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bucky tell us a story about darcy

darcy lewis goes drinking with thor.

that alone should be enough to send your imaginations spinning off to wild places, but that, my friends, is only where our story begins.
it is also something you should know, just in general, in case you happen to encounter darcy lewis.
she’s tazed a god twice, and she goes drinking with thor. on a regular basis.
the first time thor wanted to go drinking after i showed up, lewis was there too. and naturally, if thor was going out so was she. neither of them knew us newbie avengers well yet, but being sociable sort of people, they invited us to tag along. scott immediately agreed, but sam was caught up doing some beta testing in the labs with tony, and said he would catch up when they were done.
so darcy, thor, scott and i went out drinking.
fun fact about thor: it takes him approximately one million alcohols to get drunk, but once he’s there, he likes to sing. preferably epic ballads of victory in battle, but he’s pretty much game for any catchy song that will get a bar excited. that being the case, lewis and thor’s go-to midgardian bar is a karaoke joint.
im sure you begin to see where things are going wrong.
fun fact about darcy lewis? she can also hold her alcohol, but cannot carry at tune. like. at all.
that doesnt stop her from singing, mind you. gotta respect a lady who knows shes terrible but enjoys herself anyway.
scott apparently loves karaoke. i dont know why that surprised me, but it did. even more surprising? hes not actually that bad, although like 90% of his song choices were bruce springsteen. no clue why. anyway, thor was delighted by having a buddy who was not only willing but able to sing with him, and after scott got over his star-struck-ness they had a pretty great time.
it was a good thing that thor and lewis went to that bar on the regular, because im sure any place that hadnt been prepared for them would have kicked all of us out. as it was, they finally booted us out the door after a rousing rendition of ‘wrecking ball’ had most of the bar on their feet. and broke two tables.
(thor apparently settles his tab there in asgardian gold, so no hard feelings from the bartenders.)
the night was young and all of us had enough booze in our systems that we decided to catch a cab back to the tower and see if we could rope anyone else into some shennanigans. thor was buzzed at least, which for thor means his voice is even boomier and his gestures are more expansive–you gotta be ready to duck. scott was drunk, no question about it, and that was probably why theyd wound up singing wrecking ball in the first place. scott’s a cheerful if floppy, “ i love you, i love all of you guys, i love everyone in this bar ” kind of drunk, and was mostly travelling by merit of being wrapped around thors bicep. i was a little buzzed myself, and lewis had had nearly as much as i did. remarkably, she seemed to be chugging along pretty well, some weaving and slurring aside. the lady lives up to her god-tazing reputation.
anyway, we got out of the cab at the tower and started making our way to the doors. scott had partially detached from thors arm and needed extra support, so i was helping keep him from capsizing while lewis trailed a few steps behind the three of us, making color commentary of our three stooges act.
and then out of nowhere, she just…yelled.
all three of us whipped around as quickly as three drunk superpeople can, just in time to see darcy lewis dish out what looked to be a pretty dang textbook perfect roundhouse kick to the chest of some poor guy.
the guy went down. lewis went down too, because the kick had totally overbalanced her. thor and i dropped scott and ran over to help.
which was when sam sat up and said ‘that was a hell of a kick’
because apparently hed finished up his testing and gone out to catch up with us, made it partway down the block to call a cab, then saw us getting out of our taxi. he jogged back–not being particularly stealthy, but we were drunk–and put his hand on lewis’s shoulder to get her attention.
lewis, having pretty poor vision even sober, and worse vision when drunk and without her glasses, just saw some big male figure who’d popped up out of nowhere and grabbed her by the shoulder.
so naturally she kicked him in the chest.
she apologized profusely, but the rest of us thought it was pretty funny. and sam was impressed the next morning when he discovered that she’d left a visible footprint on his chest.
darcy insists she has no idea why she did it. or where she learned to kick like that.
the rest of us have just chalked it up to mysterious darcy lewis powers.

Hell is other people.

Jean-Paul Sarte’s famous quote from Being and Nothingness doesn’t mean what most people think it means.

