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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!!! This has been a lot of fun! Look forward to more of these in the future! I’m coming up on a follower milestone, I’ll probably do something special for that.

Everyone’s art and writing was truly lovely and special in its own way and I fully encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. It’s a little overwhelming to know that there were enough people that liked my fic enough to want to make art for this contest, but it makes me really happy. I didn’t expect this good of a turn out! You are all wonderful, talented people and I love you! <3

Expect a message from me within the next couple of days!

knekkebrod  asked:

I'm in the process of reading through your fics on AO3, but I had to stop by and tell you how much I love the Eternal Rivals 2-fic. I had the biggest grin on my face after reading it, the idea of Sakura and Lee taking after their senseis and becoming rivals is the best thing ever.

Ok just cuz you’re cool and I like you (and I like being told people like my fic) I’m gonna pound out another ficlet in Eternal Rivals 2: Electric Boogaloo.

“My beautiful rival! Happy birthday!”

Sakura sighed and forced a smile. Dammit, she had been hoping to go home after a long shift and invite the girls over for chocolate cake and sappy movies. “Hello Lee. Thank you.”

“You are now in full bloom at last as an adult! A momentous day for you!”

Sakura blinked. “Lee, legally I’ve been an adult since we became genin.”

“How right you are, Sakura-san!”

“And I first killed a man when I was sixteen.”

“And a breathtaking display it was, I’m sure!”

“And I also punched a goddess in the back of the head.”

Lee pressed his hands together rapturously. “Yes! That is my rival alright! That legendary right hook!”

“And I’ve run the hospital for two years now, not to mention that I’ve founded a mental health program? So what is such a big deal about turning twenty?”

Without noticing it, she had fallen into step with Lee, and he clasped a green spandex covered arm around her shoulders. “Oh Sakura-san! Only that I must treat you to your first drink, of course!”

“…my first drink?”

Inexorably they turned into an izakaya, Sakura looking with trepidation at the many, many, many breakable objects. “Quite! And it being your birthday, my lovely rival, it behooves me to pay for as many shots as you can stomach!” He chuckled. “Of course, I can’t imagine it will be that many, so you need not worry about my wallet.”

Sakura’s eyes sparkled. “Alright. But would you excuse me a minute? I need to use the ladies’ room.”


“Shots, shots, shots, shots! Woooooo!” shouted Kiba.

“I’m—I’m not paying for him,” hiccuped Lee. “If he drinks—not on my tab, you got that?”

“I think you are addressing the wrong person,” Shino said as he sipped his mead. “Why? Because I do not control the billing of this establishment.”

“Another bottle!” laughed Sakura. “The good stuff!”

At a nearby table, Guy frowned. “I am not sure if I approve of this kind of challenge. Encouraging a young lady to intoxicate herself is decidedly unhip.”

“We did it once,” said Kakashi, sipping his whiskey.

“We did? What happened? I don’t remember that.”

Kakashi chuckled. “I’m not surprised. We were both banned from any establishment serving liquor for two years.”

“Oh, was that why we stopped going to the bar?” Guy tapped his upper lip thoughtfully. “I really can’t remember!”

Across the village, Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Shizune tucked into a deluxe chocolate cake with enthusiasm.

“—so I called shishou from the bathroom and said if she could adjust her appearance jutsu to look like me, I could get her all-you-can-drink!”

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I want to draw so much fanart, but i dont want to spam you.

There is no such thing as spamming authors with fanart! Trust me on this one, fanart is the best thing ever and I will never ever get bored of people liking my fic enough to draw something for it! 

a thing about fic writing

Okay, so I want to say a thing and I hope it comes across right. 

This is in regards to Codename: Cupcake but it really could be said about all fic. I’ve been thinking about how we as writers love interaction with our readers, and for most of us, it’s really what keeps us going. First, of course, there’s the love for the source and the fandom, but the thing that keeps you going is the knowledge that what you’re writing means something to someone, and I’ve had the AMAZING fortune of having people read and sometimes love my fics and for the most part, the comments and interaction is amazing. Obviously, I’ve met some amazing people because of fic, like my fellow author of Cupcake and lover of sweet papanasi (Romanian doughnuts), @leftylain

Thing is, sometimes writing just comes in these waves. One week you might find that the stars are aligned just right and you find yourself with lots of time and inspiration and the muse is practically writing the chapters for you, but then other times you can barely churn out a word. 

