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Alec Lightwood, eldest son of the Inquisitor, expected to uphold family honour by marrying a shadowhunter girl, is gay af and is Magnus Banes’ (who is intensely disliked by the clave) boyfriend

Aline Penhallow, only daughter of the Consul, expected to uphold family honour by marrying a shadowhunter boy, is also gay af and married to Helen Blackthorn, who was exiled in disgrace to a frozen island in the middle of the arctic.

The eldest offspring of the most important people in the council are hella, unapologetically, extremely gay.


The NFL has made it official that they will now recognize same sex couples on their kiss cam so that everybody can celebrate love

The NFL showcased its first same-sex couple in a kiss cam last year. And in an ad for Love Has No Labels, a campaign created in partnership with the Ad Council and R/GA, it announced its efforts to zoom in on a greater variety of people.

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  • "No steppy" right-winger: lol how can someone support communism and anarchism at the same time? lol communism is full left-wing and anarchism is full right-wing -- total state control vs no state.
  • Communists and anarchists: *offer detailed analysis of the state, demonstrating that the state exists as a legal apparatus to enforce the class interests of those with power in society; draw conclusions based on this historically-verified piece of information and advocate for the abolition of capitalism so that class relationships can dissolve and in turn the state won't need to exist as a violent apparatus apart from the people, acting in the interests of capital; understand that "libertarian" as a term consistently had this left-wing connotation until establishment-supporting hacks twisted the term for their own material benefit; in turn recognize the left-wing character of both communism and anarchism, as movements that seek the abolition of concentrated power and the free flourishing of each and all*
  • "No steppy" right-winger: animals practice capitalism =) capitalism is literally just anything that doesn't involve the state =) me putting my bow tie on in the morning is capitalism =)

How to Fairy Tail:

You’re a force of seventeen wizards and three cats trapped on an island with two incredibly powerful forces you have no hope of taking down: Zeref, the actual Black Wizard aka Most Evil Dude Ever, and Grimoire Heart, a force of wizards all of Wizard Saint strength and beyond who are mopping the floor with you and have already near-fatally wiped out half your members, including all of the strongest ones. You are essentially broken and do not have strength enough to protect your wounded, let alone fight off Grimoire Heart. You also have a third threat in the form of the Magic Council, who in order to take Zeref and Grimoire Heart out of the picture, are planning to fire Etherion, a city-destroying nuclear satellite laser, at the island you’re on, and they don’t give a shit whether you’re still on it when they fire it. The dude who works for these people has a handy teleportation ability that can get you and your wounded off the island without Grimoire Heart or Zeref being able to catch you and before Etherion is fired. He is being a hero right now and extending this offer, which is essentially your only hope of survival.

Instead of taking that offer, deny it against all logic and reason because you’re too stubborn to admit when you’re beat, and when he tries to talk sense into you, respond by threatening the lives of the Magic Council–those dudes that he literally just told you are holding Etherion over your heads and who already don’t like your sorry asses. After all, pride and the ability to flex your muscles even on your deathbed are far more important than actually surviving!

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Ya’ll, this Not Today MV got me thinking.

Imagine Jungkook is the second born to the Jeon family who runs the Kingdom. Even though Jungkook has a elder brother his father has talked about giving the kingdom to Jungkook since Junghyun has shown signs of being corrupt king. But unfortunately King Jeon didn’t know people in his council wanted JungHyun to be king so before the King could change who the kingdom falls too he ends up getting killed. Junghyun came into power at 15 so he was easily manipulated by council men and they even convince him that Jungkook was going to kill him. So Junghyun set out an order to kill Jungkook whose 13.

Before Jungkook could get killed. His mother calls upon her most trusted maid, Kim Heyrin, to take her son and run. So Jungkook meets Seokjin and Taehyung who are Kim Heyrin’s children as they run away. Before Jungkook leaves his mother gives him a letter that was written by his father along with the royal sign that says Jungkook was given the right of king. And pleads that Jungkook will grow up to be strong so he can take back the kingdom.

The kingdom goes to shit with in years, The gap between rich and poor is huge, some parts of the kingdom has no clean water, and royal guards are extremely abusive. And Junghyun is going to war against other kingdoms.

