China Abandons One-Child Policy

Today, China abandoned its 35 year-old one-child policy. 

Based on the now debunked threat of overpopulation that was popularized by Stanford University scholar Paul Ehrlich, the communist government subjected the Chinese people to forced sterilizations and abortions. Many new-born babies were either killed or left to die. 

Today, the Chinese population suffers from a dangerous gender imbalance that favors boys over girls at a ratio of 117:100, and a demographic implosion that threatens future economic growth and prosperity. 

The one-child policy is a reminder of what happens when governments are allowed to interfere in deeply personal decisions of individual citizens and their families.


February 21st 1848: Communist Manifesto published

On this day in 1848, the Manifesto of the Communist Party - now known as The Communist Manifesto - was published. It was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, often considered the founding fathers of communism, on behalf of the London-based Communist League. Engels laid the foundations for the theory, and had been drafting a treatise on communism for some years until he collaborated with Marx who developed his work and proposed the leading principles. The main ideas expressed in the manifesto are chiefly that capitalism and class struggle (between the proletariat and bourgeoisie) have been the chief concerns of society throughout history. Marx and Engels theorised that capitalism would be replaced by socialism and then communism, fulfilling their vision of global communism. Their work has been incredibly influential, and communism has become the ideological basis of several states including the Soviet Union and the People’s Republic of China.

“anti-authoritarian” leftists should read more “authoritarian” shit tbh. Maoism and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution has a lot to say about opposing the new elite / attacking interpersonal hierarchies in a state socialist society. Mao writes about how in a socialist society the bourg is within the communist party itself and rails against state capitalism. Marxist-Leninists who follow Lenin’s line on imperialism write interesting shit too - ‘Labour: a party fit for imperialism’ is written by pretty “authoritarian” Leninists but most anarchos would sympathise with the analysis of how the TUC and Labour Party repress struggle and fail to represent the most oppressed workers.


Today is the 27th anniversary of Tank Man’s bold act of civil disobedience against the Chinese military who just days before violently put down a democratic uprising against the Communist Party.

Ever since I learned about Tank Man in high school I’ve idolized him. He’s been my computer desktop background for years, and I even bought a canvas of the photo and have it hanging on my wall in my apartment.

We have no idea who he is or the fate he met for standing against a massive column of tanks, but I think if we all wish to see a free society in our life time we should be prepared to obstruct, even with our own bodies, the gross injustices perpetrated by the state.

I also really enjoy the symbolism of him holding grocery bags. It shows the dichotomy between voluntary cooperation in the marketplace and the brutal violence of state power and authority.

I’ve included the lesser-known wide angle shot so you can get a real feeling for just how profound his actions were.

Be like Tank Man.