Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs

just listen to how much amethyst softens her voice when she’s explaining to peridot, and how she doesn’t reprimand or tease peridot for not getting it right at first

and so many people have noticed it already but look how important this is to amethyst now

nothing in this moment matters more to her than winning that doll for her gfriend

and her stubborn dedication rubs off on and inspires peridot too!

but alas it just wasn’t meant to be

if theres one thing i dont understand about rping these days, its rps advertising themselves for months?? like i get the need to build hype and i know releasing bios takes time but im talking about rps releasing teasers but taking over a month to do that, then trying to get a certain amount of followers on the teaser blog / certain amount of notes on one of the teasers before they release the main, and not even having all of their bios written already on top of it so they have to take a couple of months or so to finish all of those. it seems v counterproductive to me bc the longer you take to do all of those things, the more people begin to lose interest in it bc youre literally taking months to release everything   

How did I not notice this before?!

In season 1, when Dean comes over to the Gilmore household for the first time they watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and then in season 4 when Rory loses her virginity to Dean, she chooses the ‘Candy Man Can’ from Willy Wonka as the song to ‘commemorate’ the moment!

OUAT writers this season
  • Adam: I need you to hook me up.
  • Jane: You know it's against the rules.
  • Adam: I don't care, I really need it.
  • Jane: You should care, people have started to notice already. You're gonna get me in trouble.
  • Adam: It's just this once. I promise.
  • Jane: That's what you said last time.
  • Adam: Jane, please.
  • Jane: *sighs*
  • Jane: *hands Adam a copy of A Fine Line by hunnyfresh*
  • Adam: Is it good?
  • Jane: Number one on my fic rec.

Oh it’s beautiful. Oh, Tony, this is your ninth symphony. What a masterpiece. Look at that. This is your legacy. A new generation of weapons with this at its heart. Weapons that will help steer the world back on course. Put the balance of power in our hands. The right hands.

I was re-watching Iron Man, and noticed that in Obie’s little villain monologue. He doesn’t come right out and say “Hail Hydra” but he may as well have. 

I always thought he just meant a more general him and people like him being “the right hands”, and maybe that was the original intent, but in retrospect, that’s pretty Hydra-y and chilling. You know, chilling beyond just “I will literally rip your heart out while you are helpless, and use it as a WMD. Hey, enjoy your slow death.”

I’ll give it to Marvel, though:

Editing struggles

1. How many times can I alternate between “she looked” and “she stared” before people start to notice?

2. Have I used this simile already? I feel like I’ve used this simile already.

3. Oh my god, like half of my internal dialogue is just similes.

4. Did I steal this line from another book?  That is totally a line from Harry Potter and I didn’t even realize it until just now. Can I rephrase it?

5. The slow realization that everything I first learned about writing I learned from reading Harry Potter as a child. 

6. *Reads through chapter* Looks good. *Posts chapter, immediately notices a typo* god damn it. 

Papyrus mimicing Flowey

So, we all know that Papyrus is very influenced by Undyne, and that he tries very hard to be like her in a lot of ways. For an example, when Undyne says that she likes Grillby’s, Papyrus instantly changes his mind and says that he loves it too. He also says he likes anime after Undyne says she watches it, even though he said it was for babies earlier. 

I noticed that he might do this with Flowey too. 

A lot of people have already noticed this, but after the date with Alphys and Undyne we get this phone call. Papyrus opens the conversation with “Howdy”, just like Asgore and Flowey. And the fact that he’s mentioning that you trust him seems very suspicious too. Flowey has probably told him what to say.

Papyrus mentions Flowey a couple of other times too

I also remember that he mentions Flowey if you call him at MTT resort and have befriended Undyne, but I can’t find that call right now.

However, I noticed something while doing a neutral walkthrough and calling Papyrus in every room. In the room with the save point at the garbage dump, I got this dialogue

And it reminded me of

Both Papyrus and Flowey compare Sans to trash/garbage. (Even tho Papyrus turned it into a joke he was obv referring to Sans when he said that he’s housemates with a lazy piece of garbage.)

Idk, i just think it’s cute how he picks up those kind of things from Flowey. I wish we knew more about them too being friends, because I think Papyrus has a lot in common with Asriel when he was alive, and maybe Flowey likes him because he reminds him of who he used to be and that’s so sad and I love it.


So there is that one set of gravity falls toys that comes with Bill, Stan, and Bill’s page in the journal?? I was looking at the images and you can actually read the page?!? The entire page?!?!?! 

“Bill has proven himself to be one of the friendliest and most trustworthy individuals that I’ve ever encountered in my life. What a guy! I honestly couldn’t trust him more. Not evil in any way. Bill is a true gentleman.

You can actually read all of that in the screen shots from the show except for the entire “Bill can’t be trusted” but this is first that I’ve ever read it all.

And I’ve seen a lot of theories out there that all of the red text is Stanford’s handwriting, since it matches all of the writing we’ve seen from him:

While the only handwriting we’ve seen that matches the black ink in the journal has been the signature on the deed.

And it’s now confirmed that Stan’s brother is the author (and probably named Stanford, even though I will never stop calling him Stanley no matter how much Alex throws in my face how not-canon that is). So I’m just loving this idea that the Author/Stanley/the-original-Stanford never knew that Bill was evil, or at least until that great betrayal that’s been eluded to, gosh, so much. Like, he spent the entire time he knew of Bill thinking he was a stand-up guy and gentleman.

And then Stan (our Stan) was upset enough to scratch out the entire page. Just. Gosh. I really really really am looking forward to this story holy crap.

Eesti Laul 2017 and returning acts

This year, if some people haven’t already noticed, Estonian national finals for Eurovision will have a lot of returning acts, some of whom have already represented Estonia (or other countries) before. Here’s the list of the people who are returning to fight for the right to represent Estonia (once again) in Eurovision:

Elina Born - represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 2015 alongside Stig, got 7th place

Lenna Kuurmaa - represented Switzerland at the Eurovision in 2005 with Vanilla Ninja, got 8th place

Ivo Linna - represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 1996 alongside Maarja-Liis Ilus, got 5th place

Koit Toome - represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 1998, got 12th place

Laura Põldvere - represented Estonia at the Eurovision in 2005 with Suntribe, failed to qualify to the final