[8.26.16] today i bought makeup and did makeup on myself for like the first time ever in my life and it was neat. (i just wanted my face to look even and natural, not like… the fancy eye and lip stuff or anythin) then i had to go to a screening in film village of Philadelphia and i literally drenched the collar of my shirt with tears

I don’t give a fuck about what people say, crying is healthy. It’s better than turning it into a self destructive internalized expectation of yourself that you can intentionally and unintentionally imprint on others.

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Me: Man spooks' art style is great. (Sees the beginning of the second chapter) GODAMN THO SPOOKS THIS IS THE MOST GORGEOUS WEB COMIC EVER

(◡‿◡✿) Someday, I wish to make something truly beautiful.

Something interesting and thought provoking, that will stay with the viewer long after they’ve seen it. Something that will inspire others to create, or change the way they look at art and the world around them. Something that will make people cry and have nightmares for weeks. <3 

That’s the dream.

I’m sorry but I’m freaking mad right now. Some people have the chance and opportunity to see their idols up close but they end up doing fucked up things like what they did to Tyler.
What the hell is wrong with those people? You know, some of us will never see our idols play live. That’s why if you had the chance to see them, at least show some respect. Some people are literally crying to be at your places in concerts. Least you can do is make the other fans proud by supporting, respecting and caring for your idols.

Sorry, I’m usually not posting rants like this but some people need to learn how to act properly.

things i’ve had to teach freshmen this week

  • how to turn on a tv
  • how to open a door
  • just because something says ‘free toast’ on it, it doesn’t mean it’s actually full of bread
  • honestly the concept of a library in general

Things I need:

A thread with a Steven where Steven is able to reach Rose in his dreams, the magic in his gem and his powers rendering him able to reach her subconscious, like he’s done to other humans and gems. Completely overwhelmed and after everything he learns about rose he just kind of breaks down and wants answers and rose is just full of guilt and overwhelmed herself and we know she’s terrible at comforting sad people who are crying, but she tries anyway but then she’s crying too because she’s sorry, steven, she’s so sorry it’s all her fault

It’s fun to tell people they’ve cancer, Right?

There’s no surprise people believe I’m an ass if you find videos or posts saying I banned people for whispering me, sitting on rocks, or “stating their opinions”. How I’m rude, make people cry or how I’m “immature”. The posts at hand are desperate cries for attention or support while covering up what might’ve taken place, in some cases even something I have absolutely nothing to do with more than maybe someone I knew or know had some sort of involvement in a situation and that my name was slapped onto it.

It’s interesting but also a bit sad to see so bad mannered children with such skewed reality doing their best to scream innocence when they lack both morals and compassion for anyone but themselves. Over time I’ve had so many people come up to me and tell me “Hey, you’re not as bad as I thought/as I’ve been told”, as much as it’s a nice thing to hear and see, it also brings a double message where you’re constantly reminded of how people roam around and just feel that prodding that little extra about their abusive internet life on an online game will fill up their cup of self centered bullcrap while swinging any heavy object at your name.

But as time goes on I do not feel I have anything to hide, but on the other hand these negative and demolishing posts and actions will remain not only to be seen, but also to be remembered by people like you and me. When you’ve seen people close to trying to start a cult following because I said no to them, or drag people aside just to ensure that they will think bad of me you truly start to see desperation in it’s purest form, but also how powerless one might be as negativity speaks further but also stronger than any good things.

You can work really hard and well, stay out of trouble and know that you’ve been “good”, but your hard work could just end up falling back to step one on a wider scale as you happened to defy and put the wrong people in the their right place. And then the question comes to you. How many times would you have the energy and be able to start over again?

It will get to a point where you give up, and just let people talk and be stuck in their safe spherical bubble of ignorance. Where you expect nothing from the person next to you, and how you rather have all doors closed for people rather than opening them up. This is also why I’ve come to respect some people so heavily, because even if my name has been put up on trial in front of their faces, they wanted to find out on their own,

I cannot even imagine how many people I’ve been a “virtual parent” to, the one to tell them “NO” for the sake of more but themselves, not me, but others. If you think hard for a second. What is it in to anyone if they do not get any money, and they do not look for the spotlight? No decent being becomes a doctor because they love to tell people they’re dying of cancer or how they need to go through painful surgery. They most likely do it because they like to help people, make a difference and maybe even feel good about themselves doing it.

So here you go guys, you got a guy who banned people for no reason, were immature and power hungry on a game because he found it… fun? If that’s how you want to think, how small is really your world huh? Maybe there’s something more to it than a mean guy doing you no well online.

I will admit that I’ve been extremely naive and believed that most people will eventually think of greater things and more but themselves. but I’ve been wronged. It’s a selfish and self centered world we live in and as much as we can try to make it better together, we cannot change it.

It’s just a nice feeling believing in something(not religious). And I believed doing the “right thing” for more than certain individuals would be the best, looking back at things I’d probably fare better personally if I were just an empty shell and doing what people wanted all the time and play pretend with people instead of dragging a line of where the limits go.

Now as this post has gone on about me a bit, there’s probably more people out there that believes in something too. Help them, support them but most importantly believe in them, even if it’s something you might not understand or care much for as it is what will keep them afloat and strong.

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Yeah, but the dead gay/lesbian trope is more prevalent because of the proportion of dead gay characters to straight characters because there's much less total. Like if 30 gay and 30 straight characters died, but there's only 40 gay characters and 400 straight characters, sure the same amount were killed, but proportionately more gay characters were killed off. That's usually the complaint about the dead gays trope.

I was just saying that people crying “Bury your gays” when it doesn’t apply, like a series such as the fucking Walking Dead, where characters die all the time, whether they’re gay or not.

The Sprites at Home
  • Him:How was your day?
  • Me:Well, I made three people cry before I even got out of bed...
  • Him:I saw you'd posted something new
  • Me:And then I went to court and made someone else cry
  • Him:You're evil
  • Me:*snickers* And then I made a few more people cry this afternoon
  • Him:Is there smut?
  • Me:Most definitely NOT
  • Him:...
  • Him:Tell me when there's smut

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Bro... I'm crying right now because of your artist Todoroki' HC. Holy shit, it was so good, but so good... I can't handle this, and also can relate so hard... Omg... *inhales* Bro... My feelings, bro... I need more HC like this!!! It was awesome!

Ah, hello! *hands over tissues*

Thanks for the compliment, I’m happy that you liked it so much!

Concerning the more headcanons – you can find my headcanons on my blog, I made an extra link for them. New headcanons will come, though I don’t know what they will be about, since I always write them on a whim. But if you should have any suggestions are ideas you want to see explored in headcanons, feel free to tell me. I always love to hear other people’s headcanons and ideas! =D

Thank you again for this, I hope you have a nice day!

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