And so when it’s been awhile between updates, and I mean, a good long while, it could be for so many reasons. I haven’t abandoned any of my fics, for example, even though For the Laughs remains woefully unfinished, I still plan on finishing it, because it is like my child. Loki is just lost to me right now, and hopefully I’ll find him with the first Ragnarok trailer I see. But if I finished it right now, somehow Darcy would end up with Bucky Barnes, and that is just not meant to happen, so … 

I remember reading Tori Amos’ autobiography a few years ago, and in it her husband was talking about how she’s always working on songs. He’s seen her write a song in an hour, practically pulling it out of thin air … and he’s also seen her work on a song for years. It’s the same thing here. 

With Cupcake, it’s really just a matter of circumstances. There’s two authors and we both have lives and muses and different shit going on. I know that there was at least several weeks when I couldn’t write due to the political climate, and I know how stupid that sounds, but it’s true. I just could not concentrate long enough or let my mind get into a zone where I was able to transport myself into that world. All I could do was read the news. And then a few weeks ago, everyone I worked with got sick except me, so work was crazy and I had zero energy to create coherent thoughts or to make any sense of writing. 

My Ivar fic was lucky because I had written so much of it in a fit of creativity and broke it up into a few chapters, and was able to coast for a little while just doing some editing. He’s also lucky because I haven’t made his plot super-complicated, but I digress. 

See, when us fic authors get comments like “RIP Codename: Cupcake, it was nice knowing you”, like we got yesterday … it feels shitty. Because we honestly feel bad about not updating. We really do. There’s this constant nagging thing in the back of our minds at all times saying HEY REMEMBER YOUR BABY? You’re neglecting your baby! 

You don’t need to remind us. I promise. 

I never want to discourage commenters, but trying to be deliberately hurtful? To get us to write? Not cool, man. 

Let me tell you a thing that happens. When we start getting these kinds of comments, we DO really want to update, I promise. But we start feeling like we have to, it becomes an obligation, it becomes less fun. It starts to feel like pressure … it starts to feel like a job

And then it starts to feel like a job that you’re not getting paid for, and that will kill a muse faster than … well, really fast. 

Here’s the thing. We love writing, we live for it. It brings us so much joy, you don’t even know. And interacting with readers and being able to talk about these things that WE LOVE SO MUCH and these characters that WE LOVE SO MUCH is such a gift. Seriously, such a gift. 

But it can’t feel like a job. Comments can’t start making us feel like we have 20 bosses coming up to us and asking for TPS reports. We start getting all glassy eyed and would rather go fishing. 

And I mean, hey, if someone want to donate to my paypal account, I’ll write ya some words, otherwise I have to give my full attention to paid gigs that keeps my cable package going and a roof over my head. And the moments left over before I fall into bed, exhausted from running a marathon all day through my life, those are mine, and I get to do what I want with those because they are precious, and a lot of that time, it does involve writing fic, because it brings me so much joy and fulfillment, but sometimes … life man. 

Anyway. TL;DR … don’t be a dick in a comments section. Come at me about the story, come at me with critique, come at me about character development, I can handle it, but don’t come at me with passive aggressive bullshit about us not updating fast enough to your liking, unless you’re actually the one signing our checks. 

A Son’s Burden - Most Wanted Dave Reyes Fanfic.

#Choicescreates Round 9

Prompt: Mothers

Book: Most Wanted

Rating: T

Pairing: None

Hosted by @punexpectedly

[A little note: I kept toying with this idea but I didn’t know how to go about it at first. Most Wanted isn’t the most covered fiction in playchoices but it is a fan favorite for a lot of people. Like my other Most Wanted fic, I wanted to approach this with tentative caution. In any case this was the only idea that kept sticking out to me. It was heart wrenching to write.]