“Sartre’s point was never that other people make your life hell. He was trying to tinker with the philosophical concept of "being for others,” which holds that people function as mirrors of our psychological understanding of ourselves. Chad the giant douche has been a douche his entire life, but his douchiness is reflected by other people’s reactions to him. The more people he interacts with, the more of his faults he will be forced to recognize via their actions.“


Ask Me!Rules for Requesting


  1. !! WARNING!! Reaction to You Having a Past Violent Relationship and Sometimes Flinching Away From Their Touch…
  2. Reaction to Another Guy Flirting With You, but You Are Oblivious to it…
  3. Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…
  4. !!WARNING!! Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual…
  5. Reaction to Them Asking You to Wait For Them…
  6. Reaction to You Practicing Cool Back By FRAULES…
  7. !!WARNING!! Reaction to You Having a Night Terror…
  8. Reaction to Liking You, but You Like Someone Else…
  9. Reaction to Your Dog Not Letting Them Get Near You…
  10. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…
  11. Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…
  12. Reaction to Meeting Your Intimidating Brother…
  13. Reaction to You Getting a Text About Another Guy…


  1. Reaction to You Distancing Yourself Without Giving a Reason Why…
  2. Reaction to You Trusting People Too Easily…
  3. Reaction to a Girl Trying to Get Between You and Him…
  4. Reaction to You Setting Fire to the Stove…
  5. Reaction to Losing You in the Mall…
  6. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height…
  7. Reaction to You Getting Hate…
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  9. Reaction to You Being a Female Member and Falling for You…
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  4. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height…
  5. Reaction to Their S/O Loving to Drink Milk…
  6. Reaction to Their S/O Loving Panic! At the Disco…
  7. Reaction to You Leaving Korea…
  8. Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*…
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  11. Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…
  12. Reaction to Their S/O Being Powerful and Sexy in the Media…
  13. !!WARNING!! Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual…
  14. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…


  1. Reaction to Liking You, but You Like Someone Else…
  2. Reaction to You Crying During Sex…
  3. Reaction to You Leaving Korea…
  4. Reaction to You Not Telling Them You Met Your EX…
  5. Reaction to Your Cousin Saying You Should Get Married and Have Kids…

Monsta X…

  1. Reaction to Your Cousin Saying You Should Get Married and Have Kids…
  2. Reaction to You Saying Something Dirty, but Being too Innocent to Know What it Means…
  3. Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…


  1. BTS:
  • Understand… [Taehyung – fluff; due to a harmful past, Y/N is a mute who has taught herself to close off her emotions and keep people out. But when She meets the outgoing and kind Taehyung, it seems as if those rules to her life no longer have any purpose.]

Other Stuff…

  1. Zodiac Signs Spending Halloween With EXO…
3 Billion Dollars - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by shadowtina

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped. 

Genre: Fluffy with a hint of angst in this one

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15}

A/N: This is the first story I’m posting on Tumblr! I hope you like it! I will always take requests if you wanna send me any. Anyways please enjoy! 

PS: This is just part 1 and it maybe kinda slow.

not my gif

~ Admin Brooklyn

“What are we going to do?” Your mother whisper quietly to her husband. Her disappointment in your father was clear, as her face framed her emotions, all of them ranging from anger and frustration to anxiety and worry.

“I don’t know, but I’m so sorry.” Your dad said, remorse filling his voice. “I’m sorry. I’ve should’ve found a better way. I could’ve-”

“Are they coming?” Your mother cut him off, igniting a new problem in their minds.

“I don’t know. They didn’t say they would.” Your father said. As if on cue, the doorbell chimed through the house. Little three-year-old you smiled and ran towards the door.

“Mommy, Mommy someone’s here!” You giggled joyfully. As you stood in front of the door waiting for someone to open it. Your mother picked you up and carried you away from the front door.

“Sweetheart, (Y/N), go play in your room please.” You looked at your mother with wide eyes and nodded your head. She carefully set you down and you headed towards your room. Your mother watched as you climbed the steps and went to your room. The sound of the doorbell broke her trance. She looked at the door with panic and fear as she turned the knob. She plastered a smile on her face as the door swung open.

