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what do you mean Lana sat on your lap? how when why did that happen omg!!!

I got on one knee and said “sit here” and tapped my leg :D Then she said “I would love to sit!” :D Then I thanked her and she said “Thank you! I needed that!”. We hugged and then I said “I can stay here forever, if you need me to” :D She just kept laughing and it was brilliant!! You can see the picture here [x]!!


!!!!! He remembered me and then this happened. I tried to turn to put my arm around joe but it didn’t really work


2nd best night of my life (next to otra Pitt) bc I met Nate Ruess and we got 3 encores and his stage presence is amazing and omg I could go on forever basically I’m super lucky and blessed and wow life is so fantastic he’s the most incredible performer and he was so surprised when I told him I sing Just Give Me a Reason in my room and he’s so cute aghh I love him

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Omg what, you met JMo? Where? what did you do?

Yeah, I met her in London by the hotel she’s staying at!! She was so nice and cute! I asked for a picture and when I stood next to her I said ‘oh my god I’m gonna die!’ and she turned to face me and said ‘aww, don’t die!’ It was soo cute! Then I said that I’m meeting Lana in Paris and how great it would have been if she was there too and she said that nobody invited her.. Then I asked for a hug and she was like ‘yeah, sure!’ And then I asked for an autograph and my notebook was a mess but we found an empty page and she signed it. I think she would have stayed longer but all the paparazzi were flashing their cameras like crazy so she went inside. I was feeling so many emotions all at once, I just fell on my knees on the pavement right there in front of the hotel and almost stated sobbing (but remembered that I was wearing makeup, so I held myself together). It was amazing but everything happened so fast!