[Summary: In a city filled of lost souls, L.A. is a beacon for the troubled and the lost. But for Dave Reyes on Mother’s Day it’s a reminder as to why he’s still stuck in the same place he’s always been.]

L.A. Los Angeles. El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reyna de los Angeles del Rio Porciuncula. Whatever people preferred to call it; they all meant the same thing. The city that belonged to lost angels. Drifted souls. People who wandered aimlessly for something they believed was missing.

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help-i-need-a-cool-username  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say I just found and read your shatt fic The Joy of Rediscovering You and I LOVED IT SO MUCH IT'S AMAZING and in the notes you said you needed more ideas to continue so I thought I'd mention if you did one (or more) fics on just shatt being cute mates before Voltron finds Shiro I'd die but I'd die happy

Oh goodness thank you! I’m so glad to hear that you liked it!

And yes, I’m always on the lookout for Shatt prompts! I love this pairing and I absolutely can’t resist writing for it. The trick is, of course, finding time :P

But thank you for the suggestion! Cute mate stuff sounds simple enough and like a lot of fun to work with, so I’ll have to try to include it in my next fic!

Thanks again for reading!

goodgriefdean  asked:

"the sea parts for him. someone touches his arm. it doesnt take the pain away" i loved it. thank you for your writing.

Ahhh that’s one of my favorite lines too <3 Thank YOU for pointing it out. I’m always so interested in what people like most about my fics, what style elements speak most to fans of the show.

Read that line plus maybe some other good ones here.


As a writer in the fanfiction community, there is something that has been bothering me for a while now and I think it’s time I finally address it. Often, I hold back my opinions and thoughts on the internet because I want to be that blog that people can come to when they’re having a hard day just to smile. But lately, I’ve been so tired. 
Writing has been something that I’ve been doing since I was little. It’s been something that I can do to wind down, something that takes my mind off of the pressures of life and to just create a world where everything can be good and pure. Often I even like to base my own stories around my experiences, just to get my midnight thoughts out. I love sharing them with you guys. The feedback is something that gets me through the day and something that makes me feel like I can get through anything. 
But. Lately, there has been something on my mind as some of you may have seen the past few days when I uploaded my most recent fic. It’s not something that would typically bother me at all, but this time, it’s been overwhelming with the amount of feedback I’ve gotten, and while it’s all been good feedback, it’s not been necessarily positive. Instead of streams of messages saying how much people liked my fic, I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of people demanding me for a sequel. Sometimes people have completely skipped over the whole ‘wow i liked this thing you did a great write’ and went straight to ‘if you dont make a sequel i will seriously delete my account’. While I appreciate the intent of the message, it doesn’t make me feel very good. It makes me feel even worse when I’ve had to put a message in the author’s note of the fic not to pressure me for a sequel, as well as make many posts about the same topic, and people completely disregard it. And not because they haven’t seen my messages either. 
My fics for the phandom are gifts for everyone. I don’t get paid to write, no matter how much I wish I did. I have a life outside of the phandom. I attend full time at a university where I put all of my time and effort into writing research papers that are up to 20 pages long, while working full time as a waitress at a restaurant just to pay off my ridiculously expensive tuition. Things are stressful. Life is stressful. And writing is usually a way that I can escape all of that. 
This is why I’m so upset about it, I guess. Because when I write, I try to escape all of the pressures of life. And while I understand completely that posting on the internet will come along with bad things, I also don’t really think that justifies pressuring authors for more content when they are just trying to write things that they enjoy. 
My dearest friend @insanityplaysfics has written a post like this, which you can find here. Ever since she posted that, she’s been getting hate telling her she’s a bad writer and nobody would care if she deleted. This is unacceptable and makes me ashamed to be a part of this community that can be so full of hate towards people who are trying to escape life by doing something they love.
Appreciate writers. Appreciate artists. Appreciate everybody who gives the community content without ever asking for anything in return. Without them, there would be no fandoms. 
I guess in the end what I’m trying to say is just to please spread positivity to everybody who gives you the fanfic that you read. Pressuring fic writers or artists to write something that they don’t necessarily want to write is not the way to go and is actually extremely toxic. It makes wonderful people delete their blogs and makes their safe place not so safe anymore. We have lives and jobs and school and writing/making art is so very hard.
I’m half asleep because it’s two in the morning but I hope this didn’t come out in the wrong way. I love you all. I’m just very tired.

