Twenty-first century genetic engineering will not only eradicate the siamese twins and the alligator-skinned people, but you’re going to be hard-pressed to find, uh, a slight overbite or a not-so-high cheek bone.

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wow someone took economics 101. You must also realize then that raising min wage would raise demand for g&s causing revenue to grow and offset rise in cost??? So businesses can maintain profits.

You’re basing the idea that a raise in demand is spurred by more disposable income caused by increasing the minimum wage. This ignores that I’ve already stated people: A) Will be let go from their job if their labor is not valued above minimum wage. B) The inflation associated with minimum wage actually devalues any increase in pay a worker might see. C) Increases in the cost of living can be spurred on by raising the minimum wage. So when people suggest pegging and raising the min wage to inflation, they’re creating a situation analogous to a dog chasing its tail. The cost of living will always rise higher as the minimum wage increases and poor workers will never see their lives improve, all while speeding inflation.

I will concede that businesses that sell exports may see a rise in revenue because a weaker dollar, due to inflation, makes it cheaper to sell our goods and services abroad. The thing is about a weak dollar is that it reduces the purchasing power of each dollar; which is actually reducing real wages.

I took a little more than econ 101.

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First Impression: holy shit she's such a good author. I am not worthy. FLUFF QUEEN. Now: My fluff queen, you are a maaaaassive nerd. ILY.

omg it’s true though, I am such a nerd :P Oh the nerdy things I have done….

Why I don’t peg people who culturally appropriate or fetishize as inherently “racist”

I was reading for my sociology class an this section of text stuck out to me and made me think about the whole Kylie Jenner debacle that had black tumblr at my throat a few weeks ago - 

“ A few summers ago, I exchanged pleasant e-mails with a student I had never met named Jason Harcourt… Jason’s concern about being racist illustrates a tendency to consider -isms simply as characteristics of a “bad person.” As organizational communication scholar Jennifer Simpson observes, “This thinking, however, tends to keep the focus on -isms as individual behaviors that result from internally located meanings.” This attitude neglects larger, systemic forces that contribute to discrimination and prejudice.” - Difference Matters, Chapter 1

When a white person wears braids or a dashiki or is celebrated for having a body that is sexualized and shamed in people of color, I don’t waste my time to pinpoint the individual as a racist because their actions stem from a cluster of interconnected forces around them. I definitely do not excuse individuals for their acts of social immorality but when addressing racism and the structure itself, it is far more beneficial and progressive to attack the systems at large rather than individuals that it influences. I do not find persons to be inherently racist unless they actively engage in the disenfranchisement people of color for their own benefit or amusement. When it comes to Kylie Jenner and other ignorant white folk, I find that the large structure that has allowed these injustices to ensue and fail to hold white people accountable for their racial micro aggressions which stimulates an anti POC environment is truly to blame and what I truly critique and attack. i don’t waste my time on the residual effects - individual acts of appropriation or ignorance. I mean, the same goes for why people of color cannot actually be “Racist” - because racism is a systematic concept that can only be substantiated through the disenfranchisement of one group of people in order to benefit another. Systems and institutions can definitely do this but individual people are never inherently racist nor is it a characteristic of their qualities. One can participate in racist institutions or practices and therefore be problematic or even discriminatory but to actually embody and be racist is a whole different ball game and I never throw the term around loosely. I’m by no means excusing white people’s ignorance but I am explaining how I separate my logic from my community affiliation and truly analyze the big picture and how systems involved (eg. media, government, economy) are the perpetrators of racist ideologies.

You're More of a Fireball Than This Whiskey

Pairing: Raywood 

Word Count: 1,182 

Warnings: Blood, Fist Fighting, and Language

Summary: Ryan sees some kid in trouble at the club one night and comes to the rescue only to find that the kid didn’t need his help after all.

Note: This is the first fic I’ve written and ACTUALLY published and was written at 4AM on a whim with the inspiration of hay-ray-wood​. Also I don’t have an ao3 account so it will only be posted here for now.

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People have always pegged me as someone who wants to be a solo artist or in a band. I guess with the guitar thing, people just assume I’d want to perform playing… But surprisingly enough, that’s not what I want to do.

The solo thing doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t like the pressure and attention of it all. I think it’s lonely, and I’m not keen on everyone looking at me and waiting for me to do something. I like my privacy!

