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do you think antifa is being arrogant and patronizing when saying ''don't let those people rally bc people will join them if we don't stop them!". i'm asking bc it sounds like: people are really stupid, so we must protect them from seeing these awful rallies. it's up to us.

No it’s not patronizing, antifa is about showing fascists and racists that they aren’t welcome, simple as that. It’s about driving them underground and not letting them have a comfortable platform to recruit new people into their movement.

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I'm adamant about moving out because of how LGBTQ+ -phobic my family is (I'm not out to them, yet.) but I keep feeling waves of heavy guilt because I feel like I shouldn't want to move out when my dad or mom do something nice and heart warming, then it fades when they begin ranting and insulting the LGBTQ+ movement and people, then the guilt comes back harder when they do something nice again after it. I want to move, but, I don't know how I'd deal with this guilt -💋

I deal with this, too. Abusers (which being homophobic to you is considered abuse) aren’t always going to be mean and cruel all the time. There will be good times and those times really make you feel bad. They also like to make you feel bad. You just have to see the whole picture instead of getting too wrapped up on the good parts :/


Protest groups to unite as “The Majority” for massive actions across the country on May 1

  • Activist groups are uniting as a broader coalition they’ve dubbed “The Majority,” an idea inspired by the Movement for Black Lives — organizers first shared with Mic on Thursday.
  • More than 50 partners representing black, Latino, the indigenous, LGBTQ, refugees, immigrants, laborers and the poor will collaborate from April 4 through May 1, International Worker’s Day, when they’ll launch massive protests across the country.
  • The action will “go beyond moments of outrage, beyond narrow concepts of sanctuary, and beyond barriers between communities that have much at stake and so much in common,” The Majority states on its website, which officially launches Monday. Read more (3/23/17 12 PM)

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So as you may know the last few days I’ve been sending as many writers kind messages to encourage them and remind them how talented and special they are. This happened because I was sick of seeing so many people thinking it’s okay to send hateful and hurtful anonymous messages to fanfiction writers.

Writing fanfiction is hard. It’s hard to get characterizations right and there is always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with what you write. People will always be there to hate your story, to tell you that it sucks or that you didn’t write the character the way they imagine them to be. It’s tough but we do it because we enjoy it and it’s fun for us! 

Of course there are many people sending writers wonderful messages and that always makes fanfic writers feel like they are doing something worthwhile. But unfortunately people also send writers horrible messages, because they are able to and have easy access to do this.

So I would like to start a movement, the #bekindtowriters movement. This movement is for all fandoms, please spread this to all fanfic writers! This is all I ask:

  • Send your favourite fanfiction writers (on anonymous or not) something kind. Tell them you love them, tell them you loved a certain piece they wrote or anything just be nice
  • Leave comments on a fic that you enjoy and say that you enjoy it. 
  • Writers you are also encouraged to send kind messages to your fellow writers to encourage them! 
  • If you do receive some love from someone, tag it with the hashtag #bekindtowriters 
  • Just spread love and happiness to everyone who do really lovely things and don’t deserve to be attacked. 
  • If hateful or hurtful messages are sent to your inbox delete them

Please spread this. I am trying to spread kindness to as many people as I can but I can’t do this alone. Help me wipe out the hateful people and start to be kind to everyone. Build up the community you are in and care for them. 

To non native would be allies:

Let me tell you that we don’t need apologies. Making a grand, emotional apology on behalf of non-natives all but forces native people to do the emotional labor of comforting you and telling you you’re “one of the good ones” because you apologized. You are an individual and you act on behalf of only yourself; if you have done something harmful toward a native person, apologize to them and attempt to make it right. Be better. But don’t act as if you’re a representative of your race, apologizing to an entire other race. It’s a disingenuous and lazy attempt at allyship. What is needed is for you to learn about the history of oppression of indigenous people and to educate other non natives on it so that we natives don’t have to do the intellectual and emotional labor of explaining for the 100th time why your fave team is racist trash, or why Columbus wasn’t a hero, or why the white women gawking at the regalia and ceremonies of native women participating in the march on D.C. was wrong. Also, get out of here with your “natives are magic” crap. The majority of natives don’t live in the “traditional” way and most don’t even participate in our traditional religious beliefs. Most native peoples were forced to convert to Christianity and many of our traditions and ceremonies were illegal to practice until very recently. Not only is it dehumanizing and insulting to think of indigenous people as ~mystical~~ it’s also deeply hurtful because the aspects of our religions that you love to fetishize were stolen from us. Referring to us as “magic natives” objectifies us and reduces us to a stereotype. The “mystical Indian” archetype exists solely for the consumption of non natives. It also treats natives as a monolith; as if were all one culture of sage-smudging medicine men who pray to the oh so vague “great spirit”. Indigenous North Americans are hundreds of separate vastly different tribal nations and peoples with different beliefs and traditions. We are not a monolith. We are not your magic indians. We are not yours to objectify. Our existence continues despite the colonizers ongoing attempts to destroy us. We keep our cultures alive even as the boho dreamcatcher making, mass produced moccasin wearing set attempts to commodify our heritage. We continue to exist because we continue to resist, not because non-natives saw the error of their ways and decided to give us a free pass.