people liking my fic makes me happy but also scares me because what if you guys don’t like the next chapter and you pelt me with stones and beetle carcasses——

But mostly I’m happy, so thanks so much! It inspires me to write some more, which is how I somehow managed to poop out 3 one-shots and pre-write 3 chapters for 2 multi-chapter fics in this week alone. I’m new to the fandom but I feel very welcomed and this is a great community so yay~ 

Thank you for the follows as well! I’m very touched!

So here’s a pixel doodle of Chat Noir lounging about! OKBYE ( ° ∀ ° )ノ゙

Dex was used to the comments. He knew he was pale. He knew his red hair made him stand out in a crowd, and while he hated the attention it was something he’d learned to deal with. But this? Walking through the aisles of Walgreens with skin redder than his hair, was something else entirely. 

“Do you need any help finding- HOLY FUCK,” the sales assistant nearly toppled a display of nail polish when Dex turned to face him. 

“DEREK!” Yelled the girl at the end of the aisle. She was busy stocking multivitamins, but took a brief second to glare in Derek’s direction. 

“Uh, I’m so sorry for that outburst sir- mister- dude,” he took a deep breathe, running his fingers through his hair… his spectacular hair, “you just scared me.“  

"I’m pretty sure I made a kid pee himself next to the snack aisle, so this is a major improvement,” Dex said. Derek laughed at that, and Dex found himself smiling for the first time that week.

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LOL, in light of zayn dropping his amazing book Z, (go buy that at a store near you) this beautiful picture came out and so I made this,hope you all enjoy!

Zayn Malik, winner of the 76th annual hunger games. He is now in president snows office discussing his winnings. Although he cheated the game, killing everyone with the help of his district partner, Liam Payne, he won’t be getting all of the winning that were promised to him.

President snow had forbidden a homosexual love in the games, but that didn’t stop zayn and Liam.

Zayn was promised food for life for himself, and his family, food for his district for 1 year, a nice big home in Victors Village, but lastly, and the best thing to happen, he doesn’t have to be in the games anymore.

President snow is in front of him, bowl of berries and handkerchief in front of him. Zayn, a small smirk and deadly look in his eyes for he has pure hatred for the man in front of him. Pure hated that only he could understand.

“So Mr. Malik,” Snow starts. “You know the rules to the games, you technically won, but you’ve cheated the system.”

“Well Mr. Snow, with all do respect, without me there would be no victor- well, victors, to the games, Liam and I could’ve easily eaten those berries and killed ourselves, and then your little game would’ve ended with no victors.” Zayn replied tracing his finger over the ring that Liam gifted him with once they won. A ring that symbolized their love in no way other.

Snow laughed dryly, standing up and circling the table. There was a berry in his hand. A deadly berry that could send either endless pain to your body, or even worse, death. “I thought that I’d specifically told you to have a romance with gigi, and then kill her off. your alliance with Perrie obviously was ruined when you cut that wasp nest down and it fell on top of her head, and then you go and chop gigis headclean off, right to the bone.” Snow sighs, rubbing a hand down his face before placing the berry in Zayns hand, enclosing it.

“Life will not be easy for you both. The little stunt you played is not okay with us at the capital. Especially not me.” Snow leaned down to whisper the last chilling words in zayns ear. “You, your friends, and your family are not safe anymore. You will ne able to keep your winnins, you won’t be in the next years games,” his final words shocked zayn, sending a breathtaking chill down his spine. “but your one love Liam will”


hxpealice  asked:

Hey, I just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your writing is. I've been reading your stuff for a little while know and I stalk your blog pretty much everyday for new chapters and recs. I've contemplated saying something to you for a while and was a little nervous (nothing to do with you I just overthink everything) but I finally decided to just do it. Ramble over 😂. Anyways, back to my point: your writing is wonderful & I don't understand how it doesn't get more attention! -Hope ❤️

Aw honey thank you!!!
I am always just fucking pleased to DEATH anytime someone likes my writing lol and I’ve only been writing/posting on tumblr since like February? So hopefully the longer I’m here the more people will like my little fics :)

Thanks so much for such a sweet comment and for reading what I put out there!!

