stop talking about how stupid labels are and how much they don’t matter. they are stupid to YOU. they don’t matter to YOU. your own opinion isn’t the standard by which everyone should live their lives. labels are important as hell to some people, so how dare you try to tell them they’re wrong for that.

So me as Damara and a Roxy were randomly matched with each other and she wasn’t saying anything so I did. I opened by saying something along the lines of “You are the girl with the human alcohol right?” My plan was to roleplay Damara wanting to try alcohol for escapism purposes, hopefully exploring her drug use along the way.

Her response was a large wall of text complaining that I was only there for a cheap fuck, was a disgrace to the fanbase, had bastardized Damara’s character and committed a sin against Roxy’s. This was a solid wall of text of things that she somehow knew about my roleplaying style and motivations from one sentence, and then she disconnected before I could in any way reply.

Don’t assume my entire roleplaying style from one sentence, don’t lecture me about about characterization without seeing what I plan to do, and don’t ever take my Damara at face value.

I was just told I can’t be transgender. 

Because my body is a little more feminine, I have curves, I have a bigger chest. 

So that means I can’t be transgender? So only people who  are slim, who have a more masculine  body type can identify as a transgender male. Huh, Well fuck you sir. I am a male. I was born female, I have a rather feminine body but that does not mean you can say that I can’t be male. If you ever tell me that I can’t be transgender because my body type is the way it is I will punch your fucking face. 

You know it’s pretty fucked up that fans of Eddie always have to begin with ‘I DON’T CONDONE HIS ACTIONS’ because it should be fucking assumed that no one is okay with murder.

The fact people are trying to say we’re all psychopathic murders because we like a character is fucked up. So really don’t bother with these assholes. Everyone knows you don’t condone murder. It’s just a pitiful insult these people are throwing around to try and pretend they’re better than us.

Of course there’s people whining that Conchita won only because of her beard.

Are you fucking kidding me.

Things that were awesome in her performance apart from her being a beautiful drag queen with a beard:

- amazing voice

- a really good song with nice lyrics. That could be some James Bond opening shit and no-one could tell.

- beautiful background animation and pyro show

- “how a performer looks shouldn’t affect anything” AHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAAaa oh you’re serious? Oh that’s why we aren’t allowed to look at the contestants. Wake up asshole, how the Eurovision contestants look is part of the show. You wouldn’t be complaining if it wasn’t a drag queen winning so quit your cissexist shit and grow the fuck up.

People really suck sometimes

What you choose to do in your personal life shouldn’t be anyone business but your own. But because some asshat decided to share a friend’s fanfic, as well as her tumblr account, with her employer *and* her employer’s clients, said friend was forced to make the decision to wipe out her online existence - at least as best as she can.

RIP to my friend’s online persona. It (but mostly she) will be missed. 

Yo dudes, do you ever stop to think about how dehumanized fast food workers are in the eyes of society?  Like, we’ve literally gotten to the point where people stand there and belittle, taunt, and torment a fifteen year old child  at their first job and not only will no one stop them, they will leave feeling superior and good about themselves.  

There is a line and we crossed it a long time ago.

Adventures in Customer Service

One of the accounts I take calls for is the American Red Cross financial donation line. Some people need to be transferred to other departments, some people actually donate. Tonight my co-workers and I had a rude and cursing conspiracy theorist. He interrupts my intro spiel midway and launches into his thing. Apparently, this man was accusing me and the ARC of “billions of dollars in fraud, killing millions of people with [our] blood, and fucking us over like the Al-Qaeda Red Cross”

Dude is crazy.

I said in my gentlest voice “Sir, if you can’t be polite with me, I’m going to have to disconnect with you.” HE. FLIPS. HIS. SHIT. Repeatedly calling me a “stupid bitch” and a “fucking bitch”. So I hung up that first time.

He calls again and mentions the ARC commercial “you’ve been killing millions of people since the 1980s-1990s”
“Well sir I wouldn’t know anything about that (it was before I was born??!?)”
“Stupid bitch you’d better do your FUCKIN research, etc etc”
“Duly noted, sir.” Click.

I’m pissed now. Like, you wanna go, asshole? Let’s play, motherfucker.

He calls a third time. I’m not about to get yelled at again. Fuck that noise. I read my intro bit again, but this time, in Spanish. Silence on the other end of the line. It. Is. Beautiful. I even read the bit where I ask if he can hear me in Spanish.

Don’t expect to repeatedly call me stupid and get away with it. Uh-uh.

No, it’s not funny and it’s not okay.

Am I being too sensitive or is it not ok to jokingly refer to someone of Guatemalan descent as a Mexican?

They all laugh as if it’s ok.

“Oh ____ is out because it’s Cinco De Mayo.” [they’re at a doctor appointment]

I said that wasn’t funny.

“Yes it is.”

There was an argument but I got my point across. I don’t think it’s right. I think it’s insulting and racist regardless of whether or not the person being spoken about laughs or not.

Am I wrong?