it’s so funny to me how much the homestuck fanbase changed in 2011-2012

like, initially hussie’s audience was largely just nerdy webcomic fans until it kind of branched out and was comprised mostly of those geeky ass cishet dudes who argue about power levels and call themselves gamers and shit

however, around hivebent the fanbase shifted immensely and a lot of teenagers and young adults – esp girls, and esp LGBT ppl – got super into the comic to the point where it pretty much blew up

and a lot of the geeky cishet dudes who followed the comic the longest were super bitter about it and talk at length about how “gayness” and “tumblr” and “shipping” supposedly “ruined” homestuck

however… for the great majority of homestuck’s popularity and updates it was a character-driven story with a super cool concept that carried the story but was largely never explored in-depth. we know very little about the setting (alternia, earth, etc) or the intricacies of the game mechanics (classpects etc) but we DO know quite a bit about the characters’ relationships and interactions

and that’s what kills me! tbh, character interaction and character development was ALWAYS one of hussie’s biggest strengths as a writer. it’s so funny that weirdo nerd guys who care exclusively about classpect nonsense, game mechanics, etc and proudly proclaim the “only ship they care about is john/roxy” don’t like the way the comic turned out

whether they were the intended audience or not, homestuck was never meant to be the type of media they’d really enjoy. i don’t know why they expected back to back epic fight scenes and explosions and grand heterosexual romances instead of hundreds of pages of insecure teenagers talking about their feelings. that’s always been a huge part of what homestuck was.

People, this was NEVER just about Bluepulse; this was about the greater potential for trauma that can occur when someone who is not yet developmentally mature is exposed to sexually explicit behaviour directed at them, REGARDLESS of the intent of the older person regarding the well-being of the kid, REGARDLESS of the relative maturity of the kid in relation to their peers (guess what; a ‘mature’ 13-yr-old is still in fact a 13-yr-old).

So not only have you had this explained to you again and again, that romanticizing a ship between a 13-yr-old and a 16-yr-old could be legitimizing an idea that is dangerous to children in real life, but you pushed the person you forced to explain to tell you how that idea literally hurt her when she was a child … and then you used that trauma to dismiss her point.

I’m not playing around; if you ship Bluepulse you need to block me, bc I sure as hell don’t want you around if you’re not only going to support a toxic ship, but also willing to actively piss on someone who has literally had to deal with the traumatic consequences romanticized by that ship. You can’t say it’s ‘just fiction’ or w/ever, bc you were given a real-life example and you ignored it bc the ship was more important than the well-being of its potential victims. Assholes.

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How does Jake react to Rich after Rich loses the squip? What happens to their relationship

HOO OKAY i think about this all the time

so like when they’re friends in the beginning jake like. probably doesn’t know about the squip right?? so he doesnt realize rich had a squip until he no longer has one. and i think at first it would really take him by surprise cuz in the beginning of rich w/out a squip he would just. Not Talk because he’s self conscious about his lisp and also doesnt want people like jake to judge him for it and stuff so he’s just really quiet and talks really slowly so not to lisp and jake is like ?????? and rich also probably has like. Big Abandonment Issues so him shutting down is his way of like, “if i just dont say anything they wont hate me and leave me” but like, jake Knows something is wrong and eventually rich would probably talk to him about stuff and jake is just like :( wtf how did i not know this………and he just feels like a Bad Friend but is very supportive and just there for rich (which he like. really needs)

overall i dont really think anything negative would really happen to their relationship except for rich kinda shutting down in the beginning

Gorillaz just dropped their album, Lana just dropped her singles, Fall Out Boy just fucked me up by surprise and The Killers are rumored to be putting out an album in October I dare you motherfuckers to say music won’t save this year