Heyrin does her best raising Jungkook along with her boys. She gets help from her black smith brother who trains the boys in how to fight, how to handle weapons (swords, guns, knifes) and how to make them. Heyrin teaches their education. Jungkook knows he’ll need to clean up his brothers mess, and when word comes that his brother killed their mother, Jungkook’s anger only gets stronger.

One night Jungkook comes home and notices how the home feels off. Jungkook grabs one of the kitchen knifes and slowly creeps through the house till he hears the soft clink of a box opening. Jungkook heads to his room and sees a male with pink hair opening his window and spots the royal letter his mom gave him in the males back pocket. The male just smiles at him before he hops out the window onto the roof.

“No.” Jungkook gasps chasing the other male. Jungkook can’t lose that letter! It’s his ticket back to take back the kingdom! So Jungkook chases the other male along roof tops. The male was faster considering he was carrying a bag full of items. In the chase Jungkook loses him and curses. But when he gets home and tells Taehyung about it, the boy joins him on the search.

Jungkook does find the pink hair male again and about kills him, if it wasn’t for a purple-pink hair male that jump him from behind. Taehyung ends up jumping in and everyone is fighting till they hear a gun shot. Everyone stops seeing a black hair male walking down the ally pointing gun at them. And thats how Jungkook and Taehyung stumble into a rebel army against Junghyun.

Jungkook is brought to a purple hair male who seems like the leader and the leader holds up the royal letter and Jungkook asks for it back. But the leader, Namjoon, refuses to and opens the letter. Jungkook and Taehyung look at each other in fear as the male reads  it over. “You’re the second son? You’re suppose to be dead.” And Jungkook ends up joining the rebel army along with Taehyung. Seokjin joins a bit latter when he learns.

Jimin, the pink hair male that stole from him, smiles as Jungkook glares at him. Jimin just smiles walking up and stealing Jungkook’s wallet. “You better learn some move, little prince.” Jimin says tapping Jungkook’s lips with the wallet. Jungkook turns and slams Jimin against the wall and grabs his jaw. “Don’t mess with me, thief. I can easily make you my bitch.” Jimin just snorts before tripping and flipping Jungkook over. Jimin pins him to the ground and holds a small butterfly knife to his neck. Jimin just smiles, “whose the bitch now?” then kisses his nose before rolling off and walking away. 

And they whole thing. Jungkook and the rebels ruining supply runs to the castle, Jimin stealing maps, they make weapons, learn about secret tunnels, learning about the corrupt council, smut, violence, some character death, Jungkook leading a rebel army to take down his brother. All that jazz.

Yeah, thats what I got out of Not Today lol.


On Randall’s Island, a stone’s throw from east Manhattan’s shoreline, hundreds of Native American artists, educators, dancers and performers gathered all weekend for a powwow to honor indigenous people around the world. Instead of Columbus Day, they’re here to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, which is devoted to healing and lifting up the rich history and culture of Native Americans. The mood here is spirited and hopeful despite the circumstances.


Dany is trying her very best to do the right thing, to be a good ruler. Sometimes, within the context of this world, being a good ruler means doing things like executing Mossador. It’s about laying down a justice that’s blind and impartial and applying it evenly to everybody, former master or former slave. In this case, it’s very complicated for her because she has a great deal of affection for this young man who was a slave until she came. That’s the reason he was selected to represent the freed people on her council and he’s been a strong ally of hers, yet he disobeyed her. In her mind, she’s making a very hardheaded but fair decision. In the minds of the freed men and women watching this execution, she’s turning on them. She’s executing one of her children, one of the people who called her “Mhysa.” – David Benioff and D. B. Weiss {x} {x}


The Koch-Backed GOP Assault On Workers Is Getting Worse

While all the attention is on the corrupt/corporate democrats. We still have Koch problem which shouldn’t be ignored who want to bring us back to the 19th century before labor unions existed by eliminating them or at least weakening them with the help of corrupt politicians who happened to be members of the shady/corrupt front group known as ALEC.

anonymous asked:

Hi, first time ever making a request, sorry if it doesn't make sense or is not specific enough. Iwaizumi and Kuroo scenario please, where on Valentines day, the school has an event where people can buy a rose and have it delivered anonymously or with a note. The girl receives a rose anonymously (or with a vague note, not saying who it's from) and tries to find the sender, how would the boys go about confessing and basically saying that it's from them. Love your blog by the way <3