Maybe I’m Too Busy Being Yours To Fall For Somebody New (skyeward college AU)

Skye meets Grant Ward during Freshman orientation and it’s Loathe At First Sight. He is easily the most irritating and infuriating person she has ever met. But fate (and their friends) seem determined to push the two of them together. Over the next four years their lives become inextricably intertwined, and they are forced to admit that they might actually be friends.

fic coming soon :)        READ ON AO3 now

Hercules x Reader: Modern!AU

Words: 1808 (whoops)

 Warning: nope 

 Request: “Your requests are open yes! Your fics are AMAZING and I’m so happy your requests are open! ok ok can you do a fic where the reader and Herc keep flirting with eachother and all his friends keep pushing him to just ASK THE READER OUT FOR GODS SAKE but he’s like um? no bc he thinks the reader is just joking. So his friends keep pestering him but he won’t do it, and eventually the reader overhears and the reader literally walks up to him in the middle of 1 of these convos and kisses him and just :)“ 

 Prompt: nada 

 A/N: I DIDNT KNOW PEOPLE LIKED MY FICS SO THANK YOU!!! also I start school tomorrow soooooo yeah. ((help)) 


 You struggled to open the door, with three pizza boxes balancing on your arms. So, you simply gave it a few swift kicks in substitution to knocking. "Ah, shut up!” Your friend, John, yelled from the inside. You let out a short giggle. 

He opened the door, very lazily, and you continued to scream, “GUESS WHO BROUGHT FUCKING PIZZA?!" 

John jumped back, his facial expression mixed with horror and surprise. Lafayette jumped up off the couch, throwing the remote at the wall. And Hercules ran out of the bathroom, toothbrush still in his mouth, "What he hell is going on?” His voice was muffled by the toothpaste a bit. 

“Why are you brushing your teeth, were just now about to eat pizza,” you said, motioning your head towards the pizza boxes. 

“I want to look my best for you, my dear,” he said jokingly, or so you thought. He continued to bow in front of you with a smile on his face. 

 "Oh, good. I’m not the only one, I put on deodorant and a thick layer of perfume before I got here,“ John took two of the pizza boxes from you, and you continued, "Just for you, my love." 

 Hercules and you flirted shamelessly towards one another, it and it was unbearable for the rest of the ‘Hamilsquad’. Everyone thought it was so annoying how you two didn’t get together already. You always thought he was joking when he flirted, he wasn’t. He meant every single one of his pick-up lines, or compliments, but you seemed to shrug it off like it was nothing.

 You never did, though. Each compliment meant something to you. And, you constantly told yourself he was just joking around, and he didn’t mean it. But they always brightened your day, even at the slightest your stomach would churn. 

 The same was for Hercules, and it always made him a little more sad knowing you didn’t mean any of them. At least that’s what went through his mind. Like always, in the romance movies, your crushes on eachother were completely obvious to those around you, but you and Hercules stayed oblivious. 

 Lafayette playfully frowned from the couch, "I could smell your deodorant from here! And I thought it was for me!” You smiled and rolled your eyes, walking into the kitchen and setting the pizza box you had down on the table, “What TV show is it tonight?" 

 "Didn’t Herc text you? It’s Scream,” John opened a pizza box, but was looking at you. 

 "Aw, isn’t that supposed to be scary? Like; jump-scare scary?“ You complained. 

 "Hercs idea.”

 "What a shithead…“ You mumbled, taking a look at your phone.

 "You know I can hear you, right?” Hercules voice scared the living hell out of you, in your words. He was right behind you, reaching for the pizza box in front of you. 

