner, etc?
3. Have you become interested at any point in reading/watching anime?
4. Have you ever shamed them for it?

I also find it interesting that people who haven’t seen Legally Blonde are quick to dismiss it based on assumptions that it’ll be shallow

I told a co-worker I'm transitioning.

So I’m a manager at a grocery store. I’m not out at the store, I’m still presenting as male. It’s driving me nuts living my life as two people, but I’m terrified of coming out in such a public work environment where I’m already dealing with angry customers every day. Not to mention, this is a particularly conservative part of the city with a lot of money and entitlement. People don’t like to see things that could be considered “out of the ordinary.”

I’m scared that if I tell my co-workers I’ve been secretly transitioning for the past year and that I want to be known as Caroline, that I’ll suddenly lose the respect I’ve gained from these people who find me to be such a good worker. After all, they did promote me to manager after three months of working there.

Tonight a co-manager who is around my age and in college told me he is struggling with the decision to continue working there. He says he doesn’t think the stress and constant bad-mouthing is worth it anymore, especially now that our bosses are treating him differently simply because he wants to focus more of his time on his schoolwork - something he should have been allowed to do for the four years he has already put into the store.

I told him I too was considering finding another job, and he asked me why. He said I seemed to like being a manager. I told him I do, but I have other reasons for wanting to leave. He pressed me on this, and so I found myself struggling to tell him that I’m trans and that this environment will never make me feel comfortable working as my authentic self. He asked me who else I’ve told at the store and I said no one but him, and I asked him to keep it a secret. He said he understood why I would want to leave, that our bosses and co-workers would treat me differently, and likely, treat me poorly.

So while I feel even more depressed to hear my co-worker confirm my fears that this store is mainly run by intolerant conservatives, I am relieved that someone now knows my secret. He certainly wasn’t someone I expected to tell, but I’m glad I did. I’m glad he didn’t suddenly treat me like I’m some kind of freak. I hope he stays, at least until we both find better places for ourselves.