confession: I actually don’t see anything wrong with Macklemore’s song (though I’m more than willing to be corrected for this) but I’m just confused about it. Everyday, I see people talking how white allies should speak up more, how their white privilege could be a way to reach voices that just won’t listen to us. I know it’s messed up that they won’t listen to us in the first place, but when white allies are silent or don’t speak up, we’re so quick (and rightfully so) to dismiss them and say they ain’t shit. Yet, when they do, all I see is, “I don’t need a white man speaking for me!” or “You don’t get points for being a decent human being!” And not to mention, in part of the song he’s talking about himself and not to other white people but recognizing his own faults in the society. And it’s just like, what are we so upset about? Matt McGorry literally does the same thing every day, just not in song, but on twitter and he’s “unproblematic white fave.” I want to see the issue, I really do, but even with explanations, I’m seeing nothing but contradictions and I don’t know, I’m just confused. 

okay i just need to take a second after that episode becaese hOLY SHIT THAT WAS EXACTLY. EXACTLY THE REACTION I WAS HOPING FOR. wild fucking feral and furious clarke who remembers what happened to her people, what happened to her, because of lexa. who recognizes that she wouldn’t be in this situation if NOT for lexa. “i’ll kill you” because that’s exactly what the mountain did to her. 

you wanted the commander of death you got her i’m so fucking emotional.

It’s like everyone laughs at tumblr’s fake daddy doms and how many of these are just men looking to get off on their disrespect of women under the guise of BDSM, but what are we doing to stop this? What are we doing to give all women the ability to recognize the difference between them and serious doms? What are we doing to give these men the reality check they need? When are we gonna put the foot down and say that we won’t stand for them anymore, not because we don’t like BDSM but because we do and they are not part of it?

Too often this discourse is only talked about when people use it to discredit BDSM, and that doesn’t help. If you use people who are misusing something people have a strong personal connection with as an excuse to shit on them then you are part of the problem. But abusers need to feel unwelcome, and I don’t see any good way of doing it but mainstream education. With anything less it will always be easy to find someone to exploit.

It’s just like the only real way to stop rape culture is by having widespread conversations around consent. But you can’t talk about consent and not talk about BDSM. As soon as you do this, BDSM becomes the place all those who want to escape your conversation refuge to and you are again putting everyone in danger. They can’t be allowed to have an escape because we are still squeamish about this type of sexuality.

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Any representation is good representation I guess. Even though black girls with silky hair are the actresses cast in major roles and the stars while girls with natural hair are always in the background. It's similar to lightskin-darkskin. It's not equal and you can't ignore that or how it makes girls with natural hair feel just because you're a Beyoncé fan.

No. You’re not gonna do that. You and everyone else need to recognize the difference between poor good and better representation. Those dances were good representation it could have been better but still it was good.

No one said it was equal?? I agreed it could have been better. But that doesn’t change the fact we have no damn right to demand that Beyonce change her hair or else her support isn’t good enough. I mean on the surface sounds like the shit people pull saying she isn’t a feminist. Both is bullshit.

Everyone on this blog knows how Hollywood and media dynamics work, but lets stop acting like every single person who like their hair relaxed etc is doing it because of eurocentric beauty standards or to get ahead in the game. They could just like their fucking hair. 

I’m not a Beyonce fan lol. I’m not a part of the Beehive. I don’t really stan for her music like talking about it. I would watch Oprah murder her so she would pay me. What I do is stan for this video. This video was revolutionary. The song was revolutionary and I’m not here for anybody saying it’s half assed because Beyonce decided to do what the fuck she wanted with her hair.

Like can you try to have the conversation without trying to deny Beyonce’s right to her body?? How hard would it be to say “oh hey this video is amazing, but it would have had more impact if Beyonce’s hair had been natural.” No part of this conversation has to be full of “ahh yes do what the fuck I want you to do with your hair or you don’t really ride.”

ALSO she had fucking braids??? Maybe not throughout the entire damn thing but ah yes not like ANY black girl who wears braids is gonna see that and be like “YES BEYONCE IS LIKE ME AND I AM LIKE HER” guess it has to be a certain type of natural hair huh?

