Bones » 2016 rewatch - 4x01 “Yanks in the UK pt. 1″

Well, would you like to tag along? 

It is murder. Can’t promise anything but it is possible a famous heiress is involved. 

I’m keen as ketchup. 

Mustard. Keen as mustard. Excellent effort at the colloquialism, though. Very impressive.

anonymous asked:

Nesta and 5

Nesta + Crying

  • Nesta hates crying in front of anyone. Even Cassian.
    • She was still awkward near people, let alone crying and showing emotions.
  • However, after a few months with Cassian she let her walls down one night and cried to him about her regrets with Feyre.
    • She felt horrible for what she did and no matter what way she thought of apologising she still thought it wouldn’t be enough.
    • Cassian sat there, letting her cry on his shoulder while his arms were wrapped around her. 
    • “You know she forgave you already, right?”
    • Nesta stayed quiet but she didn’t leave Cassian’s arm the whole night.
  • Nesta is actually really emotional but because of her emotional block she doesnt cry a lot.
    • But ever since meeting the Inner Circle you could say her walls have lowered. 

livelox25  asked:

You know with all of this positive fanart of Edd today, I can't help but cry cause... he's gone... he's been gone for awhile... the idea is Edd being an angel just makes me cry... am I the only one who is crying in his birthday?

it’s okay to cry, probably lots of people are crying too we just really miss him and for some reason i’m enjoying this day, just drawing edd while sipping cola in a very hot day, don’t worry you’re not the only one! 0w0

yossdillo  asked:

The hardest decision is to keep going. Is there anything we can do to send encouragement your way?

No I’m sorry

It’s just so hard

Not believing you’re real but having to deal with some shitty lucid dream every day where no one cares about you anyway

And you cry and no one asks if you’re ok because you don’t cry like people who get comforted, you cry like the people who shoot up schools, and people are scared of you or hate you even though you’re crying because it hurts so bad

And no one knows your past, and if they do they’re strangers you don’t remember, or dead, or both

And you mess up your shots. Every base is loaded and you’re thrown a perfect ball and you still strike out. Everyone hates you

I love fall and hate it

I have memories that are fleeting now- rain on pavement, twirling leaves and the damp moss of the forest

And I try to fall, permanently, to die, but I bungle it up. I’m weak. I fall if I try to stand. My head is filled with wasps.

But I’m stuck in purgatory and tomorrow unreality will be back and the body will move again

And it cries and people are scared of me for it

That’s why I don’t cry often

anonymous asked:

Please don't feel bad about that call, talking on the phone is already stressing enough, but being on the phone with someone talking about your student loans is even worse. And even though society tells us that having someone see or hear us cry is bad, it's really not, we all cry, it's okay, and most people who do hear you cry are mostly worried about you, they don't find it funny. It really happens to a lot of people

thank you so much - that’s really kind and it’s something that i definitely needed to hear today. thank you


                          ‘You gave me one of the gratest experiences of my entire life.
                     So sincerely, to every single fan who tuned in and watched the show,
                                                           Thank you so much.