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Yuri On Ice Headcanon

Bi!Yuuri/Pan!Yuuri Coming Out

-Yuuri’s never had a bf or gf before
-Sure, he’s had some MAJOR crushes
-But Yuko’s married with kids
-And Victor is just a celeb crush
-For now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
-So, when in Detroit he figures it might be nice to tip his toe in the water
-Yuuri went on plenty of first dates, some second ones, he barely ever made it to a third date
-Usually because of that “talk” he always has to have
-“I’m bisexual”
-Yuuri stopped trying to describe Pan on the first date after one guy called him a “snowflake”
-Reactions varied
-Some people assumed that made the date a hookup and tried to coax him into sex before he was ready
-Men usually called him greedy or a cheater
-Girls assumed he was Gay and never called again
-Eventually he stopped coming out face-to-face and just announced it on his online dating profile
-That just prompted a bunch of couples to message him looking for a three way
-When Yuuri said he was monogamous it tended to go right over people’s heads
-Yuuri didn’t come out to Victor until after their kiss at the Cup of China
-He just didn’t see a need
-He was sweating bullets the night he did
-He sat Victor down and just came out with it
-“I LIKE MEN!!!”
-Noooooo, Victor!? REALLY???
-“I just thought we were screaming our sexual preferences”
-Victor spends the rest of the night screaming “I LIKE YUURI KATSUKI” at anyone who will listen


the members praised him so quickly, this is so precious :’) + his thankful reaction

My Bread and Butter

While shopping at the local market, Adrien attracts some attention.

This oneshot was inspired by @ryuusadesu and some of her own venting! And of course my brain—every time I see something remotely cute, I think about how the situation would apply to the lovesquare/ML universe!!

(ao3 link)

Hope you enjoy reading!

Adrien walked down the market sidewalk, hands already slightly full of groceries he had already purchased. The morning sun lazily made its way through the slight overcast and streamed across the various overhangs and openings, making Adrien smile as he looked skywards, already noting the few breaks in the clouds.

Today was going to be a lovely day.

He shuffles some of the bags in his hands in order to glance at the list in his pocket. Just about everything on the list has been taken care of, and it’s then that a selection of baguettes at a nearby stand catches his eye.

Chatting briefly with the vendor, Adrien selects a fresh baguette, tucking it under an arm as he pays for it, nodding in thanks before continuing down the market.

As he walks, the grocery items on display are switched out for flowers, colours blooming and petals unfolding in the soft wind. Just before he really delves into the flower area of the market, a tug from the inside of his jacket gives him pause.

He looks up to see a cheese stall. Wheels of cheese piled high, samples displayed on a cutting board. A sharp smell overpowers the bouquets next door and Adrien chuckles before whispering down into his jacket.

“I already brought you Camembert,” he chuckles lowly, shaking one of the bags in his hand.

“But Adrien,” comes a voice from his jacket, “I have a very advanced palette! All cheese should be tasted!”

Sighing out a half-hearted sigh, Adrien walks over to the cheese seller, laughing at the excited wiggles in his jacket.

Once armed with another bag—this one carrying its own special scent—Adrien makes his way into the flower area of the market. Bright colours and sweet scents fill the air and Adrien pauses, wondering if he could manage carrying a bouquet all the way home, along with all the bags he already has.

He was pondering an arrangement of delicate lilacs and tulips when a sudden whistle from behind him causes him to jump.

The sound made him immediately blush on instinct. It had been years since he modelled professionally but still the attention and reaction it garnered from people left him embarrassed.

On instinct he lifts a hand up to scratch the back of his head, only to quickly realize his hand was much too full to accomplish such a task. Instead he stands up straight, masking his face with composure and finesse, as he was taught to do so.

He was an adult. He could most definitely handle himself. And besides that he was not an object to be objectified over. It had happened so many times before, a loud wolf whistle, followed by excited screams. Someone asking for a selfie or autograph…some people getting far too comfortable with touching him. At worst he would just have to politely excuse himself was all. He was fine.

Holding his head up high, and with some pink still staining his cheeks, Adrien turned around—

Only to burst out laughing at the familiar face the met.

