Yo dudes, do you ever stop to think about how dehumanized fast food workers are in the eyes of society?  Like, we’ve literally gotten to the point where people stand there and belittle, taunt, and torment a fifteen year old child  at their first job and not only will no one stop them, they will leave feeling superior and good about themselves.  

There is a line and we crossed it a long time ago.

stop talking about how stupid labels are and how much they don’t matter. they are stupid to YOU. they don’t matter to YOU. your own opinion isn’t the standard by which everyone should live their lives. labels are important as hell to some people, so how dare you try to tell them they’re wrong for that.

You know it’s pretty fucked up that fans of Eddie always have to begin with ‘I DON’T CONDONE HIS ACTIONS’ because it should be fucking assumed that no one is okay with murder.

The fact people are trying to say we’re all psychopathic murders because we like a character is fucked up. So really don’t bother with these assholes. Everyone knows you don’t condone murder. It’s just a pitiful insult these people are throwing around to try and pretend they’re better than us.

Yesterday I was in line to get my coffee at work and there were two marines in front of me so naturally when they got up to the register I paid for both of their meals, and by the graces of god the CEO of the hospital was standing a few people behind me, witnessed this act of kindness, then proceeded to jump the line to pay for not only my coffee, but for everyone else in line’s coffee.

So everyone clears  out except for myself and a few others sitting at the tables when one of the women working in the cafe (her name is Patricia, nicest lady in the world, she saves me a blueberry muffin every morning just in case they run out before I have time to go down there, knows how i take my coffee by heart, she’s that kinda lady) was thanking the marines for their service and as it turns out her son was a marine before he passed a few years ago, and I could hear her voice starting to crack and could see her eyes welling up with tears and at that point one of the marines jumped over the counter to give her the biggest hug I’ve ever seen anyone give, and then some absolute CUNT had the nerve to WHISTLE at Patricia to get her attention and say “um, can you make my latte? I don’t have all day.” and I guess she had been in the process of cleaning the espresso machine before the marines came in and had yet to finish, so she said very very kindly “oh i’m so sorry but the machine is cleaning right now” to which the customer was like “well can you clean it faster?” and patricia explained that the machine was self cleaning and that there was nothing she could do to make it self-clean any faster. so the customer is outraged, says “thanks for ruining my fucking weekend” turns to storm out, but not before acting like a 2 year old and kicking over one of the trash barrels. Poor patricia is literally sobbing at this point and goes to start picking up all the trash from the floor, and the line is forming again and customers were getting rowdy and impatient telling her to hurry up and shit, so I got up and helped the two marines pick up the rest of the trash and told patricia to just go back and help those impatient fucks. She was practically crying into everyone’s coffee and I felt awful and wanted to make things better.

I knew that buying a bunch of baked goods from where she worked wouldn’t leave much of a surprise so on break I left to go get some pastries and such from Mike’s Pastry (even if you’re not from Boston you still should of know the brilliance and deliciousness of that place) and gave her a whole box of aforementioned brilliance and deliciousness. It made her start crying again and she thanked me a thousand times for “reminding her that there are good people” and “making her realize why she puts up with this place”.

Pay for someone’s coffee today. Hell, pay for their whole meal. Or buy your favorite customer service worker some pastries. You’ll hardly notice the dent in your wallet and you’ll make someone’s entire day/week which is more than worth it. It feels so good after the fact, for all parties involved.