lots of LGBT people, mainly teenagers, go on tumblr to talk about their favorite characters and how they headcanon them as LGBT as sort of an escape from the homophobic world we live in, and blogs like @hetcharacteroftheday are just basically there to rear their ugly heads in and remind them that the world is predominantly straight. it’s just a case of some assholes trying to provoke LGBT people

anon: can u show us some times where ace people have been discriminated on the same level as LGBT people?

shitty asshole: sure here!!!! :)

*link to another tumblr*

*link to another tumblr*

*link to a homophobe’s blog*

*link to a TERFs blog*

*link to another tumblr*

*link about the spinster movement*

*link to a quote from the bible that a lot of modern day christians do not follow so strictly* 

*link to a study with no real life basis*

*link to an article written about purely anecdotal experiences*

*link to another tumblr*

shitty asshole: don’t let those mean aphobes get you down!!!! We’re oppressed too!!!!!!! Just like al those nasty allogays!!! Being opprssed makes us LGBT #actuallyasexual

Final Word on Antis and Shipping

For the final time, since I keep repeating myself, Rebecca Sugar herself voiced her acceptance of ALL possible pairings on the show. If she found anything harmful about pewey/gregpearl AT ALL she would have told the fandom herself. SHE DID NOT. SHE IS SAYING IT IS OKAY TO LIKE ANY OF THESE SHIPS. SHE SAID IT A LONG TIME AGO AND YET THIS KEY ARGUMENT I AM MAKING IS CONSTANTLY BEING IGNORED.

For the final time, I. Am. Not. A. Homophobe. Your fear of lesbian erasure does not justify: namecalling, death threats, insults, or ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAKES A PERSON FEEL LIKE SHIT. Your belief that Pearl is a lesbian and that all people must ship her with another woman does not entitle you to be an asshole to the fans around you. You don’t have the right. THIS IS THE POINT I AM MAKING AND HAVE BEEN MAKING THIS WHOLE TIME. No one is forcing you to acknowledge gregpearl and pewey pairings as canon! No one is saying “Hey you have to accept this ship as reality and the true OTP.” NOT A SINGLE SHIPPER HAS SAID THIS.

If you want to consume yourself in hatred towards “homophobes” and constantly try to force your agenda upon other people, you won’t fucking get anywhere. You’re gonna keep upsetting yourself and everyone else. I’m sorry. You can’t make them see things the way you do. That’s life. I’m not saying accept lesbian erasure. I’m not saying it’s okay to be homophobic either. I’m saying stop bothering fans who are just expressing their love for a children’s show. I’m saying be a decent human being.

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Regarding that post about double standards of shipping m/m or m/f pairing I have to agree with OP, I saw too many people here who had their sexuality erased just because they shipped an m/f pairing (also biphobia sure is a thing here). Shipping wars in general are awful here and people are assholes for the most part on both sides, trowing the world "homophobia" too lightly every time someone doesn't ship the same ship. Now of course homophobes do exist but also shitty people in general.

I just want to say right off that OP and I had a SLIGHT misunderstanding, they were talking about fandoms in general whereas I was talking about Zestiria specifically, which of course lead to us each arguing slightly different points. We were able to clarify that later, but you probably wouldn’t have seen that exchange. Your ask also seems pretty general so just be aware that the fandom dynamics I’m referring to are specifically about Tales of Zestiria.

As far as the ask goes, there definitely is a line, and I’ve tried to make my position clear, which is this: 

There’s nothing homophobic about not shipping a m/m ship, just like there’s nothing misogynistic about not shipping a m/f ship. I honestly don’t care if people don’t ship Sormik.

It starts to get grayer when people claim “Not to see” Sormik but have no problem accepting m/f Tales ships as canon. For me, it’s got nothing to do with shipping, but of double standards when it comes to canon. (Like, I personally don’t like Asbel/Cheria at all, but I know and accept that it’s canon) Now, a person who doesn’t see Sormik isn’t necessarily homophobic, of course. Heteronormativity is a powerful thing in our culture, which is where those double standards come from. I’ve been using the phrase “vaguely homophobic double standards” but that doesn’t mean I think these people are homophobic, just that their lens has been shaped heavily by what we’ve come to expect from heteronormative media. And that’s a powerful thing, and it can effect everyone, regardless of their orientation. It’s still something that I think should be pointed out and challenged, though. I hope that makes sense.

