people's city

Socialists! Seagulls! Immigrants! Beggars! Oh my!

(with thanks to cathmci over on Twitter for this one!)

Nazis aren’t people.

They are creatures that have twisted minds that only think of themselves, think that they are gods in this world infested with creatures that do not obey, that do not conform to their view of how things should be.

Nazis are not human.

They are monsters that prey upon the young, the rebels, the fighters, the good and kind, the happy and joyful. They are monsters that don’t care who they destroy as long as it benefits themselves. They hurt, they scream, they maim, they kill. All for what, to prove they are the “superior” to the majority of the world?

Nazis are not American.

America was founded upon rebels and non-natives, immigrants and ideals. On freedom. For everyone. Nazis only have a twisted idea of what America actually is, and they only see white. America is more than that.

It’s orange and blue and brown and green and tan and blonde and purple and so many many colors that it would be impossible to count.

Nazis do not deserve any ounce of kindness or compassion.

After all, what kindness have they shown any of us? They’ve shot us, screamed at us, stabbed us, lied to us, hurt us in so many ways. They kill and kill and they are backed by the rest of their people with the same idea in mind: to bleach this country of all color and leave it blank and white.

But you know what color they don’t see, trying to “bleach” this country clean?

They don’t see the red. They don’t see that their hands, through screams and protests and sneering looks, are stained and dripping red with the blood of all these innocent people who have done nothing but be themselves.

And you know what?

I’m tired of all this red and white.

They are painting my home in red and white and I’m afraid of getting painted over too.

I forgot to queue something because I’m playing a city simulation game (Sim City for those familiar) and pretending Loki is their benevolent ruler and basically got distracted for the last 18 hours… I apologize and will have something for tomorrow

I don’t remember when was the last time it rained like this. It’s like the sky just opened and lowered gray curtains down to earth. Maybe this is some small cosmic relief, a purification, a numbing of the pain and grief after yesterday.

It took three minutes from the first emergency call to the apprehension of the vile fool. The terrorist. That word still feels so weird to say out loud. A terrorist. Three minutes was all it took. Two people died and 8 were injured. One hour. I stood right there on the square one hour before. 

One hour. Three minutes.

I went back downtown today and stood on the market square for a while in the pouring rain with all the others there looking at all the flowers and the candles. And I didn’t think of the terrorist. I thought about all the people who saw what happened, called for help, warned others, put their bodies and lives at risk to protect those already injured, those who comforted the small child whose mother had been attacked and bled on the ground, the tens of men who grabbed the first thing they could, a baseball bat, a table, a cafe chair and ran after the man and did their best to stop him from hurting others. 

I think about the immediate response of the police, the three minutes it took for them to stop the terrorist with a shot to the leg. I think about the immediate response of the government, the president, the ministers, the mayor, the national police chief, everybody who made sure to do their best to stop this vile disgrace to the human race. 

I’m sad. There’s no way around it. But I have made the choice to try to look at the positives instead of the negatives as morbid as that might sound. I chose to focus on the bravery and courage instead of the fear and hate this man was consumed with. 

We’ve overcome worse.


“Your hands are empty,” you note in a level tone, palms flat against the arms of your throne.

a piece for @callmearcturus‘s jam fic, chamomile, rose water, and other unlikely intoxicants, i tried to do a weird gif thing

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