I’ve been wanting to try out lettering for a while and now i’m finished with my first project :) It was also the first time for me using Adobe Illustrator so that was interesting. Hope you like it (and I’d be incredibly grateful for a couple of notes) :)

in 2011, when i was 19, i made bad decisions that isolated me from a lot of people. it also made me lose my job, and i didn’t know what to do. walls didn’t feel like they were closing in, they felt like they were expanding outwards, creating a vacuum of space where i couldn’t reach out anything/one. so like a lot of people on this Letters and Gifts site, i have suffered from anxiety and depression! bit of a bitch huh?

to cut a long story short, i slowly began snapping myself out of it when a grandparent of mine passed away. my family means such a lot to me, and i wasn’t happy with where i was at in life. it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. i engaged with fitness, work out regimes and i began actually leaving the house again which was a big deal for me. in 2012 i joined my country’s military as an Army Reserve Officer, and working my way up to a Gunman position where i learned how to operate anything from your standard pistol, to a grenade launcher - as crazy as it now sounds. it was brutal. i thought i would turn demented from what they put us through. but after 2 years, i was satisfied with providing service to my country. at first in a Peace Keeping role in East Timor, then a combative role in Africa. i live in a world of sh!t, but i’m so happy to be alive. in one piece.  i think it gave me specific attributes that a lot of men should have. not in a right-wing gun nut sense. in a respect, discipline and bravery sense. i’m still figuring out what to do now. i’d like to steer a sail boat in stormy seas and take on mother nature with my lover. thats once i find her. employment wise, i’d like to join a recruitment agency to help people into jobs. maybe even develop my own business in that area. i’m 23 now, a bit older than a few of you probably :P so you whipper snappers best be showin some respect ya hear!!? haha. at the end of the day, we’re the same though. skin, blood, bones.  my name is Michael. i usually know exactly what i want - and i dont ask, i earn, and i take. yet through all of this, theres still a sensitive side to me that not many others know about. i want you to message me. tell me your interests and also something nobody else knows about you. video gamers, writers, vloggers, the politically minded, astrology freaks, old souls, circus folk, people with outlandish fantasies or anybody with an opinion especially welcome.

The saddest thing to realise is that no one really hears you until it’s too late, you can be screaming and crying but it isn’t until you’re dead silent in the ground people listen.
—  B.L letters I never sent
6.28 - 7.01.2015 Soraru Tweets

@zabieruru: Soraru-san! It’s been scientifically proven that Takenoko no Sato is more delicious than Kinoko no Yama!

Soraru: Kinoko is completely beaten up i feel sorry (he used fullbokko/full power de bokkobokko ww) 

(note: takeno no sato “village bamboo shoot” and kinoko no yama “mountain mushrooms” are chocolates produced by meiji and there’s an ongoing war over which of the two is more delicious)

Soraru: It was 85% but the iPhone screen is small so i wasn’t sure…

Soraru: After the meeting, I received mangoes from Mafumafu but i don’t know how to eat them

@akari_Sigu: like this apparently!!!
Soraru: What is this cruelty…

Soraru: I can’t sing and yet i’m sleepy. What to do at a time like this? That’s up to you.

Soraru: Iyaa when sleep is number one, the motivation to sing drops right? but in the cases like mixing however i can do that while also half sleeping

Soraru: Even though I just ate rice to my heart’s content, why do i say i’m hungry?

Soraru: I’ve received the gift drops for Acosora. Everyone thank you. I don’t have an entryway.

Soraru: Recently when it turns to night I sleep a little and if i don’t lie down i become dizzy.

Soraru: That feeling of a good morning (note: it was a bit past 1am ww)

Soraru: In the kitchen there are little bugs flying but these guys will learn of mosquito repellent incense

Soraru: Mosquito repellent incense smells good

Soraru: I got to open the Acosora gift drops. Everyone’s various thoughts that you’ve sent to me filled me with tears. Thank you.

Soraru: People from overseas who went out of their way, there were also like many of them it’s amazing. I really appreciate it.

some of my favourite people

people who make sure you get home safe after dropping you off

people who cover you with a blanket when you’re falling asleep

people who share food with you, especially if it’s something they really like

people who make sure you drink water when you’re drinking/ hiking/ walking around theme parks

people who subtly position themselves on the outside of the sidewalk so everyone else is shielded from traffic

people who make sure you know you’re heard in a conversation

people who laugh so much during a joke they can’t get the punchline out

I just want you to remember that although we rely on the earth to live, the earth does not rely on us.
Our species has over taken this planet, and we ourselves think that the world is ours but it isn’t, don’t you ever think the world is yours to use and take as you please.
We are mere specks in this universe and we have taught generation upon generation to believe that we are so important to this planet, to this universe, when in reality we are killing and destroying everything our planet needs to live.
Mother Nature will one day reclaim her territory and who are we to ask her to have mercy when we have never given her any?
When I die I will become the grass you walk upon, and even in my after life I will not blossom and live till my full potential because I will be covered by concrete roads Or buildings. I will never see the light again.
Look after the planet sweetheart, water every dying flower and allow every animal to live freely, not in a cage.
Never take advantage of this planet, if you are to learn anything from my life it’s that. The earth is allowing us to live upon her, do not breach her rules, do not over use and abuse her. She is more precious than our entire existence.
—  17.12.2014 ❤️ R.I.P
Which models are hot at any given time is, like fashion itself, subject to trends…It’s our hope that all of these women, with their unique charms, will continue to push the boundaries of beauty.

