people awake on tumblr

Extra! Extra! Ask all about it!

I have a few asks in my inbox that I’ll probably sit down and answer tomorrow after work. Thursday is the start of my nine day vacation. Please feel free to send me probing anons about the Mindy Project or the films I’ve been reblogging or maybe even about moi (I rarely talk about myself but it’s not for lack of wanting to. I’m a narcissist that never gets asked :P). I enjoy talking to you people. Also, it’s extremely likely that if you send me a genuine ask, I will follow you (I haven’t followed anyone in so long, I need to get on that)

HELLO, all of tumblr and followers!

I’m looking for someone who specializes in sketching tattoo ideas! Or does art commissions and wouldn’t mind me using it for a tattoo! I have an idea for a tattoo, but I have NO IDEA how I want it to look. I would prefer someone who is skilled in the art of sketching snakes! I don’t need it to be SUPER realistic, but I don’t want it to be cartoony (so, relatively realistic I guess).

If anyone knows someone who would do this, point me in their direction please!

aw man I should’ve posted when everyone’s awake. Is anyone awake in the Americas? maybe some EuroAsia people will respond who knows this is tumblr anyone could be awake at this very moment I could be summoning a nightblogger

Two guys I used to have a thing with are now both in their own respective relationships, and I’m still over here like what? I don’t mind being single, but it makes me uncomfortable to see guys I could have seen myself dating, dating other people.

Side note: no one is awake so I brought it to tumblr.

It's 3 f*cking AM...

and I’m wiiiiiide awake. Yep. This is the life, people! Laying in bed, posting to Tumblr on a 5 year old cracked iPod touch, in a dark room, staring out the window…

…anywho, I finally got the replacement nibs for my tablet’s pen so I can finally do my drawing properly on my computer and not with 1/16th of a nib…