people can say that levi is okay all they want

The book has a maroon jacket and embossed spine. It’s older, and he can tell when he picks it up and leafs through the pages. The musty smell reaches his nose and makes him sneeze into his arm. With a sniffle, he fans through the book, and it doesn’t take him long to realize it was one of Erwin’s.

His heart seizes, and he leaves the book open in his lap. He thinks about Erwin every day, sometimes every second, but Erwin’s never a surprise. Thinking of him is a constant, and the physical things that conjure Erwin are cataloged and sterilized. When Levi encounters them, he does so with bravery. Indifference. He has Erwin compartmentalized at this point into his psyche. The only place Erwin could affect him is in his dreams.

But this book. This book is different. It has Levi spooked, and he isn’t sure how to move forward. He turns a page. The language is old, the information flowery and, at this point, incorrect. It must have been Erwin’s father’s, and somehow having that knowledge made the book that much more difficult to hold. Another page and he discovers it’s talking about the ocean. His breathing gets caught in his chest as he reads.

Oceans are bodies of water with high salt content. They can range in color depending on location, from deep sapphire to gleaming turquoise. It is predicted that the ocean covers more of the surface of the world than land. Nobody has ever been able to touch the deepest depth of an ocean. Strange creatures are thought to originate under the surface.

Levi slaps the book shut and places it next to him. He brings his knees up to his chest and wraps his arms around his legs.

It wasn’t anything like that. The ocean was beautiful and living and moving. It was vast and mysterious and deep. It tasted different, like an exotic delicacy. And he supposed at the time that it was. They had never tasted freedom like that before–and that’s all the ocean was.


His chest grows tight, and there’s a sound emitting from his throat that’s foreign and hoarse. God dammit, he should have been there. He should have been at his side, their cloaks catching the wind like the sails of the ships illustrated on the book pages. He had fought the longest and hardest out of all of them. He got them all here. If it wasn’t for him…

The sob comes out long and hard, and Levi has never felt something shake through him so violently. His moaning cry echoes in the room as the tears pool and drop from his eyes. It wasn’t anything like that. It wasn’t some simple pages on a piece of paper. It was so fucking beautiful and Erwin wasn’t there. He wasn’t there, and it was the ugliest thing he had ever seen in his whole life. He hated the ocean. He fucking hated it.

His hands ball into his hair as he pushes his forehead into his knees. He struggles to breathe, but he doesn’t care. His sobs turn silent as he gasps in air. Erwin wasn’t there, and he’s not here now, and he can’t fucking stand it. Tears fall salty like the waters of the ocean, and he wishes so badly to drown in them.

The text above is an excerpt from a ficlet my lovely @gouguruheddo wrote for this pic to rip my heart completely into pieces <3 Thank you love.

Okay, I know that this has been discussed numerous times before by many people (including myself), but I still keep seeing it whenever I’m scrolling through Tumblr or watching videos on Youtube. And this can go to any ship in any fandom, but for right now, I’m speaking out to all Ereri and Riren shippers when I say this.

Switching is a thing, okay?

You can have Levi be a top and Eren be a bottom all you want, but when I see you, a Riren shipper, lashing out at Ereri shippers for liking a bottom Levi, you honestly and truly disgust me. Even after all the hate and shit that we get spat into our faces for even shipping these two in a romantic relationship, you go out and throw trash at your own family. Your shipping family. How is that any better than the antis? What does it prove? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All you are doing is preventing more unconditional love and trust between these two.

They can switch. They can take turns. They can be lovers. They can share. Sharing is caring. It’s a thing. It’s a thing.

If you’re making Eren the bottom in their relationship, you do not have to make it seem like Eren’s never seen or heard of a gym in his life just so that he could fit into your role model of an “uke”. Eren is not unfit. If you haven’t noticed, Eren has an eight pack. Yeah, an eight pack. Let me say that one more time to make it clear.

An eight pack. (Or a ten pack judging by which scene you look at)

So please don’t make Eren seem like this fragile guy who can’t top because he’s “too small”. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a bottom Eren, but I absolutely hate it when he’s made out to be some uke. Same thing goes out to the Ereri shippers who make our ripped little midget out to be a pathetic bundle of sticks because of his height. You do not have to change their physical attributes to make them better fit into the roles of a submissive and a dominate.

Plus, in all honesty I feel like if either of them were to bottom, they’d be glorious power bottoms. All muscle, raw want, and sweat. Their characters hate not putting up a fight, so I can see the two of them barking out exactly what they want with a whole lot of determination laced in their voices. They also seem like the kind of pair to have really rough sex.

But if they were to make love, I feel like they’d reserve those moments for the most vulnerable and emotionally bare time of day for them - nighttime. The only time where they can be alone and be the caring and loving characters that they are. Especially Eren. Eren just seems like the kind of character who’d praise Levi into the next century. Especially since he already worships the guy with every fiber in his body. Levi on the other hand looks like the kind of guy who would love going missionary with the little stinker. Mainly because I honestly feel like Levi would much rather watch Eren’s expressions for any sign of discomfort or pain all because of his overwhelming need to make sure that the squirt is okay and that he’s not hurting him at any given moment. Time to cue the protective Levi who would constantly have his hands on Eren’s body to make sure that he’s really there with him and alive and well.