100 days of Trump brings no regrets from supporters — and people of color are paying for it

One of the more remarkable things about Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president is how comfortable his supporters are with what he has done. An ABC News/Washington Post poll published Sunday found that 96% of people who voted for Trump in November still believe it was “the right thing to do.” Only 2% regret it.

This remains the case after what seems — by most standards — to have been a disastrous and embarrassing first three months. Trump’s failures have been legion. His vows to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act went up in flames after Republicans couldn’t agree on the terms of the replacement, even though they’d had seven years to put it together. His promises to “drain the swamp” of Washington insiders and special interests have deflated beneath his cabinet of far-right politicians and corporate billionaires.

Trump’s staff has been roiled by evidence that members colluded with the Russian government to sway the election. His attempts to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S. have been blocked by federal judges. More people marched to protest his election than attended his inauguration. His military actions have shown little evidence of a coherent foreign policy vision, amounting to superficial shows of “strength” that claimed the lives of at least 20 civilians and one Navy SEAL.

But we’d be mistaken to judge Trump by these metrics if we want to understand his success. To get why Trump’s supporters care so little about his fumbles, it’s important to understand what they value. The evidence tells a clear story. The New York Times general election exit polls published in November identified the two areas Trump voters said were especially important to them: immigration and terrorism. 

In these areas, the president has delivered exactly what he promised: an aggressive and often performative crackdown on ethnic minorities aimed at punishing their existence and reminding them that they are not welcome in the United States. Read more (4/27/17)

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Queer history did not start with Stonewall. That doesn’t make Stonewall unimportant but it is critical to realize that by only talking about queer history in context of Stonewall and America is erasure, and feeds into the attitude that queerness is somehow a recent development.

Even if it is not intentional, the impact of not directly addressing the fact that there are queer people and queer movements before Stonewall is harmful.  

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hi cassie! Have you already decided who's gonna be on the cover of The Queen of Air and Darkness!:)

We have not, but it’s likely to be a girl because photographing a boy for Lord of Shadows was awful. Not the model’s fault, but a huge amount of what makes underwater photography of people arresting is the movement of hair and clothes and boys tend to have less volume of both. Our photographer/painter/designer almost had a breakdown, and has lodged a VERY STRONG REQUEST that Queen of Air and Darkness feature a woman.

(I was like “Put Mark in a dress! Who cares about the gender binary!” But my editor thinks this will mean people believe he is the Queen of Air and Darkness, and admittedly he isn’t.)

So we’re really deciding on setting right now (especially because Chain of Gold has to be designed first, so this is a ways off) and then there are lots of good options: I’d love to see Cristina, but there are several other powerful ladies who would also work as well.

Mark will, however, be on the spine of the book: it will be the first time the spine character and cover character differ.


St Petersburg attack: At least 10 dead after bombing on Russian metro

At least 10 people have been killed and 50 more injured in a bomb blast in the St Petersburg metro system after an unidentified explosive device went off on a train that was travelling between two stations.

An eyewitness said that when smoke started pouring out of the carriages, people began to flee in panic.
“People were bleeding, their hair burned,” one man told Russian channel Life News, translated into English.
“Smoke poured out of the carriages. We were told to move to the exit, because the movement stopped. People just fled. My girlfriend was in the next car that exploded. When she came out, she saw that people were mutilated.”

Aftermath Footage 

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You seem to imply that SJW's are asking politely for people to stop being offensive when this is simply not the case. The Berkeley riots show that some are attempting to prevent certain types of speech by the use of violence. This is the root of the backlash and whats worse is that a lot of the people in the movement, like myself, used to be quite left until I was threatened with violence by members of the far left for arguing that using violence to silence political opposition was immoral.

Opposition to ideas falls on a spectrum. There are a bunch of people who are like “ALL CIS HET MEN ARE SCUM” and, like, whatever. Sure, if they don’t realize that that perspective is its own kind of bigotry, let’s hope they will someday.

But the majority of the social justice movement just wants recognition that American culture is far from fair, and a continued attempt from humans and government to make it more fair. I have criticized the social justice movement before because I think it focuses too much on riling up the base with attacks and misleading statistics rather than creating messages that can convince others that these problems exist. But all sides are doing that right now, and I think it’s fair to say that the social justice movement does it a fair bit less than its opposition (who basically invented coordinated online bullying and internet “fear and smear” campaigns.)

If anyone is a pioneer of that, it’s Milo, who has an amazing detachment from reality that makes him look and sound remarkably reasonable in one moment, before he turns on a dime into patient zero for hate campaigns. Of course, that doesn’t justify destroying property that had nothing to do with Milo or his event. But the ‘Berkeley Riots’, as you call them pretty clearly resulted from organized shit-bags who’s ideology is more about destruction than progress jumping in on the protest and turning parts of it into a riot. 

I’m sorry and very sad to hear that you’ve been threatened by members of this movement, that’s awful and inexcusable and also just bad activism. Things like that almost always come from a place of fear, and as both sides of this debate have had their fear appealed to so regularly, it is all too common for discourse to break down. 

I will say, additionally, that I am threatened with violence from anti-SJWs and Trump supporters on Twitter pretty much daily.