Deborah Needleman, Beauty Issue

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who told you, you’ve got to know it all
you’ve got to get your head straight?
i’m with him, looking at you
looking at her in a different way 

and in a heartbeat you’re wondering
what you are and what you want
heartstrings unravelling
every right and every wrong
it’s all happening now

maybe we’re just people
kissing people, touching people
maybe we’re just people
touching people, loving people
four letters say it all
it doesn’t matter how you fall
maybe we’re just people
people in love

in the spotlight,
do you forget how you feel in the dark?
turn the lights down low
let me see who you are

and in a heartbeat you’re wondering
why you wondered for so long
stop trying to figure out
where this feeling’s coming from
it’s all happening now

maybe we’re just people
kissing people, touching people
maybe we’re just people
touching people, loving people
four letters say it all
it doesn’t matter how you fall
maybe we’re just people
people in love

maybe we’re just people looking for love
looking for ways to find some freedom
within anyone

maybe we’re just people 
kissing people, touching people
maybe we’re just people
looking for love
maybe we’re just people
touching people, loving people
maybe we’re just people
looking for love

people in love

My Coming Out Story

So In honor of Gay Day, I have decided to tell my coming out story. So I am a naturally shy and awkward person (Like most of us are) and I was too scared to come out to my parents. I wrote them a letter to them instead. 

(Note: My parents are homophobic and don’t generally accept gay people)

 So after the letter was written telling them I was gay, they came home. I was up in my room freaking the fuck out. And after about 30 minutes, my dad came upstairs and said to me 

“What do you want on your burger tonight?” (We were having burgers)

“I guess like ketchup, mayo, cheese… etc.” 

And with tears in his eyes he said, “I don’t care what you want on your burger as long as you are happy” 

.And then we cried together for about an hour.

warped tour prices their water and snacks cheaper than they should so people don’t get dehydrated or hungry and also because they know things like that can get pricey but taylor swift won’t let people stream her music for free

Okay but the idea that asexuals and aromantics should not be included in the LGBT+ acronym or don’t have a place in the queer community just seems to be so petty to me?

Like… I understand that the problems that asexuals, aromantics and same-sex attracted people face are largely entirely different. But that doesn’t make them irrelevant. In much the same way, the oppression that trangender people face is entirely different to the oppression that gay people face, which also has some differences with the issues that bi/pan/poly people face. There are multiple letters in the LGBT+ acronym for a reason. And to lump them all together and to assume that for anyone to be a part of it they have to have struggled with exactly the same issues is so reductive.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there needs to be intersectionality because we aren’t all the same. There are issues that affect gay people distinctly. There are issues that affect bi people distinctly. There are issues that affect FtM and MtF people distinctly, and there are issues that affect non-binary people distinctly. There is, of course, a lot of overlap, but to assume we’re all facing the same oppression and difficulties, and that meeting that criteria is necessary to be part of this community, is ridiculous.

Asexual and aromantic people should not step on same-sex attracted people’s toes. They shouldn’t speak over them about issues that don’t affect them (such as marriage equality), but likewise same-sex attracted people shouldn’t talk over trans people on issues they do not experience and have never faced. Instead of focusing on gate-keeping who is and isn’t allowed into the LGBT+ community as a whole, we should be focused on creating safe spaces for different people, and respecting one another, and fighting towards a common goal.

You’re right - asexual/aromantic people have not been stripped of their rights because of their asexuality/aromanticism; hypersexualisation and the assumption that sexual/romantic desires are basic parts of human nature is just not comparable to being killed or fired or attacked for being gay. But the hypersexualisation that’s commonplace in modern Western society is comparable to heteronormativity. Similarly, asexuals are often told they have a medical condition, or that they need to be fixed and sent to sex therapy. You don’t think that sounds familiar?

The reality is that sexuality just doesn’t operate on a straight-gay binary or spectrum. It’s more complex than that. There are spectrums of sexual and romantic attraction (how and how much you experience those attractions), as well as orientations (which gender(s) you are attracted to). So yes, asexuality and aromanticism are in many ways, a separate thing to your orientation. But gender also operates entirely differently to orientation, so should trans people too just make an entirely separate community for themselves? Or can we come to a place where we accept that different doesn’t have to mean “not welcome in this community”.

And the worst part of it is, these arguments (in my experience) have largely been coming from gay and lesbian people, who have historically continually lorded it over over LGBT+ people, particularly bi and trans people, by erasing them or dismissing them because they’re ~not queer enough~…