Uh oh. I’m getting carried away with headcanons :’)

Anyways, all I’m trying to say is that you can have your preference about their relationship, but please don’t go around saying “bottom Eren is way better than bottom Levi” or “Levi would never be a bottom” when that’s obviously not true. And to those that literally lash out with death threats and hateful comments, why don’t you go and have someone fuck your asshole? See what it’s like to have something larger than a shit shoved in your ass. Maybe then you’d understand the importance of switching.

Sharing is caring, bitches.

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there needs to be an omegaverse au were levi and eren are both alphas but then one of them finds their omega 'soulmate' but they cant help but fall in love with each other and it must be pure angst and pining

Oh anon, idk how to break it to you but…I am not a fan of omegaverse. Even when both of them are omegas/alphas (and they’re ALWAYS one or the other, never betas), even when enthusiastic consent is given, it still feels rapey. Maybe it’s because omegaverse acts like your soulmate is the best thing that can ever happen to you (because family and friends take silver in the relationship olympics -_-;;) and that extreme jealousy is not only permitted but biologically accepted.

If I ever write an omegaverse fic both Eren and Levi will be betas. There will be no heat for them to go into or possessiveness or *shudder* knotting. Just a couple of betas. Doing beta things.

It started like a pulse in his chest, a small flutter like a bird struggling to break free from its cage. It set him on edge.

Or it was heartburn. He did have chili fries for lunch.

“I get like that when my mate is upset too,” Petra said consolingly.


Eren had never thought of Levi like that before. Sure he loved him. Sure they’d been together for nearly a year but…mate? He didn’t even like to think about the m-word.

Also he was fairly sure the last time he’d felt like this it was because Armin was panicking over his Econ exam. Or when Mikasa broke her arm in a training match. These connections weren’t just limited to mates after all.

So based solely on heartburn the Beta called Levi.

“What’s wrong?” Levi asked immediately.

“Oh I called because I thought you were upset.”

Levi’s sigh echoed statick-y in Eren’s ear.

“I’m just having an existential crisis here in the grocery store. Staring at 2-ply.”

Eren didn’t say anything but he felt for his boyfriend. He’d recently lost his job and was back on the market, but times were hard.

“I forgot what kind of toilet paper we get,” Levi said in his low flat voice. “Normally I just buy the cheap stuff but you can’t do that with toilet paper. Not unless you want a paper mess on your ass. So do we get the one with the baby or the bears?”

“The one with the quilting ladies,” Eren answered. “You okay?”

“No, I am not okay, some omega is just going around leaving sad, weird pheromones everywhere and all I want to do is go grocery shopping and go home and now here I am contemplating life over tp.”

Eren hid a smile.

“Why don’t you get some food okay? You always feel better after you eat.”

Eren could hear him abandoning his cart and heading for the Starbucks. After a few moments of him munching on the other end, the anxiety in Eren’s chest subsided.

“Better?” Eren asked.

“Yeah,” Levi grunted.

“You know someone called you my mate the other day and said soon I’d be feeling what you felt.”

There was a hitch of breath and an uncomfortable silence.

“I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the m-word.”

“That’s what I told her!” Eren said, relief flooding through his body. “I don’t really like the word. It sounds like something from a soap opera where the viscount takes the peasant girl as his mate.”

Levi chuckled lowly.

“So I had an epiphany today,” Eren switched topics quickly.

“Oh yeah.”


There was a pause and Levi couldn’t tell if Eren was being dramatic or if he was waiting for Levi.


“I’m fine with…not being special.”


“No I mean, for a long time I thought if I wasn’t an Alpha or an Omega then I was…just…weak? Or inferior? Lacking somehow?”

On the other end Levi was silent. Eren didn’t know if he was chewing over what he said or just chewing.

“I didn’t really know you felt that way.”

“Well I’m not a strong Alpha like Mikasa and I’m not you know…desirable like an Omega but that’s okay. Regular people are needed too.”

“Well I think you’re special,” Levi said bluntly. “I mean, not in spite of being a Beta because I love being a Beta and I love you being a Beta. I mean you don’t need to be…all these things. You can just be you. I love you. I want you to be happy. Ah shit I’m not good at saying the right thing.”

“I am happy.”


Eren felt pleasantly warm and a surge of affection for his partner.

“What are we having for dinner tonight?” Levi asked suddenly. “Because if I’m at the store I could grab—”

“That leftover lasagna.”


“Alright, I need to get back to work. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


So I met troye again! I can defiantly say that I won’t be needing to meet him again for a while I got to say everything I wanted to say to him plus he said happy birthday to me and followed me on twitter - I also met a bunch of other really cool people so :) (I want to write cool things about meeting each person but I filmed it all and it’s going up soon and I just really love troye okay)