EDIT: Maybe it would be better to use “Heteronormative double standards?” That sounds better to me, tbh

And then of course there are the actual homophobes, who say Sormik is silly or impossible or gross or “pressing your homoerotic urges onto fictional characters”. Those aren’t as prevalent on this website, but go to pretty much any game discussion board and bring up Sormik and you’ll see them.

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So this person I know in real life has been bullying me on tumblr because I'm ace. He called me a homophobe/transphobe when I called him out for calling me a cishet (which, obv, I am not because I am ace). He proceeded to tag a bunch of aphobes and ask them their opinions and they all sent me asks telling me to kill myself just because I am ace. It makes me so sad... I want it all to stop. We don't hate lgbt, why do they hate us?

that’s really awful anon, i’m sorry. I think you should try to distance yourself from that person if you can, or if you can’t show them why this is wrong, and definitely block anyone who sends you hate straight away. Aphobes are just assholes, the same way biphobes and transphobes and homophobes are, and there’s no logic to it. Even our community - the lgbt+ one - has shitty people, unfortunately. Good luck anon

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hope you don't mind me coming in your inbox but there seems to be so much negativity revolving around pharmercy since yesterday and tbh it's put me in a depressive state. it seems like this happens to every f/f ship i get attached to and i'm honestly so drained as a wlw at this point. how do you deal with it?

I fill my dash with happy, positive people and squee over things that I’m passionately interested in!

If you look, you will always find homophobic/negative assholes. They are not representative of the majority of people. Most people are nice and want to be nice. Most people will be happy for you that you’ve found a ship that you love and that makes you happy. 

Surround yourself with those people. Do not engage with negative fuckheads and awful people. Don’t engage with people who personally insult you or the things you love!! 99% of the time they’re not interested in learning from their behaviour or apologising, they will fight back because they don’t want to look wrong. It will ruin your day because of how unfair it feels. 

Just block/ignore them. Literally. Once you stop seeing their poison, you stop feeling bad about it. Then, you can spend your valuable energy being excited about beautiful ships that make you happy <3

You can change your icon to a rainbow and say you care about the LGBTQ+ community, but if you also then laugh about a woman admitting that they were “born with a penis” then you gotta know that you’re lying to everyone and yourself about being an ally to that community. People need to do more than say they support, they need to question things every day as they are presented with homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, biphobic, heterosexist, cisexist ideas and thoughts. Stop perpetuating hateful ideas, stop making lgbtq+ people the butt of jokes, stop treating them as less than. THAT is true support, not hearing that someone is gay and hoping theyll give you fashion advice instead of wanting to punch them. Somehow people have decided that not actively hating/murdering/trying to convert lgbtq+ is support, when really that’s just called “not being an asshole.” Just tired of people patting themselves on the back for the bare minimum.

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Whats the point really ill never be comfortable with transitioning, ill just be called a transvestite. Ill just have to keep up existing wishing i was afab. Im just a fucking fat asshole of a faggot

You don’t have to transition if you don’t want to. It’s a very personal decision and it is a choice that only you can make.

But please try to not say these mean things about yourself. You are wonderful and beautiful the way you are, even if other people or even our society as a whole tries to tell you that you’re not.

Your identity, your gender, your worth, they’re are real. They’re all valid. You are important and lovable and you deserve to be happy.

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We aren't uselessly trying to cancel a TV show wtf we are trying to cancel the TV show for a number of reasons one the show runner is a racist two the show runner is a dumbass three the shown isn't even well written it's gore with no content and four if this show is cancelled it will be advice for future show runners to stop killing gays. Stop being homophobic assholes.

I agree with 1 and 2, but you can get rid of a showrunner without cancelling a show.

3 “the shown isn’t even well written it’s gore with no content”

I mean I think it’s well written so that’s a matter of opinion, and there’s been gore since the first fucking episode so why weren’t you trying to get it cancelled then. In fact, your fav literally stabbed people and kicked them off of towers so….

4 again see 1 and 2. Also just because some of us still have valuable rep inside this show (aka me with an Asian who isn’t easy Asian so looks more like me and my race and who has a lead that isn’t playing a stereotypical Asian role) does make us homophobic assholes.

