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Batman vs Superman was over two hours of two men bickering over who has the biggest brooding cock-I mean, who has the better method of "saving" people and whether or not it's ok for Batman to beat and brand criminals without regarding the fact that not everyone's as wealthy and privileged as his morally upright ass and for Superman to ignore the fact that not everyone's as indestructible as him, meanwhile Wonder Woman over here...


Wonder Woman was vastly superior to bvs for two reasons.

-Wonder Woman is actually a likable lady and an idealistic believable super hero who doesn’t spend her entire moving thinking about how she COULD help people.

She charges in, headfirst, wanting to help people she doesn’t even KNOW because she wants to protect the people who’re dying.

-and Wonder Woman was just so much more subtle and less pretentious about its message.


Let’s talk.

Wonder Woman’s CHARACTER is not that she’s cold and heartless and…well, masculine.

She doesn’t EMULATE men.

She doesn’t need to act like a man to be strong.

She coos at a baby and kisses Chris Pine and doesn’t spend the entire movie ragging on women.

She dresses and acts feminine, and embodies kindness, grace, beauty, everything “feminine.”

And she’s also strong as fucking hell.

That is Wonder Woman.

She’s a good person.

She’s not some cold warrior goddess, an untouchable female shaped ideal.


She sees people suffering in the trenches and her first thought it, stop what we’re doing, we gotta help.

Chris pine and all of his men?

They’ve seen all of this.

They’ve hardened themselves to the horrors of war and accepted them as inevitable.

But Diana, new to the cruelty of the human world, is disgusted and she asks what’s wrong with you?

What is wrong with us?

We have accepted casualties. We have accepted pain.

We have excused suffering because we told ourselves long ago that we couldn’t do anything about it.

But Diana?

She does not accept that.

She fights, yes. She’s ferocious and she, unlike Batman, doesn’t have a compulsion against killing.

She was raised by warrior women, I mean come on.

But who does she fight for?

The women and children who did nothing wrong.

The injured, hopeless men fighting a war to end all wars.

The entire movie was lovely because all of Diana’s bewilderment at the way humans live was incredible.

She’s shocked at how dirty London is.

She’s not impressed by sex and she’s not impressed by war.

She thinks sexism is strange.

But she doesn’t like, rag on it, because Diana is literally so above it that she just wryly questions it at times.

Like I don’t care what all the whiny fanboys say.

There’s not an overt feminist message in this movie.

There’s no “men are so weak.”

There’s “men are corruptible” but as we see, Diana sees them as worth saving in the end, if only to fulfill her own ideals…

Which is feminist as fuck, I guess, because Diana doesn’t defend men because it’s her job.

She defends them because it’s her decision. Her morality. Her duty.

But the feminism in the movie comes from the fact that she’s so kind.

She breaks down when realizing that Ares isn’t behind it all, that MEN are the ones who are cruel to one another.

She sees the war and it’s only senseless violence to her.

All of the people she wants to help are the victims, and it’s clear cut, to her, who’s bad and who’s not.

But Chris Pine helps her realize that humans aren’t so clear cut.

And so even though she was disgusted by human actions, she still wanted to help the people in need.

I absolutely adore the scene where she’s charging across a battle field to pave the way to the town.

First off, it was so badass watching her knock aside artillery like it was nothing as the men cowered in the pits.


She didn’t do a Batman, where she looked at the risks vs the benefits vs the needs of the many and the few.

She just charged in and did what she could.

Chris Pine told her she couldn’t do anything except help him with his plan, in order to stop the war and save them indirectly.

But Diana is a true warrior with the heart of a lion, man.

She helped them directly, with no nonsense, no politicizing, no planning, just action.

At the end she says love will save humanity?

That’s the kind of feminism Wonder Woman was embodying.

Wonder Woman wasn’t this lone independent operator who sneers at men who try to involve themselves in her business.

She was helped and supported by men, but it was clear that she was the star, the true hero who brought them and their plans together but also gave them a new hope, a new heart.

They were jaded by helplessness and mortal frustration, forced to fight to stand stills and accept human deaths.

She came and showed them something miraculous and wonderful: her power.

But not used to beat someone’s head in with a fucking sink.

Used to do good.

To fight for her morals, which aren’t corrupted by the human world’s greyness, not yet.

I loved this movie.

I loved this movie so much.

DC finally did good and we can stop pretending suicide squad and Batman vs superman were good.

Wonder Woman is the good DC movie.

Don’t even try to tell me BVS was better than Wonder Woman because if you genuinely believe that, either out of pride and obstinacy from all your bickering with marvel fans or out of delusional worshipping of anything DC, then I think you just like watching people beat people in slow motion and uncomfortably lofty , corporate-cut and stylized plots as interesting as watching a landscape time lapse.