Y’all are disgraceful.

mod v

Note to self

You know, I’ve learned a lot this past year about relationships with people. It’s okay to cut off people you have toxic relationships and when they try to start shit with you and you recognize they’re just looking for a fight it’s okay to bite your tongue and be mature and civil. No need to waste your energy on an argument that neither one of you will win with a person you’ve removed from your life due to negative reasons. There’s no need to hold grudges either, don’t have hatred towards anyone, identify the problems with the relationship, remove them from your life, forgive them and yourself, and move on. I thank god I’ve learned to identify toxic people and that I’ve learned to forgive. Resentments are like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die, right? No room for all that mess in a happy life and a happy heart

honestly, getting rid of things that make you unhappy is so important to me. your friends just stress you out? drop them. your romantic partner makes you feel like shit about yourself? break up. you don’t need to waste your time with that. your classes make you miserable? change them, or take fewer of them. your job is boring? find a new one.

it’s usually not that easy–not everyone has the resources or the ability to do these things, and even for people who do they often take time (or getting through bad things is part of the path to getting to better things)–but just the spirit of it is super important. just recognizing that bad things are not what you deserve can be really helpful.

don’t make excuses for them. don’t shortchange yourself. don’t stay with bad things out of inertia or hopelessness. you deserve happiness, you deserve good things, you deserve respect and kindness and a life that doesn’t make you miserable. you are a morally relevant creature and your feelings matter, your pain matters, your happiness matters. stand up for yourself. don’t put up with shit from anyone or anything.

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She keeps calling me a bad person. If I'm such a bad person why am I always trying to fucking protect her from everyone that wants to get in her pants?! Why am I even bothering trying to empathize with her?! I'm such a bad person aren't I? I'm a horrible person for being there for my best friend when she's never been there for me huh? Because that's totally something a bad person does just because they feel like it.

anon: To anon with friend issues: I’ve dropped so many people who claimed were my friends. I was just too darn nice and naive to see that they really didn’t give two shits about me. Now I only have one true friend and honestly she’s all I need. Im glad I’m able to trust her 110% and call her my best friend

it sounds like your friend is very abusive and doesn’t recognize the things that you do for her. i don’t believe you are a bad person love, but you need to find a way to talk to her about the fact that you feel your friendship is one sided, or you need to move on from her. 

I see tons of stuff on Tumblr like posts about how idiotic the education system is. (I mean really, some people hate school and the shit that happens there that they try to end their own life. But don’t do that because you’re cool and together we’ll start a revolution so people don’t have to experience that hell anymore) But then no adults seem to recognize this. Like, why is it that Tumblr can see these issues and yet people with influence can’t see all of these problems?

We’ve all heard bout Xephos and Strife coming from a planet with a strict caste system but now consider: Communism? Maybe they were ruled by a strict dictator? Despite being powerful with inventions their society was quite behind so they pretty much lived in villages but with lasers and spaceships n shit? Maybe there was no specific ruler and it was more of a “whoever beats up the pack leader gets to lead” sort of thing? Maybe everyone lived in certain blocks, like giant buildings that had everything the block should need each being like it’s own mini city/nation? Maybe they only really formed a actual society in times of need and normally they will be alone or with a small group of people they trust? Maybe the society works completely different from anything we recognize since they are aliens?

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i support that post u made because i feel like people seem to feel like there are only extremes when it comes to halsey, and either they idolize her or they rip her apart, and thats so WRONG. personally i adore halsey's music and i think people do give her some shit for no reason, but we (her fans) still need to recognize that kissing a minor fan was the wrong thing to do and that halsey was not right to do it; she fucked up and thats something that people should be able to admit

thank u, this means a lot. i personally like some of halseys music but i don’t idolise her which is why is an see her mistakes clearer then her fans and i understand that it’s hard admitting when ur fave has done something wrong but coming up w/ bullshit ways to defend her is wrong. her making mistakes or doing things wrong doesn’t make her a bad person and u shouldn’t stop liking her bc of it but it’s important to realise when she’s done something wrong. thank u for being so cool about this i hope u have a great day :))

Yet, this game wasn’t about whether I was a fan or not. No. It was about my identity as a Black man.
Having scared white folks on more than one occasion by either speaking up for myself or being animated, I recognized that much of the dislike and hatred for Cam Newton had nothing to do with his dancing or his smiling. No. White America needs their Black men tamed.
If you’re not a comedian, you better keep that truth bottled up in you. You better swallow the pill of racism as if it were a laxative and shit your anger out — do something with it, just don’t expose white people to it.
And it’s a lose-lose situation. If you play sports, and you’re winning, and having fun — you’re gloating. If you’re just about the game, like Marshawn Lynch, and don’t care about all of the publicity and what not — you’re angry. You can only be one kind of Black man for America — a compliant one. - @sdq0218 {LINK in Bio}

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{{ It sounds like you're very justified to hate what your dad does. {XP At least when you need to withdraw, or might lash out, you have the decency to recognize that and I've definitely see you telling people you need space. Gods . . just hang in there. It can't last forever. The moment you're 18, you can leave and never have to deal with him again, unless you choose to allow it.

ugh thanks… something i don’t get a lot of is validation as far as my dislike goes. lmao.

i think i can mostly control my temper because i’ve been punished for lashing out and yelling and throwing things before so i know to get some distance when i need to. apparently my grandparents never taught my father how to do that. which doesn’t really surprise me because my aunts do it too.

kinda hypocritical that he gets mad at me for things he does. if my mom wasn’t my primary parent for the first fifteen years of my life i’d probably be a horrible person by now. sometimes i get a little upset that she got a job and started going to college again because now his behavior is even worse.

