From an early age, Asian artists are taught to erase ourselves and other people of color. But self-love puts us back in the picture.

It’s easy to beat ourselves up for centering/privileging whiteness—which I’ve done in my previous works. But it’s not mutually exclusive to be proud of those works, and still recognize our failings and limitations that we need to work on.

It’s not wholly incumbent on creators of color to dismantle racist institutions on our own (the responsibility lies primarily with the white people who built them), but we can and should do our best to push back on these systems whenever possible.

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The story of Exodus, describing the Israelites’ escape from slavery in Egypt, is missing. The editors left out entire books and large portions of others; their selections stressed obedience, submission, and acceptance.
This isn’t any different than how many white evangelical churches operate today. They may not physically remove passages but they cherrypick to promote particular views. They use the Bible to support white supremacy and silence POC.

can we crush the myth that just bc one group is oppressed it means they cant oppress others

white women can still be racist

gay men can still be sexist

black women can still be transphobic

you get it, now spread this bc im tired of having to meet shit arguments like “but im oppressed, u cant call me out blah blah blah”

About Sexiest Man Alive...

I already know I am going to offend some people out there when I make this post, but this whole thing with Blake Shelton getting sexiest man alive has made me really mad. You pick this baked chicken over all these men of color? Like literally there are so many beautiful men of color out there! “The Sexiest Man Alive” is a scam that is mostly dominated by white men! Denzel is the only African-American male I know of that has got this ridiculous title. Like what the hell? So I have made a small list of some men of color that I think could bless a cover of Peoples magazine: 

(I picked people in my opinion that I thought fit the bill better than Blake Shelton)

(Ps. Peoples Magazine, you are a joke :))

  • Idris Elba

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  • Rami Malek

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  • Isaiah Mustafa

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  • Jason Momoa

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  • Chadwick Boseman

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  • Steven Yeun

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  • Jesse Williams

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  • Harry Shum Jr.

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All of these are in my opinion. I am just tired of American Media being mainly “white“. America is supposed to be a “melting pot” but it’s not. White ran media is over everything. There are multiple people of color out there and giving Blake Shelton Sexiest Man Alive in my opinion was brainless and stupid. There are so many other celebrities they could have chosen.