There she stood before him, one hand cradling piles of flowers and the other holding a half-full basket. The small mischievous smile on her face bloomed as she joined him in his laughter.

“What?” She said as their laughter died down, “You are quite handsome! And all beauty should be appreciated, no?”

She stepped forward, the gentle light played across her face, causing Adrien’s smile to falter into sudden awe. The blush on his face reddens. He snaps himself out of it just as quick as she nears him. As she comes to a stop in front of him, she raises her basket in offer for Adrien to deposit the groceries into. He complies, setting down the various bags of vegetables, cheese, and fruit into the basket.

Tilting his head to the side, he stares at her. “Well, um,” he says, “I, um…thank you?”

He scratches the back of his head momentarily before remembering himself and reaching for the full basket. He grabs the handle from her taking the bulk of the groceries in hand.

She smiles up at him, and he gets distracted my the freckles on her cheeks.

Adrien clears his throat, suddenly he feels too warm. Trying to recover himself, he returns her smirk, trying to channel his alter ego. “I don’t think your husband would appreciate you wolf whistling at handsome men in public markets,” he says.

She raises an eyebrow at him. “Oh, he appreciates it just fine” she laughs as she reaches to take the baguette from under his arm, lessening his load.

“Well…yeah” he chuckles, looking away shyly, “You’re not wrong.” Inwardly, he curses his lack of charm.

She stretches up towards him, her lips puckered and on instinct Adrien bends over slightly. His cheek meets her lips for a quick and playful kiss.

All of a sudden, a sharp smack on his behind jerks him forward. Stunned, Adrien turns. He stares at Marinette, who seems to be struggling to uphold a face of innocence. Behind her back, she holds the baguette, fresh from having struck him across the rear, like a weapon she wants to remain hidden. When she meets his wide-eyed expression, she looks ready to explode with laughter.

Trying to once again compose himself, Adrien straightens up, a sudden thought coming to his mind. He smiles.

“What,” he begins, “admiring the buns now?”

That does it. She bursts into giggles, her eyes closing tight as she shuffles the baguette into the same arm that holds the bouquet of flowers. Her now free hand covers her mouth. She nods lightly.

He smiles at her.

As her laughing subsides, she wraps her arms around the bread and flowers, the petals brushing against her face. She breathes in the fragrant smell and presses her lips together, as if she were trying to rein in any further giggles on her part.

With bright eyes she looks up at him, her own face painted light pink with blush. They stand there, a happy couple in the midst of a bustling marketplace.

She steps closer to him, a large smile breaking out across her face. In a quiet whisper, she says, “I loaf you.”

For a few long seconds, he simply stares at her. His heart is so full and he is simply overcome with happiness. Finally, the Chat Noir part of him scoffs, even as his flush reddens.

“My Lady,” he says dryly, “that’s a baguette.”

She pouts cutely at him. Her brows furrowing in mock annoyance.

“Well, it’s a bread product!” She counters.

He smiles at her. “I think you can do better. After all this time with me, you would think your pun ability would be more proficient! You’re not quite at my level of wordplay it would seem!”

She takes a step back, narrowing her eyes at him. “What?” she exclaims, “Oh please! I am just as good, if not better! Remember that time we were looking for a new couch? What was it I said…?” He chuckles. She’s rambling. “Oh! That one couch that was blue and orange! Ugh, do you remember? And I said ‘Oh! Well as long as it gives us compliments every time we sit down—’”

Laughing lightly, Adrien takes a step forward, cutting off her off with a kiss on the forehead.

She freezes. He leans back to look down at her, enjoying the blush deepening on her cheeks. She fumbles for a moment, biting her lip and looking anywhere but his face.

Finally she glances back up at him.

“Ummmmm…” she begins, and he leans back in close to catch her soft whisper. “I baguette you?”

He laughs freely as he leans down to cover her lips with his. Just before he closes the distance between them, he whispers, “I baguette you too.”

A Nautolan with yakuza-esque tattoos! This fellow started out as a one-shot NPC but I kinda liked the idea of him as well as the potential considering the outcome of the RP, so I whipped up a design :D A scrappy little Nal Hutta gangster with colorful tattoos to hide the washed-out, ill look he has because poison water/environment. 