(which is probably a bad sign if i think about it. i’m assuming he used to lash out at my mom but now he can’t so he just turns to me and my brothers. especially me.)

i’m getting out of here as soon as college starts.



So many people find an escape in fantasy fiction, but as the audience grows, there are those who can’t find what they’re looking for, can’t find themselves, in what they want to read. My friend Jen Ponce said to me last night, “Everyone deserves to recognize themselves in their books.”

Someone needs to hear what you have to say. Somebody needs your story. If you want to put elves and magic and sparkly shit in it, I say, so much the better. It’s easier to digest, easier to reach people, talking about an alternate world, or so I believe.

It feels safer – except that it doesn’t have to be. Dream subversively. Change starts in the imagination.

(art copyright Rachel Bostwick)

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Deleted Skype because I don’t really use it to talk to anyone besides Nic and truth be told, Nic is toxic.

He’s a fucking asshole who doesn’t understand I have BPD but then makes me feel like shit all the time by trying to act like a fucking victim. I’m not like other people and I told you how many fucking times?!

You don’t respect me and because of that I no longer want you in my life. Maybe next time you’ll respect the person you “love”. 

I’m going to be your biggest life lesson, Nic. The lesson that you need to learn to recognize what you have in your life before it walks out of your life forever because you’re a fucking dick who makes the same mistakes over and over.

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nothing is bad enough to intentionally trigger someone over

Holy shit that’s not what I meant.
I’m not going out and intentionally triggering people, and up until now I’ve been super cautious to NOT trigger anyone
I was simply fucking saying that my mom needs to own up to and acknowledge all that she did and let happen to me. She needs to recognize my pain, my suffering, and all I’ve gone through because of how she acted.


For a boy with a lot of negativities, I’ve met a lot of people in my life.

There are three kinds of people that I’ve encountered to :

1. The ordinary people: I know these people so well. At the first sight, I know that I wouldn’t like them as my friends. I barely acknowledge them as good people. They tend to treat you bad and do shits behind your back. They remember you when they need you. Well, it’s easy to get rid of these people since I have so little emotional attachment with them. They will be forgotten easily, sometimes even in just a second. Oh, and I barely recognize their name or their faces.

2. The best friends: since I’ve known few people that I consider as my best friends, I know that I’d do something unusual for them. When they need me, I’m gonna go straight to them and try to give them something that can help. They have great sense of humor, we can talk about our families and our dramas. We can be someone crazy in front of them. They are people who you are gonna call when you need something urgent. And you usually hope that they’ll do something unusual for you too. Since there are few of them, I really really really appreciate their existence.

3. The one: there’s only one individual for this kind of people. I’m gonna explain how I recognize this girl. She sleeps late, she watches movies as her primary job, she loves to mock people, and she loves to laugh. I remember her when she and her curly hair appeared in my sight, when the scent of her perfume mixed with the scent of her cigarette smokes, when she looked at me with her beautiful eyes (the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen), when she hit me when I said something stupid or funny, her laugh, her tears, and my happiest moment: when she told me something about her or something she loves, her eyes lightened up. This is the kind of person I’d give everything I have. She excites me. She made me realize that I have something to fight for. She knows me. She remembered my stories, even the unimportant ones. She listened to me. She means everything to me. And I miss her right now, at 2:58 AM. I miss her all the time actually..

History lesson

Black history month honestly annoys the shit out of me. Black history is intertwined into ALL of history. It doesn’t just suddenly pile up into one month and end there. Even now society wants us to practice racial equality but that will never be not only because we have the decency to go along with just recognizing history for one month that just involves black people but because this generation jokes about stereotypes and race roles way too often. It needs to stop. COLOR IS NON EXISTENT.

I know the only song of cosmo@Bousou-P’s that people recognize is The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku but listen. He has other songs. They are really fucking good. You guys gotta get on that shit.

Just think.....

Just think how easy it would be to end it all, how easy it would be to just do what i want. Yea right, to busy doing shit for everyone els, to busy putting other people before myself. You ever keep doing shit for people hoping that maybe one day you might be recognized for it?… Yea i do that all the time and still get shit on. To be the last one thought of, to be the last one to know any information, but the first one everyone wants to come to when something needs done, or when someone doesn’t know anything. I love how all i do is give and give and try to be the beat person i can be to the people i love and care about, and still get walked on or get put down, it really starts to hurt after awhile, and being so damn hard headed, its hard to tell people how i truly feel. Im so tired of being let down and being told somethings gona happen only to be told something totally different a few days after. I guess ill take my cranky ass to bed now. 🖕🏻🖕🏻 good night and fuck you!!