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Victuuri 52

“you can bite me,” yuuri says during the later hours of the Vampire-Human Awareness Symposium to the fucking president of Vampires For Change.  they’re in ballroom C after yuuri had too many bloody marys (ha), and blew off victor’s attempt to thrall him on the dance floor.  yuuri’s since pulled him away, but victor feels like he’s the one under a spell, if any.  his mouth is on yuuri’s pulse, the warm curve of his neck inviting, but he can’t bring himself to bite.

“i can’t,” victor says.  “god, i want to.”

“please?” yuuri tries, but–

“you’re so drunk,” victor says.  “it would get me drunk.  i couldn’t let myself.”

he would eat yuuri alive.  he would turn yuuri, and selfishly force yuuri to an eternity with him. he would do a hundred awful things and tamp the shame away into dust.  

“some ‘international playboy people magazine’s sexiest vampire under thirty,’“ yuuri says, making exaggerated quotation marks with his fingers.  victor’s still, dead heart swells.

“you saw that?” he asks.

“sometimes i scratch neck when i’m jerking off and pretend it’s you,” yuuri says. “please, do it. you think i work at a human-vampire non-profit for the money?  no, it’s this– it’s you, it’s wanting to know you.” 

victor doesn’t bite him.  at least not then.  maybe a year later, he sinks his teeth into the neck of another yuuri, the one he gets to know, the one who has eyes wide open and a silver ring on his finger burning a hole where it rests over victor’s heart. 

“Babe”- Seth Rollins

Prompt: Seth And Reader can’t stand each other constantly fighting but it’s cause they like each other.

Whenever Seth Rollins would walk towards you backstage or his theme music would start or you just hear his voice you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. From the moment he turned on Dean and Roman and became the most arrogant person backstage, you just wanted to punch him in the face. 

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