Reiner's true aim and real family

Hello! Here I am talking about chapter 94 and what concerns me the most about the whole manga: my favourite characters and their relationship. When the images first came out, seeing little Bertl was nice, but also sad since we don’t have him in the present time. In the past, I spoke about how I would like this character to have a proper closure, and about how much I would like to see some reaction from the people that were close to him: Annie, but mosty Reiner (since she minds her own business al the time xD). By only seeing the images, I wasn’t able to realize how much important the dialogue between little Reiner and Bertolt was, so as the official translation was out, my feelings changed a lot.

Reiner’s main reason behind him becoming a warrior was to join his family back together, so he could live with both his parents. This is no more than a childish dream, something that every children would do anything to obtain if they could. He has no idea of what awaits for him on the other side of the Ocean, no idea of what he and Bertolt will be going though. Together.

Dreams like this can’t last long, especially when you share the hardest but ironically best times of your life with someone who has always been there for you.

“We’ll come back alive to our Hometown”

So, yea: I think Reiner’s real family became Bertolt in the end. Being him the only one to completely understand him and being him the only one who was always by his side, he was the one Reiner promised to come back with, the same person he is thinking about all the time as he steps off the train, reaching his long sought-after Hometown:

Gavi is using the same words Reiner used with Bertolt, and look at his dark face: he keeps that expression as Gavi hugs her proud parents, that call her “the best soldier in the army” (aka “best doughter”?), something he thought he wished to be long time ago, and that has no more value now.

Even if you just look at the images you can clearly note how Reiner acts cold towards everything around him, both people and the place. He could miss from 4 to 9 years, and he doesn’t even show enthusiasm in seeing his own mother, the very first reason why he has chosen the warrior path.

His real family is not there for him, this is why he acts like this. I’m pretty sure we are going to see some closure for Bertl very soon: it already started with this chapter.

P.S: Also, it seems he just remembered about his original aim here, like he completely forgot about it in the past years:

Side notes

I also want to point out two things:


“You may not have to wait 13 years”

Of course Bertolt is talking about Reiner’s chance to become a warrior, but I find pretty ironic that he actually didn’t have to wait even a year, since his family was always beside him.


Look at how Bertolt looks careless about the 13 years thing. His personal reason to become a warrior must not be connected to his family. He wouldn’t think like this if it was. So, I wonder if he had a family in the first place.

Well, Annie and Reiner became his own one in the end, that’s for sure!


This post was mainly written for Bertolt fans, which doesn’t mean the others are not welcome: anyone can read and appreciate, but if you are particularly attached to Bertolt and wish for some closure I hope this can help you being positive :)

Masterlist // 4

This is a masterlist for VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu and BigBang!

Here are the other masterlists:


EXO, Seventeen




-They’re texting each other about a new model Jellyfish hired who is also a foreigner

-When you had a nightmare and need comforting

-When you’re at a falconry show and excitedly spamming them with bird pictures


-Reaction to you doing something new/crazy with your hair

-Reaction to realizing they have fallen in love with you

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to discovering you’re a vampire (Hakyeon)



-You’re drunk texting them

-Having them over for dinner and them complimenting your cooking (WinKon)

-They want you to come over but you’re busy


-Reaction to you kissing them in front of other people at their birthday party

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to finding you begging him to tell you what really happened in I’m young MV (Taehyun)

-Reaction to you crying over iKON’s Apology MV (Mino)



-They’re asking you out on a date


-Falling in love with T.O.P


-Reaction to their close friend/crush confessing

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you using a term of endearment in another language (T.O.P)

-Reaction to you planning a prank on him with GD (T.O.P)



-When you’re praising him for his “Fire Truck” comeback (Taeyong)

-When he realizes the extent of your love for his catchphrases (Mark)

-“It reminded me of you!” //Jaehyun

-When you’re fangirling over another member (NCT U)

-They accidentally text you something dirty (NCT 127)

-They find your old tumblr (NCT U)

-Others telling you that Taeyong has a crush on you


-Reaction to their crush being strong and confident person who can take care of herself

-Reaction to walking in on you hitting a really high note


-Johnny asking you out on a date

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to learning that you lied to him when you first met if he was famous or not (Mark)

Super Junior:

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you beating him in a video game (Kyuhyun)

-Reaction to his girlfriend being self-conscious and staring at the mirror (Heechul)

Jay Park:


-He doesn’t exactly like being separated from you at the party




Title: Interrupted  

Words: 2,339      

Warnings: Suicide + Self Harm Mention

A/N:  My first request! Sorry if it took too long to get to the point, but i hope you enjoyed it! Thank you for the request xxx (If you notice any mistakes please feel free to let me know so i can correct them!)

