People who say mentally ill people are faking it for attention or just too lazy to put any effort in probably have no idea how much time those people spend wondering the same thing

the stupendous dented plate

today america cheered for a bunch of sweaty people tackling each other for a dented soccer ball painted brown and running really fast like as if theres free food down the other side of the field

And absolutely there are creepy, awful people out there who fetishize and pursue people of different races/ethnicities because they have shitty racist ideas, and those people should be criticized and called out. But I’m really really sick of this idea that is so popular among so-called progressive/sj people that every interracial/ethnic couple should only be seen through a race theory critical lens and suspected of being a fetish until they’ve jumped through a million hoops–set by people outside the relationship, and hoops that are never–proving that they are Moral and Worthy Lovers

there’s so much more pressure and demand to prove yourself “innocent” and properly perfectly progressive to a bunch of strangers who know fuck all about your relationship, and in a way that is never, ever demanded of other relationships

A Beginning Don’t

I’m almost through chapter four of this book I got on Kindle, and I am having a really hard time caring about anything that has happened because the entire story so far has been stuffed to bursting with emotion.

The story starts with the main character in a cell where she has been repeatedly beaten and tortured. Everything that happens afterward is described as agonizing, confusing, painful, terrifying, etc. She has lost use of her legs, even though she is rescued she has no idea who she is, the guy who rescued her apparently was her boyfriend or something and he is in so much pain because she doesn’t remember him. Every time lightning strikes she is triggered into a panic attack, and the first like three chapters are during a thunderstorm.

It’s so raw and heavy and I just don’t care about any of it. Not only because I have no idea who these people are yet, anything about their personalities or relationships, but also because there has been so much pain going on for so long that no individual instance of pain means anything anymore. By throwing so much emotion into the story, each scene loses its importance.

When every scene is heavy, no scene is heavy. It’s like ending every chapter with a cliffhanger–the point of a cliffhanger is to create suspense, but having too much of it actually makes nothing suspenseful.

tl;dr Don’t try to develop your characters before you’ve even established your characters, and character or plot development demands peaks and valleys.

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Am I the only one who feels like there are tiers to understanding & awareness. 95% of people have no idea whats really going on around them, a good percentage do, but they don't attribute circumstance to the right root cause. They blame morals, but usually money is at the root. (Healthcare, Education, MIC) they're just players on the board. The 4% are the ones in control. Corporates etc. The 1% are the intj's among the 95% who understand but are either apathetic, indifferent or self concerned.

I don’t think you’re the only one. And thanks for sharing your view on this with the community!



You see, people have some really crazy ideas...

You see, people have some really crazy ideas about love, friends and relationships. They have the absurd belief that their friends, children, family, lovers and companions can make them happy. Love is by, for and about you, and it never had anything to do with another person. The love you bring to the table, is a way of living that you have been practicing in your life — and that love can be needy, controlling, selfish, conditional and desperate, or it can be confident, open, giving, unconditional, and secure. Your love capability is something you cultivate within yourself. Loving is like any other art-craft where the masters have carefully practiced and where the novices have languished in their carelessness. This is why some relationships look so beautiful, and some look so tragic — beauty belongs to the thoughtful; tragedy to the neglectful.

— Bryant McGill

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I have no idea how people make pastel edits but I made this because that picture is iconic

Daewon: “i must be cute omg what should i do” *typical v pose*
Leegeon: “lets all take a moment to not only thank jesus but to also thank god aka me….”
Buffy: “must stay cool must be sexy must be the model yo”
Moos: “bye”
H.O: “is this guy over there naked omg”
Heojun: “I’m hungry I wanna go home I’m cold and can I go to the toilet”



Okay, so I was lying in bed last night and I was thinking about how my hair earlier had looked very Aaron Tveit/Danny Zuko-esque and suddenly….

‘I have a red-leather jacket…..GREASER ENJOLRAS!’

And then I actually followed through, even though a lot of people following me aren’t in this fandom and probably have no idea who I am or why they are following me anyway, which basically means I can do whatever I want.

Please ignore the disaster that is my room in the background, except that nice selfie at the bottom which was taken in my laundry.


I was tagged by @loreannefeliz Thank you!!!

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i really like his thighs

Thank you again!!! <3


@dsteinyrunner and Keith both made it sound like running outside wouldn’t be so bad. Apparently they both hate me.

Actually outside wasn’t that bad, but my gloves and pants were both soaked by mile 3, and when I stopped to pee at mile five, my thighs were a weird red color and had no feeling. I decided then that I was done with outside running. I turned around and headed home. I could’ve finished, but being wet and cold just sucks.

Keith had dry clothes and the treadmill ready. Finished the last ten on there. Almost 2 minutes faster than my last 20. I feel good. I’m hoping my next 20 can be done outside!

I have no idea how people run in the snow. Doesn’t it get just as wet and cold?

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I know there is an incredibly low chance of this being the case, but in the most recent update to the RWBY manga Weiss mentions that the Giant Armor is being controlled by some sort of manipulation Grimm. Now I have no idea if that can control people, but if there is a manipulation grimm what's to say that there can't be a grimm that can Mimic a person perfectly. Given that Cinder has some sort of control over the Grimm it could explain the sudden change in Adam after she forced him to help.