“Maybe I wanted you too,” you stuck your tongue out, moving away from him and towards the fridge, grabbing a water bottle. A second later, Alexander walked in the door, bearing gifts of two litre soda bottles, with a smile on his face, “Guess who got one of these for free,” He sang in a sing-song tone. 

 "Did you flirt with the cashier again?“ John asked. 

 "Yep, I don’t know how y/n and Hercules do it so much. It’s so… Complicated. I would rather get straight to the point." 

 John grumbled something along the lines of, ’Yeah maybe you could of you were actually straight,’ when walking past you, causing you to practically spit out your water. Hercules and Alexander both looked at you, Hercules had an amused smile, and Alexander looked curious yet offended. 

 Once you walked away, Alexander turned and punched Hercules in the arm. Hercules jerked back and held it with his other hand, ”Ow!“ 

 "Ask her out, already! It’s annoying!" 

 "You didn’t even hear anything I said to her!" 

 "But I know you said something…. Just… Ask her out, on one little date." 

Hercules rolled his eyes and continued to get his pizza, without another word towards Alexander, who was pouting. You, on the other hand, walked back to the living room, sitting next to Lafayette. John sat on the other side of the couch. 

"Thanks, John. I’m really feeling the love,” you teased, John lunged over and gave you a hug, landing on Lafayette also in the process. 

 "Feeling the love now?“ 

 You and Lafayette pushed him off, laughing. Hercules then came over with his pizza on his plate, and he propped his feet up on he ottoman as he sat down next to you. 

 "Your fingers look disgusting,” you laughed, looking at him. His fingers were shining with grease, they were sticky and gross and– ew. Hercules didn’t say anything, he just looked down at you and winked, before working on his pizza. 

You looked up at Lafayette, to the other side of you, and made gagging motions. He laughs at your shenanigans causing Hercules to look over, “We all know what you actually mean with those motions.” You felt your face get hotter and hotter– he’s never been that forward to you before, it was usually just small compliments here and there. You maybe, kind of, felt a little bit repelled by what he said, and that was an honest first. Instead of saying anything, you just rolled your eyes and grabbed the remote to the TV, turning on Netflix.

 "Oh my god, you made y/n speechless!“ Alexander exclaimed, sitting down next to John on the other side of the couch. 

No, you made her annoyed, you wanted to say aloud. But you knew you couldn’t. Hercules chuckled, looking at you, while you were looking at the TV, trying your best not to look at him. Luckily, you didn’t turn your head, or else it would have been very embarrassing for Hercules as he was staring at you. 

 He broke away from you and grabbed a blanket, tossing it over all three of you (Lafayette, you, Hercules). But, it wouldn’t really matter because it would always end up being yours in the end. 

 Alexander and John were chatting up a storm, while you were waiting for the episode to load. "Can we watch ze show, guys?” Lafayette asked, a little bit annoyed. You looked over, Alexander was frowning at Lafayette and John was smiling like an idiot to himself. What on earth were they talking about? Nevertheless, they shut up, and you unpaused the intro of the show. 

A few minutes later, Hercules used the clichè move of yawning and putting his arm around you. There he is, you thought, there is the Hercules I know. You held in a giggle and turned to the TV, trying to ignore the stupid blush that was reaching your cheeks again, just when it had finished dying down the first time. 

“Okay, this is not as scary as I thought,” you said aloud, looking around. Hercules nodded in agreement. 

“Can I talk to you guys for a minute?” John asked, quite rushed, and annoyed. You hadn’t realised he was staring at your side of the couch, "Alex, Lafayette, Hercules…“ 

 You frowned, "Why am I excluded? I feel excluded." 

 Hercules smiled, but continued to unwrap his arm from around you and follow the other three boys into the kitchen. 

 "This is about you,” John immediately said, pointing at Hercules’ chest, “and Her." 

 This spiked your attention, you resisted the urge to turn around and look at them, as if it would help you hear. Instead, you took out your phone, opened up (social media app) and started scrolling, trying to look preoccupied. 

 "What about… us?” Hercules asked, trying to carefully use the word, as you two were not an ‘us’.

 "The shameless flirting, it’s annoying,“ Alex joined in, rolling his eyes, "You two just need to get together already." 

