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TFW you fall asleep at some BS time like 9:30pm and wake up at 5am the next day wondering wtf happened to you

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i think bi recommended you in a post and i checked your blog out and went "heck heah" because you ship soonseok/post about our lovely sunshiney dokyeomie so here we are~ <3

omfg bi as an admin bi from fyseokmin??? if thats true im highkey shook because senpai status in terms of supporting seokmin by pretty much running an fyeah blog all by herself. 

im glad to hear that you also like soonoseok and seokmin as well. the more supporters the better ^_^

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9 Ways To Attract Toxic People Into Your Life

1. Drama - the more conflict the better. Toxic people thrive in situations that revolve around drama. When involved in a lot of conflict - both internally and externally - we attract those who love drama.

2. Don’t look within - it might reveal the truth. Ignoring true feelings is part of what makes people toxic. Refusing to acknowledge that which is hurting from within is a great way to attract others who are doing the same.

3. Denial - you are perfect, everyone else has a problem. Toxic people are usually narcissists - they believe they can do no wrong and will find a reason to project their hurt onto others. They usually tend to attract others who behave in the same way and then complain about it.

4. Revenge - they need to pay. Indeed, there are times when revenge feels like it would be the best course of action - this path leads to pettiness and attracts toxicity. Toxic people feel the need to get back at people who have wronged them even in the slightest of ways - maybe if someone looked at them wrong.

5. Distract yourself - anything to stop you from checking yourself. Whether it’s sex, video games, drugs, food or television - use everything around you to stop you from addressing who you are, what you’ve done and who you’re becoming.

6. Don’t learn - what do experiences have to teach you? Refuse to learn from anything that’s happened to you and instead project your pain and confusion onto others to make yourself feel better about it. 

7. Disrespect - no one is better than you. Young, old, sick, healthy - no one deserves your compassion and that’s why you have the right to look down at them. Judge everyone for the way they live their lives and think you are better than them because they’re not you.

8. Gossip - a great use of time. Think of someone you don’t like, be nice to their face and then talk bad about them behind their back. If there’s nothing bad to say - create rumours. If no one believes those rumours - set up conflicts and situations in that person’s life so you can talk with others about them. Anything is better than having to talk about yourself and what’s going on in your life.

9. Entitlement - everyone owes you something. Hard work? Forget that, the world owes you everything. Everyone you meet should be nice to you, they should bow to your feet and present you with gifts just for being present. If they don’t - then you have the right to take whatever you need from them - love, money, attention.

These are great ways for you to become toxic and thereby attract toxic people into your life, after all you’ve got to become that which you seek to have it manifest in your life.

You attract what you are - so become what you want.

Peace & positive vibes.

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