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soaringhawk159  asked:

Hi, if you don't mind me asking, what other instances of things unsaid play a role in Gon and Killua's friendship?

Alright let’s talk a little about Gon and Killua’s unique dynamic.

So much of Gon and Killua’s relationship is built on less words and more action and unspoken understanding—or like I’d said in the tags, more about what’s unsaid than what’s said—and I think it’s one of the things that makes their dynamic so interesting. The way the two boys communicate and understand each other is seriously fascinating sometimes.  

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anonymous asked:

About Bakugou and Uraraka's fight - I honestly found it odd. That's the only way I could describe it - Horikoshi's choice to make them fight of all people was odd, Bakugou's reaction to her passing out was odd, him lashing out on Deku about her was SO ODD... It came out of no where (considering his character up until that point) and it honestly makes me wonder whether Horikoshi's planning anything between them or not.

Well, the fight came right after Bakugou had a slap in the face by reality. It was after he found out that hey, there are there people in the world who are just as good as, if not better, than him. He was on the look out for that, and kept his guard up. He didn’t want to fall back into old habits of assuming he was the BEST and being proven horribly wrong.

Plus, it was after the Villain Invasion, and Bakugou knew that none of the other students suffered any major injuries (Besies Izuku–oh Izuku), which means they held themselves against the villains pretty well. And the entire class experienced this along with him, so he knew that he shouldn’t underestimate them. 

Aizawa even makes a point to point this out. Bakugou doesn’t hold back against her because he knows she’s experienced the same things as him up until this point, and he shouldn’t underestimate her.

So… to be honest, his attitude there makes a lot of sense to me.

As for why why Horikoshi chose to have them fight… i think it’s because he wanted to show just how far Uraraka would push herself to help her parents. the whole reason she wants to be a hero is to help them, after all. and she’s never been in a fight like this before. 

to pit her against Bakugou, who refuses to go easy on anyone, would show just how determined she is in her goals, and it allows us to explore her past and motivations a little more. 

also, this fight starts us down the road of her character development. she doesn’t wanna stay behind Izuku forever, after all.

plus, this helps to show a lot of Bakugou’s complexity. for example, Bakugou’s reaction to her passing out and why he lashed out at Izuku… well…

I think he might’ve been overestimating her a little.

from the start of the fight, Bakugou already assumed that Izuku had some sort of influence in it. 

however, Bakugou was SUPER pumped to keep fighting her after her final attack landed. He just saw what she was made of. He was pumped, he was ready to keep going, and he thought she was too–but then she just collapsed. She couldn’t go on anymore.

JUST LOOK AT THAT EXPRESSION. “The real match starts now, Uraraka!!” 

(Note, this is the first time he uses her name, instead of calling her by a nickname.)

He was REALLY EXCITED to fight her without thinking that Izuku had some kind of influence on their fight. she proved to him that she was strong and determined (”She ain’t dead yet.”) and she unleashed a DAMN powerful attack against him that almost beat him. he wanted to keep fighting her now, because he saw what she was capable of. he wanted to fight her and her alone


Look at his face here. She thanked him and then pulled off a HUGE destructive final attack. He was forced to use his explosions to the point where his hand stung from the effort. that attack impresses him so much, that he starts using her name.

Bakugou, at this point, already really saw her as an equal and respected her. but she pushed herself as far as she could possibly go. it must’ve been a shock to see someone he had a high opinion of just collapse like that.