I want to believe 

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It's Chinese new year day and I spent half of the day arguing with bunch of idiots on a Tomb raider fan club. God I have no idea how many people just HATE Sam! Will you ever call your best friend "bitch" for absolutely no reason? I thought TR fans are more mature but I guess I was wrong...

Lol, most of the ‘visible’ fandom away from Tumblr and pockets of Twitter (judging by the idiots I’ve come across on official forums) are entitled douchebros who think the entire world should cater to them. 

Many people liked Lara as this emotionless sociopathic ‘archaeologist’ and want her to go back to that for their own personal complex psychological reasons. 

Personally I thought her friendship with Sam (and even some of her exchanges with Nadia) made her so much more human and likable. Even if it was only a friendship, I still greatly, greatly prefer it to Lara going alone. Sam was a realistic 22 year old girl, with interests that a 22 year old girl would have. People are forgetting Lara is also a 21 (now 22) year old girl and she doesn’t just cease to be one because fanboys want her to be a cold-hearted killing machine. 

IDK, I don’t think I can get very much into the psychology of it here, but douchebro fanboys have often had really bad experiences with ‘typical’ teenage- and 20-something year old girls and don’t want to translate those experiences to Lara. They want her to be different than those other girls. Anything that makes her the same is hated. Sam shows us Lara is a typical 21/22-year old girl with a passion and a drive for specific information, but a typical girl with a typical best friendship, nonetheless. If Lara’s typical, there’s more likelihood she’ll reject them just like most other girls do. Sam shines a light on that ‘normal’ side of Lara, therefore, they hate Sam. They don’t want Lara to be realistic, because they know she’d reject them irl if she was. 

Watch Me WIP!

That’s right people!  

So I always have so many ideas for what I want to do with this Tumblr, but then I get distracted, lol.  I was telling a friend of mine that I was subscribed to a million WIPs and was making a list of them so I thought I’d turn it into a rec list for you!

Yes, WIPs, you love to hate to love them.  It’s fascinating seeing a story develop, but it also breaks your heart when you get to the ultimate moment and the author checks out for eternity (I’M LOOKING AT YOU ASHBRIGHT! YEAH I SAID IT!  MY HEART IS STILL BROKEN OVER COROLLARY!! I still love you tho). 

So I have a small list of WIPs that I’m into that are actually updating pretty frequently and honestly can kind of check oout for a while and I won’t be devastated.  This way while we wait for our authors of note to update, we always have something on deck to keep us entertained!

#multitaskingsterek - Human is Just a Word by lady emebalia (emebalia)  19/? (E)
It’s sliiiightly slow moving, but only because it’s got a fast beginning and I really wanna see Stiles and Derek develop despite all of their crazy circumstances.  
It’s cannon divergent, but still werewolf AU, alive alpha!Peter, alpha!Derek, alive Erica/Boyd and Isaac.  There’s elements of packmom!Stiles which I love in any form, but for those of you who hate it, it’s a little more subtle and not ooc.  He more just establishes himself in the pack. 

Anyhow, it’s a very unique storyline and puts our boys in a rather domestic setting with a lot of strings attached.  Good times! - His Abandoned Omega by xcaellachx  8/? (E)
So good and fun it’s STUPID!  One of my guilty(notguilty) trope pleasures is abused Stiles.  I can’t fully explain why, but I ADORE when Stiles gets the dog snot beat out of him and Derek teaches him how to love again.  And this has the added craziness of it being Derek’s fault!

I know, it’s crazy, but it’s so good and dangit if you just want a good story that ignites the bloodlust that watching Teen Wolf produces, read this and chant KILL THEM ALL!!!! at the end of the chapters with me in the comments.  It’s sooooo good! - A Sharpened Tibia to the Heart by reluctant_abandon 20/? (E) 
Okay, real talk, this fic is making me crazy!!! Lol, because it’s soooo good, but the twists and turns and cliffhangers make me want to tear my hair out…. in the best possible way!  Like, a part of me wants to learn about the plot and mystery and the other part is like IF STILL DOESN’T GET ALL THE D I’M LEAVING!!!  But I can’t leave!  Nor do I ever really want to!  She had kind of a lengthy absense after the last chapter so maybe read to 19 and wait out a few more chapters if you can’t handle that, but otherwise the writing is a lot of fun. - Ukochany by VincentMeoblinn 6/? (E)
Like… just shut up, okay?  Just shut up and subscribe and read this omg!  It’s… okay, it’s just… it’s ridiculous, but also… perfect?!  Polish!Stiles! Tortured alpha!Derek whose dad is Jethro Gibbs, like… wtf?  Stiles has never seen breasts before, but like… you get it!  It’s soo good and lots of loving and fantastic smuts throughout.  I jump at every update, it’s sooo good! - As Ordered by KattsEyeDemon, seekeronthepath 5/? (E)
So I usually don’t deal with roleplay fics.  I find them way too rushed and usually ooc and they just don’t flow well to me, but this one (and the others in their Omegle series) is very well put together. 

Sliiiightly ooc, but only because it is very canon divergent with no werewolves, but still Derek/Kate drama and deals a lot of dom/sub culture.  I’m not really one for BDSM fics, but I do find the dom/sub stuff fascinating and the art of consent and negotiation.  I would like for it to start getting sexual, but I understand that ~healing needs to happen and I’m here for that too.  Definitely recommended.

So go ahead and subscribe to these and enjoy!