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This series was created by the same people behind “Parks and Recreation” and it would be such a shame to see it go unnoticed, so let me try to perk your interest.

1) The main character is a man of color who is an award winning journalist.

2) It’s very rare for shows to have women of various ages, sizes and skin colors who are all seen as beautiful and desirable at some point, not just because of their bodies but their personalities and skills too.

3) The most masculine man in the show is a farmer who is gentle, caring and gay, so a classic bear.

4) The priest is a Latino man who is really into funk music.

5) It’s both funny, delightfully creepy at times, and emotional but non of the emotional moments are forced or take up too much time.

6) All the characters (aliens included) are complex and interesting with real flaws.

7) The aliens have a different concept of sexuality and doesn’t understand gay or straight. Some think interspecies is taboo though.

8) Two male aliens are in love.

9) The show has such good characters it actually manages to make you like the rich white guy who wears a V-neck and insist on eating a paleo diet.

10) If you love modern alien lore or want to know more about it, this is the show. It gets everything right.

11) Things make sense. You’ll think the show is just being weird a first, but as the plot unfolds you’’ll realize why characters behaved the way they did in the first episodes.

So please give this show a try. You can watch it on TBS’s site, and if you live outside the US just google “People of Earth streaming” and you’ll find it. (I know I know, but what are us poor non-Americans supposed to do)


People of Earth - Favorite Scenes [1/ ∞]

Don at the Alien Experiencer Expo

+ Bonus:


This illustration is so hard to take a photo of because of the silver accents and dark gradient 😭

Anyways, I’m surprised there aren’t as many people talking about People of Earth? The writing is absolutely clever and funny, but is absolutely serious when it needs to be. The cast is amazing and diverse, including unique women and LGBT characters. Also aliens are in this show. There’s aliens. Please watch it man

All the canon romances from “People of Earth”. I don’t think I’ve ever been this interested in all romances in a show before.

Drawing this I realized only Gerry and Yvonne are happily together now. Everyone else are still in the rough beginnings.

Father Doug and Chelsea can’t be together because she’s married and he’s a Catholic priest. I’m not sure if they’ll ever get together for real because they’re being fairly adult about the whole thing and might decide to put their romance on ice for good unless Chelsea’s husband fucks up again.

Don and Kelly isn’t working out too well so far because he can’t bring himself to tell her he’s an alien. I do think they’ll be end game eventually though.

Jeff and Kurt will probably get together too in the future, but right now Jeff is too ashamed of being in love with someone who isn’t from the same species as him. He’s still mocking Don for falling in love with a human after all.

I just love this show so much you guys.

Stupid “People of Earth” fanart.

The main character Ozzie doesn’t understand why his boss Jonathan, who is (apparently) younger than him, acts so weird around him. He makes Ozzie drink stuff because it’s healthy, makes him fancy coffee, and eventually stalks him all the way to another state when Ozzie quits his job, and even buys the new company Ozzie ends up working for. Ozzie tries really really hard to show Jonathan that he hates him, but Jonathan just does not get it.

At first Ozzie wonders if maybe Jonathan is in love with him, but he eventually realize Jonathan isn’t a stalker with a crush. He is in fact an alien who is several hundred years older than Ozzie and he has been protecting Ozzie from the alien agenda ever since he was a child. He is basically acting like an overbearing mother who won’t let Ozzie out of his sight, fearing that he might be hurt. Jonathan’s actions are still weird, but as the shows goes on they become more understandable.

What’s really interesting about their relationship is that Wyatt Cenac, who plays Ozzie, had a somewhat similar relationship with his mother who didn’t understand that he hated her and kept showing up unannounced despite him trying to keep her away.

So I first thought Jonathan was supposed to be a father figure of sorts, but it turns out he’s more of a mother figure. Shit’s getting deep.

Woke up to a new episode of People of Earth, and Jeff fucking kissed Kurt back to life. The saga of the interspecies space gays continues.

I’m forever impressed with how much emotion the practical effects people can wring out of Jeff’s face. When Eric told him to destroy Kurt’s body Jeff looked DEVASTATED.

I was planning for this to have more of a silly Sleeping Beauty vibe, but somehow I ended up here.