Suicide squad was cut to bits by its editors, BVS suffered from some severe Snyder wanking, and justice league, I don’t know, we’ll see.

But Wonder Woman?

Best DC movie since dark knight.

God bless Patty.

I knew we needed a woman in charge to get the job done.

Now direct all sexist comments and sneering remarks about feminazis destroying your precious super hero genre with their “love” themes to my inbox where they’ll be lovingly deleted.

Cuddling With...

Request: Cuddling with anyone tbh will be gr8 thank youu

A/N: Just some drabbles about a whole bunch of people I absolutely adore to be quite honest. 

Word Count: N/A

Newt Scamander-

“Please come back to bed, (Y/N)…” A sleepy Newt called out to you as he grasped around the bed in search of your warm body. You padded out of the bathroom and smiled at his adorable and pouty self. His brown curls were messy, eyes heavily lidded due to his half awake state, and the blankets were wrapped tightly around him. 

“I’ll coming, just had to use the bathroom, Newt.” You chided and slipped back under the covers, immediately curling into his side and he sighed in content. 

“Thank you. It was quite cold without you, love.” He murmured into your hair as his arms wrapped around your body, drawing you in as close as possible. His fingers traced delicate patterns on the small of your back as his lips pressed a small kiss on your forehead. You couldn’t help but giggle at how affectionate and cute he was half asleep. Your hands went up to meet his hair and allowed your fingers to weave through the soft locks. It was going to be a lazy day and you were perfectly fine with that if it meant spending time with your favourite Hufflepuff.

Queenie Goldstein- 

Your reading time was quickly cut off when Queenie took her place beside you and poked at your arm. You set the book down, turned your head to face the woman and arched your eyebrow.

“Yes, love?” You asked, though you already knew what she wanted. It wasn’t as if you could read her mind, but she’d only interrupt you while reading if she was in dire need of attention. She smiled sweetly up to you and moved to press a kiss on your cheek tenderly. You shifted all your attention towards her, forgetting about the book’s plot. ‘Save it for another time.’ You thought. 

“Just bored is all. You’re always spending time reading instead of talking.” She commented and rested her head on your shoulder. You chuckled and rolled your eyes before proceeding to wrap your arms around her.

“You got my attention. Happy yet, gorgeous?” You asked her.

“Yes I am.” She beamed. 

Sirius Black-

“Baaabeeee.” Sirius groaned, tugging at your arm childishly as you tried to finish an essay for potions. When you didn’t immediately respond to his pleas, he moved until you could see his face and pouted, complete with the loving-yet-annoying puppy dog eyes. 

“Ten more minutes, Sirius, okay? Almost done.” You mumbled, trying to ignore his cute facial expression because the minute you looked, you melted and give into his pleas. His voice was raised about three octaves when he said, “What?!” and you looked down at him, shrugging your shoulders. The boy shook his head and picked you up before you even knew what was going on. 

“No, I want to cuddle with you right now. Your potions essay can wait, it’s not even due for a few days.” He stated and set you down on the couch by the roaring fire. You allowed him to wrap his arms around your torso, already giving up at fighting against this. He was quite warm after all and maybe you could spare thirty minutes for Sirius’ pleasure. You laid your head against his chest and deeply inhaled the scent that could only be described as Sirius. He peppered kisses along your collarbones and you hummed at his affection. 

“Not so bad, is it, baby?” He muttered against your skin and you merely giggled in response. Not so bad, indeed.

Remus Lupin-

How you two ended up, limbs tangled together, with books strewn everywhere on the bed, was a mystery to you both. One minute you had been studying late into the night with each other, and then you two were cuddling. Not the worst thing to be doing on a chilly night, you had to admit.

“Remus…” You murmured to the boy as you gently tapped a rhythm on his chest while he rubbed small circles on your shoulder blades, relieving the tension that built up over the past few days. He stopped what he was doing and looked at you and pecked your nose.

“Yes, my love?” He acknowledged while tugging your body closer to his. 

“Just wanted to say I’m thankful for you, is all.” You chirped and kissed his jawline. He, in return, gave you a lazy smile and moved his head down to give you a proper kiss on the lips. You smiled against his lips, giddy for who knows what. Probably because you were with Remus and finally got to relax after a stressful week. 

“As am I.”  

Draco Malfoy-

“Draco, I’m cold.” You complained and opened your arms up, hoping he’d take the invite and come cuddle with you. When he didn’t look over right away, you pouted and let out an exasperated sigh. That got his attention and he looked over at you, eyebrow arched and a smirk adorning his lips.