It makes perfect sense don’t worry! - Admin Hope

Iwaizumi Hajime 

  • To be honest I feel like this girl would get so determined that she would start asking the people in student council, because they organize the whole thing, who was the person who sent it
  • Some of them said they didn’t know but one person said it was someone from the boys volleyball team and her eyes would basically light up because she would be one step closer to finding out who this guy was
  • She would like burst into the boys volleyball gym and hold up the rose and the little note that was attached and ask who it was from
  • Oikawa would smirk and glance over at Iwaizumi who was suddenly blushing like crazy
  • Oikawa would shove him her way and she would smile holding the items in her hand and ask if it was him that sent it to her
  • Iwaizumi would be really embarrassed because although he liked her a lot he wanted to confess on his own time because his nerves liked to get to him at times
  • He would be stuttering and rubbing the back of his head and she would get kind of discouraged thinking that he may have did it as some random prank and he didn’t actually like her
  • He would finally get out that he was in fact the person who sent the rose to her and that he thought she was super cute and he had a bit of a crush on her for awhile now just didn’t know how to say it
  • Her spirits would lift and she would wrap her arms around him for a hug and he would ever so gently hug her back; she would give him her number and tell him to text her so that they could make plans to go on a date together
  • She would wave him goodbye so that he could get back to practice and say how they could maybe walk home together and would leave with that
  • Iwaizumi would turn back to his team making his way back to the court and no one really said anything because they knew he was very happy but they also knew that he was still slightly embarrassed about the whole thing
  • You all know damn well that Oikawa would make some snarky comment but Iwaizumi would by that point be very content and just smile at him saying that at least he had a girlfriend now rather than getting empty confessions all day
  • Matsukawa and Hanamaki would holler that Oikawa got so roasted and laugh in Oikawa’s face

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Let’s be real Kuroo would have some really shitty pick-up line on it signing it off with a - K and the girl would be on the hut to find him from that day on
  • Kuroo noticed very well her efforts to find him and it kind of make him happy seeing how hard she was looking for him
  • He would want to go and confess that it was him but kind of held himself back thinking that if she could find out that it was him then he would definitly confess
  • It would be close to last period of the day before club and he would start to get a bit discouraged becasue she still hadent found out it was him yet
  • He really likes her and didn’t want anyone else that had a letter K at the beginning of their name to take what he did for her
  • Yet she mainly looked at their handwriting to see if it was really the person who wrote her the little note and gave her the flower and if it didn’t match what she had she knew it wasn’t them
  • Then finally she came into his classroom and slammed a hand on his desk making him look up from his notes to see that it was her
  • She said she knew that his last name was Kuroo and that she had been looking all around the school for a person’s name to start with the letter K and once she glanced down to see his notes seeing his handwriting she knew it was him
  • He would give her a kind smile saying that it was him that sent her the rose and that he did have a crush on her but kept it anonymous for the most part because he wasn’t sure if she was going to feel the same way
  • She scribbled down a shitty pick-up line of her own along with her number on a piece of paper telling him to text her sometime
  • Kuroo would feel completely triumphed with the whole thing and be very excited to start a relationship with her

By Michaela Coel
Channel 4, 2016

I’ve been obsessed with Michaela Coel since I saw her at the National Theatre a couple of years ago. I remember how much I wished everyone could see her amazing talent, not just as a performer but as a writter too. And suddenly, here is Channel 4’s Chewing Gum, an hilarious and really clever series about the sexual adventures of a group of people in a estate council of East London, pretty close from where I lived when I moved here! It’s funny and moving in its own British way. It’s pure Michaela. Pure love. And chewing gum.

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Petrichor - Mara Shepard

Description: Shepard and Liara meet again after some time apart.

Chronology: Post Reaper War

Word Count: 576

Wrote this a while back, and thought it would be a wonderful fit for Valentine’s Day.

         The crisp early morning air drifted across the wooded cabin, carrying the scent of damp ground and cool grass. A spring rain hours gone, not so much as a stray cloud to tell of its passing. Mara drank in the day, slumped against the railing of the veranda. She watched the sunlight sift through the trees.

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