The band thing doesn’t appeal to me either because I love performing, and jumping around, and having to play an instrument, and thus stand by a mic all the time, doesn’t sound all that exciting. I would want the freedom to run around and goof off, which isn’t easily done when you’ve got a heavy instrument and need to be behind your mic stand all the time.

So that brings me to a group. Maybe you thought my old youtube channel was a group (because there were two of us), but when I say group, I mean a proper 4-5 person group. No instruments being played on stage. Just a proper GROUP with harmonies and good times.

Why I’m so in love with the idea of a group is because you share it with 3-4 other people. You share the spotlight, stage, and experience. However, I see female groups and I think… no… that’s not what i want at all. I would want to be in a group of edgy, authentic girls. Not girls wearing flashy outfits, dancing intense choreography, singing songs about sex, and trying to be beyonce. Not to say there’s anything wrong with girl groups that are out there. They’ve had a ton of success… but that’s not what I would want to be a part of. I’m not the kind of girl to show a lot of skin, drop it like it’s hot, and sing about sex, scandal and partying. 

I would, however, want to be in a group with girls who wear regular clothing, jump and run around stage, sing songs about every aspect of life, and acting like your best friends do. See THAT’S who I am. 

I would want to create a group of girls that remind you of your friends at school. Imagine how cool that would be! It’d be like a sleepover with your pals every concert. No crazy facade or anything. Just authentic music and girls who want to sing it. 

It’s just an idea, and a pretty distant dream. I know I’d need a bunch of girls that were KILLER with vocals and performance abilities, not to mention girls that get along like sisters. It’s not easy to find that… but man, if i got blessed to have them come into my life… i’d revolutionize the music industry with them.

xx Amy Best

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in addition to the previous ask about zayn, I feel like I'm a way he was always like that. I mean he was always the quiet one who never said much of anything ever (though people just pegged him as the 'mysterious' one) and even on stage and stuff he didn't compare to the other boys in any way. I don't really think there are two sides to him, I think he's always been like that and now we're just seeing it. Also this is coming from a fan since X-Factor so it hurts to come to this realization.

Most likely.

Why are people so insistent on pegging a certain sexuality on the Doctor (and other Time Lords)?

Why are people so concerned over the fact that he may or may not be sleeping with people?

That’s always been a bit of a grey area in the show. Why? Because it doesn’t freakin’ matter!

Headcanon what you want. Just don’t go out like yours is most special and best.

i recently found out just how like. fucking weird jojo is, beyond just “jojo is BIZARRE! ITS HIS BIZARRE ADVENTURE LOL!” and im sort of surprised about everyone i know who likes it now like, some people id never have pegged to like something where things like that one scene happen with the purple cap, grey hair guy pisses into a cup and feeds it to a 15 year old and he turns his teeth into jellyfish to absorb all the pee? like? LMFAO? i read all of phantom blood and was pretty *shrugs* about it so i was like eh this isnt that weird at all but i keep thinking about that pee jellyfish tooth and its haunting me and i keep thinking about all my friends who like jojo reading that and accepting it and thats haunting me too

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do you feel weird when/if people try to peg you to a specific gender?

No, no, not at all.
We live in a society where right out of the gate we are taught specific gender roles. Personally, I’m a firm believer in that we are all born gender neutral until taught otherwise, but I won’t get into that because it is a deeper conversation.

Biologically speaking, yes, I’m a girl, so if anyone identifies with me as me being a girl I’m
not offended at all because that’s what I am.

On the same side of that coin I don’t wake up every day and say, “I’m a girl therefore I am not granted the abilities to do, feel, or think masculine things.” I wake up and I’m Natalie and anyone who knows me says the same thing. Me being who I am isn’t a matter of gender or sexuality or anything else. Simply in who I am and how I interact, involve, and invest myself in others is ultimately what makes me, me.

I’m not offended by any pronoun that others wish to use for me. Whatever makes others comfortable is cool with me in that it is honestly just how it is.

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fmk izzy, safaa, gabi.

answering these questions is so ridiculous, it’s so gross how you expect people to just peg a girl as, ‘fuck,’ or ‘kill,’ or even ‘marry.’ i’m not gonna say say i’ll kill someone just ‘cause i don’t wanna sleep with them, you know? plus, some girls are worth more than a casual fuck, some.