Way to make unfounded judgements and make yourself look like an ass anon

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*hugs* Sounds like there's an asshole anon making the rounds. I'm sorry, sweetie. No one deserves it

Oh, no. No anon, this has come from Tumblr itself.

Apparently someone has reported me for posting and I quote “homophobic, racist, and misogynistic posts, and have been calling People offensive, & hurtful names.”

I don’t know how they reported me, or who they even were. But am in a state of shock. Don’t know if I want to laugh or cry.

“stop hatekeeping you’re just being an asshole!” okay so wanting to keep homophobic cishets who have oppressed lgbtq people for centuries away from our community is just being an asshole now? wanting to have a safe space for people that are ACTUALLY gay is a bad thing? i’m starting to think ace tumblr is just a joke.

claiming not to be a homophobe or a racist because you have queer or PoC relatives, then turning around and saying something about how you don’t ‘agree’ with queer or PoC people having representation in media…


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I hate that it's called homophobia. Like phobia by definition means fear. Just because ppl despise us doesn't mean they fear us. They may be disgusted by us, but that doesn't mean they fear us, he'll, if they feared us they wouldn't be assaulting us as much as they do. But can we change the definition to something more in line with people just refusing to accept who we are? No. Even if celebs speak out how it's isn't s phobia, you're just an asshole.

You’re right that the concatenation of homo- (for homosexual) and -phobia (for fear of) doesn’t quite make complete sense for the hatred that “homophobics” possess toward non-heterosexual individuals, but I feel that it is a word that has taken a meaning of its own. I think of it as more of a “fear of change/the unknown” type thing. Many of these people don’t actually know gay people, they have next to no information on gay people, and they have grown up in an environment where gay people are looked down upon. Now in this new era of the Internet, there is more demand than ever for new legislation and it is easy for like-minded individuals to find each other and form coalitions, the older generation is uneasy. Realize the only information these people have on non-heterosexual people is that they truly believe it is a sin and we are all going to hell. So in their minds, if gay marriage is legal, God WILL condemn everyone (or something of the sort). To them this is scary and I think that their hatred is a way for them to channel their fear. So in some ways, homophobia may be fairly accurate because the idea of homosexuals causes them to be scared and therefore they want to kill us.

Either way, I wouldn’t know what other word would fit for it at this point now that the term is so widely used.

i used to be one of those people who didn’t think shipping pearl with a guy was homophobic but like…it is. I’m sorry. And now that I’m seeing all this gregpearl I’m like…i don’t even know it’s actually making me sad. I guess y’all can ship what you want but it’s like…

Can’t we just have a male and female character developing as characters through having to mend an uncomfortable and forced friendship because they both have to help raise the child of the woman they both loved without it turning into some heteronormative shit where a canonically gay woman throws herself in the arms of the nearest man? Even if she was bi it’d still be unnecessary and look bad…

What Happened?

read it on the AO3 at

by crookedkidnightmare

Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, and Tsukishima are all in a polyamorous relationship. But they are all just boyfriends, living life, nothing can possibly go wrong. Except it does.
They all have insecurities and homophobes are a problem. Most people do not understand. Gay marriage is not even legal, none the less polyamorous marriage.

So what happens when one of the boyfriends ends up in the hospital and the rest can’t get to him in the hospital since only family can visit until the patient says otherwise.

Words: 3548, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

i just unfriended someone i used to be friends with in high school.Not only she’s a fucking racist piece of shit, she had a filter on her profile picture saying ‘I fight for the end of Feminism’ which is a mock to ‘I fight for the end of Rape Culture.’

not to mention she is a mindless minion of this monstrosity

this man made apology to torture while in the “Impeachment”, is a fucking sexist and homophobic and a religious asshole.

I am still very mad because I never thought she’d turn like that…but fuck it, I don’t need these people in my life.

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i've seen a lot of people talking about mogai hell affecting their identity and i feel like my experience has pretty much been covered there. but one thing the mogai community told me that i've only just unlearned is that white gay guys are all assholes/racist/etc. i was scared to go to my city's village for an orlando vigil because i'd been told gay people are evil?? it's so messed up that i believed that for so long. mogai tumblr is homophobic and dangerous pass it on

they do love their homophobia

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the word 'homophobia'? And what do you think of homophobic people?

I hate the word homophobia. It’s not a phobia. You are not scared. You are a fucking asshole. Amen.