“I’ll take care of that.” He drawled and approached you. The boy sat down beside you then moved your frame until you were resting comfortably in his lap. You giggled and began to pepper kisses along his jawline and neck. Draco responded by squeezing your waist and leaning his head back. 

“Warmer now,  princess?” He chuckled and lowered his head to capture your lips with his own. Your arms moved to wrap around his neck, brushing the platinum locks at the base of his neck. You pulled away from him and beamed. 

“Always warmer with you around, Draco.” With this statement, he pulled you closer to his body and nodded his head, content with your answer. You could hear him mutter a ‘good’ under his breath, making you smile. 

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everyone’s out here uploading their fan art for ethan @crankgameplays and pictures with him and i wanted to do something to show him how much he matters to me… so i wrote him a song.

i did my best to make it NOT creepy and i think i did pretty darn well! although to be fair, I am studying songwriting in university and I AM technically a professional musician.

ethan, i really really hope you see this and i hope you know how important you are to ME and to countless other people.

blue haired boy, i adore you <3


I feel like I could ramble a lot, but I’ll keep it short and sweet with a simple thank you. I got to work on some of the things I’m most proud of this year. I only hope I can continue to work with people and projects that mean the world to me. I got to meet and hang out with people I admire and adore and who have very special places in my heart and IT’S BEEN A VERY GOOD YEAR OKAY. I appreciate every little ounce of support and encouragement and sharing and lets keep building eachother up <3


anonymous asked:

When you get this you must say one nice thing about at least five of your favorite blogs. Then copy and paste in each of their boxes <33

*cracks knuckles*

@austennerdita2533 - Ashlee is the actual bundle of joy and remains positive in the face of hurdles and difficulties and it’s a trait I just admire in her so much. Also, she always treats people with kindness and is incredibly open-minded. AAAAAND, last but not least, she has a superb sense of humour and her crack drabbles never fail to make me laugh, just like her “analytical”/meta posts/drabbles never fail to make me cry!

@garglyswoof - Kelly, I think, is one of the most awesome and considerate people I’ve met. She’s got heaps of talent and her music taste is ON POINT and I love it when she casually links me to stuff she thinks I might like (and she’s always right - I do like it!). Capable of writing stuff that makes me think about it days after I’ve read it and this is basically how I recognize quality writing <3

@fanfantasticworld - Jo is super talented and her edits always make me swoon so much (like the KC Cinderella one? forever impressed!) - and she’s learned it all from scratch by herself! More than that, she’s always ready to help out those less adept at PS <3

@lclrgsl - Luce might be a professional troll but she’s also a talented artist! I love her writing - it’s so original and full of emotion and intimacy (go read her stuff now!). She also makes edits and I can say the same thing about them - so original and beautiful :)

@howeverlongs - Paula is evil and that’s the best thing I can say about her xD

LOL - just kidding! Paula IS evil but she’s also cute and a great friend. Her edits never fail to make me feel things and they’re just so beautiful and basically leave me a sobbing mess. We’re forever planning revenge on each other but that’s just how we show our love <3

@highfaenesta - Sabah’s blog is full of nessian and Nesta quality content. She constantly bullies me into writing more pushes me to write more nessian and her support of my writing is unwavering - which really motivates me to try to do better :) Also, she’s the first to defend her friends :)

@purestheartslove - Mimi…I will be forever amazed at how fierce and focused and strong-willed she is. Not to mention her creative mind and beautiful writing! I’m so glad I’ve got to get to know her :)

Fig chatter! (Q/A)
First off, i just wanna say thank you so much to everyone for all the super nice and encouraging notes! It always makes me to happy to see that my work is making people happy and your notes really help to motivate me to do my best at this comic!

Yep!!! That manga is one of my favorite things in the whole world so it really really influenced my comic.

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WHAT IS IT LIKE PLAYING CLARY FRAY? An absolute dream. Clary is a flawed hero who learns from her mistakes and always fights for the people she loves. This story means so much to people and its an honour to get to bring a character like this to life. Also, the skills that I am learning on the job creatively, physically, and otherwise are so beneficial. I am working on a show I love, on a character that has continual growth and evolution, with people I adore, in a world where there is never a dull moment – I really couldn’t ask for more. (Kat McNamara for Popular TV Magazine 2017)


WHAT IS IT LIKE PLAYING CLARY FRAY? - An absolute dream. Clary is a flawed hero who learns from her mistakes and always fights for the people she loves. This story means so much to people and its an honor to get to bring a character like this to life. Also, the skills that I am learning on the job creatively, physically, and otherwise are so beneficial. I am working on a show I love, on a character that has continual growth and evolution, with people I adore, in a world where there is never a dull moment – I really couldn’t ask for more. (katherine mcnamara for popular tv magazine 2017)