Things from today's live show♡:

• phil: “There’s no DAWG… at the moment,”

• phil is keeping his bedroom aesthetic

• dan is changing is bedroom aesthetic

• he has a floating white bed ??

• he’s keeping all things silver !

•playing with cardboard boxes ,?,,

• chat: “when will you get a dog?” phil: “one day,”

• gaming video room has been set up !!

• mystery glass ??/

• dan in pink :))

• they touched the sydney opera house in AUS

• they watched fantastic beasts, lion, hacksaw ridge, nerve and snowden on the plane

• dan cried watching hacksaw ridge :’(

• had a little zoo trip

• the danisnotonfire desk is not in his bedroom and has been moved to the living room :?

• phil is still filming in his bedroom

• phil: “I requested a plant.” dan: “I bought a plant!”

• dan @ phil: “prepare inspirations for me,”

• SNUG (living room) !

• dan has a white piano !!

• “are you still trying to get revenge on me for the cereal?” “yes!”

• phil: “I know we can’t have a dog, but can we have a fish?”

• d&p talking about the science art museum and taking photos of eachother !

• dan cried at the show with the metal flower tree :“((((

• boomerangs at the aquarium !

• dan was given sparkley nail polish

• phil: “It just releases your pastely aesthetic,”

• phil: “I think I can probably get away with a fish or a hamster,”

• chat: “are you gonna curl you hair?” phil: “I think i’ll do it for a video at some point,”

• playlist live !

• phil is going to florida with the family

• harry’s new solo is phil’s favourite :))

• dan cried watching the last gaming video, back :’((((((

• some videos next week !!

• favourite room; gaming room !

• phil’s new room is “cozy and quiet” ♡

• dan: “I want to make the new danisnotonfire background, pretty” ♡

• dan has a bonsai !

• dan has an idea for a new dinof video (ooo)

• he has one final video in his old room

• dan said he purposely gave us hints about them moving in his last younow (we all knew lmao)

• phil called dans hair soft and poked it

• phil: “if i had natural curls i’d let them curl”

• the new apartment is called steve/dave/thor

• dan: “phil why won’t you paint your nails?”

• someone at phil’s university painted his nails and he didn’t like it :( (rip)

• probably a dinof video on monday and dans live show on tuesday !

• phil will try to do one in florida !

• “we’re just two irrelevant twits; dan and phil”

People keep looking up to the sky and asking
“Why do you not help us
when we need help the most?”
They are lost, and alone,
and feel their faith was blind.

They do not realise yet,
That if heaven exists,
it is empty.

All the goddesses and angels are all here,
They see our earth is bleeding,
hemorrhaging innocent lives
and have been born again as human
to help keep us alive.

—  Nikita Gill, Heaven

For context: my party was fighting a bugbear king, who was also Macho Man Randy Savage. My character had gotten a can of Fantasy Monster Energy from a trader earlier in the campaign, and I had a great plan involving it.

Me: Can I drink my Monster and throw the can at [bugbear king]?

DM: Go ahead, but it’ll be a flat d20

*gets the hit*

DM: …No fucking way. He had 2 hp left, you just knocked him out.

Our tiny, fairly weak bard: I want to slide over to him and put him into a pinfall

DM: Make an athletics check.

*bard just makes the dc*

DM: You roll him onto his back, and pin him

The bugbear gives her a heavyweight champion’s belt, actually a belt of hill giant’s strength, and he promised her that he would reclaim the belt one day.

Magic Fingers

DM: The door in front of you is locked, but you recall having picked up a key from the wizard you killed.

Assassin OOC: I want to pick the lock.

DM: Your thief’s tools are broken. And your cleric has a key.

Cleric OOC: I use my key to-

Assassin OOC: I use the claws from my magic gloves to pick the lock.

Nat 20 plus a ridiculously high Open Lock.

DM: Ignoring the Cleric holding the key behind you, you masterfully work the claws from your glove and a small “click” is heard. However, you swear you also heard a small moan coming from the keyhole.

Cleric: When this is over, it’s going to be you, me, and a bottle of wine. *Bard!* You are gonna watch us!

Assassin: I don’t think-

Bard singing: YOU’VE GOT THE TOUCH!