 "Why don’t you ask her to be ton amour?” (your love), Lafayette asked, quite innocently. 

 "She doesn’t see me that way, it’s been that way for a while!“ Hercules said in a hushed whisper, which you could still hear. Of course I have, are you completely clueless? You wanted to scream, the shameless flirting was supposed to be a hint

 "She likes you, you like her, just get together and have babies,” Alex said, like it was nothing, with a shrug.

Oh my god… He actually likes me. I could just freaking kiss him! You couldn’t think properly, and you stood up. You walked over to the group of boys, right behind Hercules, and tapped his shoulder so he could see you. He turned around, and his face was locked in surprise. He opened his mouth to say anything, but you set your hands on the sides of his face, and pulled him in for a kiss. 

 You smashed your lips against his, though surprised at first, Hercules sunk into it and kissed you back. It was full of passion, and it lasted for a couple seconds, but you broke away and looked at the boys, “Can we go back to the show now?" 

 Lafayette now sat on the recliner chair, you were on the left side of the couch against the side, with Hercules next to you, and Alexander and John were on the other side of the couch. Nobody said anything about what had happened, they just kept glancing at the two of you. Hercules didn’t say anything, which was bad. At least you thought it was bad. 

 But, he kissed back… So that’s something, right? What if he felt pressured in doing and the guys knew I liked him and they were making sure I would hear and it was all one big joke and he actually doesn’t like me and– your anxious thoughts were cut off, by Hercules, whispering. 

 "So… um, are we… a-a ’thing’ now?” He asked, looking at you. You’d never seen him flustered and nervous before, you couldn’t help but smile, “That depends… Do you want to be? Because I really like you, Herc.”

Hercules smiled back, “I really like you too, y/n.” He held his hand out, and you intertwined your fingers with his. You heard grumbling from the other side of the couch, you looked over to see Alex pulling out a Twenty and handing it to John.

Unwrapped (Soutori) NSFW

it seemed like people liked my last fic and wanted a sequel so i thought i’d go for it? c: hope you like it!

“I’m going for a run.”

Rin shifts in his bunk, blinking at Sousuke as he lays his phone on his chest, a temporary reprieve from the harsh glow. “After how busy today was?” has asks, and Sousuke nods.

“I don’t wanna get lazy.” He tugs his sneaker over his heel, slinging his headphones around his neck and Rin seems to believe his shitty excuse, shaking his head and grinning, returning to texting God knows who (probably Nanase, Sousuke thinks as he grabs at the door).

He’s never hooked up with someone. Not like this anyways–it had happened, a few times, back in Tokyo, where it was easier to be anonymous for a night. But those were always quick, impersonal. He hardly remembers the names or faces of the guys and girls he found himself pressed against–all that’s really left is the feeling of sweat running down his neck, tongues and teeth and lips in the right places, and the thick, pounding of not-far-off music rattling his skull.

He doesn’t know how this is done–planning, knowing the person, sneaking. Any of it. He thinks his outfit is convincing, even if it does feel weird showing up in a sweatshirt and basketball shorts. Hopefully, Nitori won’t mind.

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anonymous asked:

How do you know if your writing is any good, or worth reading? I've always wanted to write stories and fanfiction but tbh every time I get a sentence down I just feel silly and not good at all. I have larger issues, I know, but I think about that "I wrote it because I wanted to read it" quote from Toni Morrison and I teeter between wanting so badly to create and contribute and feeling like my input isn't valuable or valid at all.

not to be cheesy or anything but even if you think your writing’s bad, you should do it anyway because joy of creation trumps fear every time

every fucking time

i am terrified every time i post something new, i am absolutely shitting myself because i’ve spent hours editing this thing and now people are seeing it and i still think it’s trash

a lot of people really like my fic ‘treasure’ and i maintain to this day that it’s Bad but other people see something that my hypercritical anxious ass doesn’t, because they’re not me

things will look different to fresh eyes, but that just means you have to let fresh eyes see your work, maybe get beta readers to validate you/give you advice if you need to, that always helps me