Bakugou hardly paid attention to her before this fight. he just knew her as ‘that girl who hung around Izuku,’ which didn’t give him a high opinion of her. But she proved herself during the fight, and kept going, and she had a fire in her eyes that proved her determination to him.

i think his opinion of her just rose to the point where he had high expectations, ESPECIALLY after that final attack, and when she just couldn’t go on, the reality shocked him.

This person he actually fought as equals with, that he only just began to respect, and was pumped to fight against, had a limit. not everyone could go on fighting for as long as him. 

i think he might’ve been angry at Izuku because Izuku would KNOW about this. Bakugou knows about Izuku’s notebook and that he writes down details about people and their fighting styles. Izuku told Bakugou that he was in it too, so it would be easy to assume that Izuku wrote about Uraraka as well. and that Izuku would be able to create a plan for her to use against Bakugou. (and he was right)

So Bakugou took another leap in logic and assumed that Izuku must’ve given her that plan because of those notebooks. Bakugou didn’t know her limit, but Izuku did, and he was angry at Izuku for making her do something that dangerous.

After their fight, after seeing everything she was made of, i think Bakugou was angry because he wanted to keep fighting her. He respected her, and wanted to push himself against her more, but believed he was robbed of that because Izuku gave her that plan. 

He was angry because she pushed herself so much with that plan that she couldn’t go on. He couldn’t keep fighting her. She had a limit, and he had to accept that. and maybe, just maybe, if she used a different plan, he could’ve kept fighting her. 

i think Bakugou’s respect for her grew after finding out it was all Uraraka. that Izuku had no part or influence in their fight, that it was all her fight and grit and determination that he respected. 

She was willing to fling herself around so dangerously in order to beat him. she was willing to risk herself, to push herself to her absolute limit, to win.

“Where do you see ‘fragile’?” indeed.

(also, quick segway here, but i wanna talk about this scene for a moment

Uraraka seems like she’s fairly close to Bakugou here, so it’s entirely possible Bakugou overheard her saying “Daddy..!!”

it wouldn’t take much to figure out that she was fighting for her dad, not just for herself. she wasn’t pushing herself just because she wanted to get stronger or be number one; she wanted to help her parents. i doubt it’s something he’s ever really thought of doing, since he’s all about becoming number one for himself. i think that might’ve left an impression on Bakugou, if he in fact heard her here.)

(Bakugou’s such a complex guy lmao nothing is ever simple with this guy)

As for your suggestion of Horikoshi planning something between Uraraka and Bakugou… well, if you’re talking about romance, i have to disagree. 

The story, as it is so far (which i’ll admit is still pretty early on), is clearly setting Uraraka up as Izuku’s love interest. She’s had at least three instances of people pointing out her crush on him (directly or indirectly), and Izuku blushed a lot during their first few meetings. It’s not a ship i particularly care for, but it’s cute and being set up fairly well within the story.

Of course, Horikoshi could throw us a curveball by having Uraraka fall in love with Izuku, only to have Izuku not return her feelings because he’s grown to view her as a friend only. I doubt it’d be the end of their friendship, but it could lead to the possibility of Uraraka/Bakugou.

personally, i don’t really want this to happen. as much as i like Bakugou/Uraraka (or at least my interpretation of it), i don’t really want it to happen within the story. I don’t read MHA for the romance, i read it for the platonic relationships and the slowly building friendships between the characters. I’d love to see more of Bakugou and Uraraka’s relationship be explored, but not in a romantic context.

(and, honestly, i just don’t want complex romantic subplots in MHA. while i have faith in Horikoshi’s writing, Shonen rarely handles romance well. Horikoshi is doing pretty good with Uraraka/Izuku, but i don’t want to see him attempt much more than that)

however, i do think that Uraraka and Bakugou’s relationship is gonna be built up. or, at the very least, i think it’ll be important to the plot. Uraraka, in the omake chapter, demonstrated a very clear understanding of Bakugou and Izuku’s relationship. she wants them to become friends again, and i think she’ll be one of the keys to finally making that happen (along with Kirishima)

Uraraka is also one of the few people who wants Bakugou and Izuku to be friends again. she’s actively asking for it (at least in the omake). so yeah, i think she’ll be instrumental to that happening.