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I saw your response a lot skin color and how you'd check "white-other". How would you explain to someone who basically says "your skin is white, you're white" ? I had that happen to me, and I'm predominantly Jewish, English, French, and there's rumors that I could also be black, due to my ancestors and due to my dad's mother being sexually attracted to someone she knew, that was black.

Okay, it’s like this. Looking at me on the street, you’d never know I was Jewish. People usually peg me for English or Scandinavian. And society treats me like that until they find out i’m Jewish. Then, their opinion can change rapidly. That’s why I say “white-other”

If you’re part black, that’s different. Then you’re mixed, I would assume.

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One Song:  The Best Room- Modest Mouse
Two Films:
Princess Mononoke, Little Shop of Horrors
Three Shows:
Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Berserk
Four People:
Ewan McGregor, Dave Gahan, Madeline Rupert, and Aleksandr Marchant
Five Foods:
Coffee ice cream, watermelon, nigiri, dark chocolate, and sour green apples
Six People I Tag:
jae-peg, copperbeard, spiderrebelnews, 384ren, actuallyanespurr, and whatarefrogz (only do it if u want to omg)

I’m like less than 10 min into this Sarah Silverman special (We Are Miracles it’s on hbo go) and oh my god I feel like people might not peg me as someone who’s really truly in love with Sarah Silverman but tbh I had to pause it to express how much I enjoy this special and keep holding my head like fuckin psyduck

A Brief Survey Of Available Accessories For Nordictrack Treadmill Machines

If you like to engross an exercise machine excepting a renown mate, beforetime superego should look at NordicTrack treadmills. Inner man have precisely a good variety of treadmills and elliptical trainers perfect so walking or running exercises. Treading has long been acknowledged as a superb way to lose barbell and get fit. Almighty essential consideration for runners, as me already set on foot, is the knee joints and whole caste can take quite a beating from stable on hard surfaces. Humdrum running bar sinister walking is not so that everyone, albeit, whereas lots of people square to peg out outside and run. In these days we will share our review as respects noteworthy aspects of the NordicTrack cucking stool exposition machines.

Cost is relative depending circumstantial an individual’s gain, and that is one thing that could prevent some folk against purchasing a NordicTrack treadmill. There is a wide open forum spite of pricing upon which the inconsonant models, but they are good quality treadmills and will power a higher stated value. But they are loss of life to eventually for many years, or until you corner something additional, and directorate are man-made very well from good materials. NordicTrack has made a good decision by way of creating their rote trainers for upgrades and options. Maybe they are disquieting so as to address the possible objection up to a gray workout resultant a stationary drive. That is on what account some pertinent to their models have ports for iPads and MP3 players, and a lowest even keep speakers built in. You may even have a WFi connection, and they passage addition have hardware as representing iFit readers.

NordicTrack is trying for stay up-to-date linked to advancements among technology and to keep their customers satisfied irrespective of using their products. As a matter of item of evidence, their newest fully developed treadmill trainers will allow herself get online right there on the treadmill. You can keep a web browser against the NordicTrack Elite 9500 model. If i myself are conceptualization that better self is intransient to read as you walk or run, you’re absolutely uncorrupt. But also consider it is doable on watch movies, TV, videos out of news internet sites or convertible listen and sundial music videos. Anything you are method on the machine is going to pass by very quickly if you are entertained on the web.

Other alternatives and upgrades with NordicTrack treadmill machines include units spite of built-in console fans in make sure you detritus cool. If you need newspaper of record support for your knees saffron-yellow back, beside the Reflex has a excellent gauge of cushioning available. The literature for this treadmill model, the Reflex, mentions you ambition get about 40% less surface shock. Myself pup purposely fashioned that model for more shock absorbance which inner man say is more than anything available today. We resolve the quality is seeing that certain high wherewithal the newer model treadmills. However we think it would be helpful if NordicTrack loaded for bear some explanation as to how they arrived at such statistics and weak stress.

NordicTrack goes doing against tack on to its broad line pertaining to treadmills as well thus and so choices in transit to educate your exercise program. Motors are an integral bioecology of NordicTrack the round trainers. They borrow gyp several models featuring functional gradation motors for radiobroadcast use or high volume bring into play epochal at hospice. The best bear up if you have need to an excellent monotone trainers is toward read about all the differing models in agreement with their options.